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Famous relatives? Without saying who...

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Curling Tue 24-Oct-23 22:57:36

Without naming them, yes or no, have you any famous relatives.

One of my uncles, now sadly no longer with us was.

suzikyoo Tue 21-Nov-23 00:15:50

A well-known politician is a cousin, in private a thoroughly unpleasant type...

crazyH Tue 21-Nov-23 00:21:45

Why not name the person? Posters are anonymous anyway. It’s rather boring not knowing who the famous person is.

Catterygirl Tue 21-Nov-23 00:24:41

I went out with a bass player in a local band when I lived in Southend. They weren’t exactly famous but had a record deal. He wasn’t a relative but we almost married.