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Famous relatives? Without saying who...

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Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 22:57:36

Without naming them, yes or no, have you any famous relatives.

One of my uncles, now sadly no longer with us was.

Taichinan Tue 24-Oct-23 23:19:37

Yes. Married to a young relative. But it's not very interesting if you can't say who it is! (I wouldn't anyway)

Attlee Tue 24-Oct-23 23:47:00

What an interesting question and I'm dying to hear more answers. My husband was a footballer.

Dee1012 Tue 24-Oct-23 23:55:08

A football manager - related by marriage.

cornergran Wed 25-Oct-23 00:04:56

Nope. Not one. Or not that I’m aware of.

Redhead56 Wed 25-Oct-23 00:16:40

One an entertainer and one a journalist.

Maggiemaybe Wed 25-Oct-23 00:45:11

They have these threads on Mumsnet occasionally, and really they’re just frustrating without knowing who the famous people are (and of course nobody’s going to tell us!).

None of my lot are famous anyway…..

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 25-Oct-23 06:48:07

A bass player, singer/songwriter in a band, they reached Number 8 in the U.K. Charts, but toured Japan, where they were very popular, the USA and Canada a few times. They played the Reading Festival twice.
They have a Wikipedia page and they still get fan mail! Nowadays they are all married with children and have other careers in music.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 25-Oct-23 06:50:16

And one Great Uncle who was not exactly famous, but was a Titanic survivor.

MissChateline Wed 25-Oct-23 07:15:57

My very beautiful great aunt was murdered on a beach at lytham st Anne’s on Christmas Eve 1919. She was shot by a lover who encouraged her to take out a life insurance. He was arrested and found guilty of her murder. He pleaded not guilty due to insanity but failed and he was hanged. He was defended by a famous London barrister and his plea and the definition of insanity changed British law. There are songs and poems written about her and a radio programme on BBC 4 last year detailed the trial.
I don’t think that she was actually famous but the barrister was and the trial was followed closely in the papers.

NanKate Wed 25-Oct-23 07:33:04

A neighbour of mine is the son of a famous actor who was in Shakespeare at Stratford and in a James Bond film.

My grand father and great grandfather were performers in the Musical Hall.

My son is a popular children’s author.

Joseann Wed 25-Oct-23 07:40:55

A politician, (of the intelligent sort)!
A great grandfather chorister who sung a solo at Queen Victoria's coronation.
A classmate in Eastenders.

Yiayia4 Wed 25-Oct-23 07:49:17

A famous clairvoyant.

Freya5 Wed 25-Oct-23 07:53:25

A famous singer in the 50s, maternal side. An illustrious 17th century Judge, who founded a local school.

ginny Wed 25-Oct-23 08:07:48

A Great Uncle who was a footballer and featured on a cigarette card.

nanna8 Wed 25-Oct-23 08:23:13

Yes, no names no packdrill though.

boheminan Wed 25-Oct-23 08:28:44

My great uncle was a Law Lord.

Beechnut Wed 25-Oct-23 08:35:33


Visgir1 Wed 25-Oct-23 08:39:53

Slightly off, but my cousins son is married to a big UK A lister's daughter.

Grantanow Wed 25-Oct-23 08:53:00

A distant connection to a celebrated 19th century Lincolnshire gypsy.

RosiesMaw Wed 25-Oct-23 08:59:20

We have three streets in France (Normandy) named after this person who is still regarded locally as a war hero.

Primrose53 Wed 25-Oct-23 09:14:33

An ex boyfriend who is now frequently seen on TV on a sport related programme.

A cousin’s daughter who is an actress and has appeared on TV.

Another cousin’s son who is an Olympic gold medallist.

A cousin who is married to the lead singer of one of the top pop groups in the 70s and they still tour the world.

Nanawind Wed 25-Oct-23 09:15:10

2 of DH's cousins were very famous footballers in the 1970's.
Dh is famous in his sport.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-Oct-23 09:26:45


harrigran Wed 25-Oct-23 09:38:01

Yes, a film star.