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Famous relatives? Without saying who...

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Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 22:57:36

Without naming them, yes or no, have you any famous relatives.

One of my uncles, now sadly no longer with us was.

Largolass Wed 25-Oct-23 09:50:45

Yes, a famous Inventor

Bella23 Wed 25-Oct-23 09:59:31

Yes, a very famous English poet in the 18/19th centuries.

BigBertha1 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:27:07

SILs' grandfather was an England and Warwickshire cricketer he has a statue and a stand named after him at one of our famous cricket grounds.

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:35:37

Yes, but I'm not saying because opinions are very divided on that person.

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:36:16

Also some sports people but not British ones 🙂

Baggs Wed 25-Oct-23 10:38:00

Does famous in Yorkshire count? Two of my great uncles played cricket for Yorkshire when you had to be born there to play for the team 🏏

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:38:39

Oh yes, cricketers are allowed 😃

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:41:23

Do MP’s (current government) count?

Callistemon21 Wed 25-Oct-23 10:42:35


Do MP’s (current government) count?

It depends 😁

JenniferEccles Wed 25-Oct-23 10:43:31

No for me.
This though reminds me of,
“I danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales”!

hollysteers Wed 25-Oct-23 11:01:49

First cousin Manchester United player, also cousin 80s pop band still touring.

Georgesgran Wed 25-Oct-23 11:06:18

My Gran often asked if I thought I was the Queen of Sheba? It wasn’t a compliment. Perhaps
I’m a descendant?
No-one famous or infamous in my family that I know of.

aonk Wed 25-Oct-23 11:10:11

No one in the family but an ex colleague (and good friend) has a famous brother who is an actor and director. I’ve been fortunate to meet him several times and it has been a great pleasure. Despite his fame he’s an unassuming and kind man.

Fairycakes Wed 25-Oct-23 11:14:03

No, I haven't had any famous relatives, but my father was friends with the sister of someone famous in the 1970s and my mum knew many famous people during the 1960s. They both have fascinating stories to tell.

My nan dated a famous boxer, when she was younger - and obviously many years ago. Does that count? grin

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Oct-23 12:06:53

My ex husband’s son is a very famous author with an online presence, he’s in his thirties, good friends with Stephen Fry amongst others. He’s also a really lovely person, we get on well.

henetha Wed 25-Oct-23 13:36:26

I'm of royal blood, apparently. The family swear this is true. 😊

Elegran Wed 25-Oct-23 13:43:00

If I go back to an ancestor in the 17th Century and then follow the descendants of his brother up to about 1900, I reach another famous cricketer. He played for Sussex and for England, and also played football for England, as well as playing other sports and standing (unsuccessfully) for election to Parliament.

GrannySomerset Wed 25-Oct-23 13:47:13

Am agog to know who all these famous people are! I come from a long line of Irish and Somerset peasants but do have a well known orchid grower in the Somerset family tree.

pascal30 Wed 25-Oct-23 14:07:18

My late husband was a known actor and film producer.

Mollygo Wed 25-Oct-23 14:08:41

Yes a famous person in education (not a politician.

Maggiemaybe Wed 25-Oct-23 14:12:09


No for me.
This though reminds me of,
“I danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced with the Prince of Wales”!


I said no, but if we’re spreading the net to include inlaws and love affairs, I can throw in a rock musician with a number 2 hit, a veteran sportswoman who broke several world records, one of the most famous names in the theatre industry, a renowned children’s author, a character they wrote a well-known song about, and a great train robber. I haven’t met any of them, not even for a quick dance. We could have a great fantasy dinner party though.

We’re a pretty boring family, but we’re well connected. grin

Oldbat1 Wed 25-Oct-23 14:42:54

Yes a very very famous American actor and a cousin who was in Neighbours as a main character.

Fairycakes Wed 25-Oct-23 15:00:58

My brother was an angel in a school play, many years ago. Does that count? grin

Fairycakes Wed 25-Oct-23 15:02:55

An Arab prince wanted to marry my mum when she was 16, and add her to his harem. She's never regretted saying 'no' smile

kircubbin2000 Wed 25-Oct-23 15:23:51

Mayor of New York.