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Festa - The John Lewis Christmas Advert

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NotAGran55 Thu 09-Nov-23 07:40:16

Always divides opinion.

Love it?
Like it?
Loath it?

I love it!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 09-Nov-23 07:43:42


NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Nov-23 08:46:49

I've not seen any Christmas adverts yet!

westendgirl Thu 09-Nov-23 08:51:57

Love it. Another one which had me laughing through tears.

This is so much better than the dreadful M&S one (the one where the strap line is do what you want or thereabouts).

Primrose53 Thu 09-Nov-23 08:53:57

Didn’t like it at all. They showed it on TV just now and both presenters were like me.

Galaxy Thu 09-Nov-23 08:56:11

Oh I love it, but (whispers) it's a very similar message to the m and s one.

maytime2 Thu 09-Nov-23 09:00:15

Talking of Christmas adverts. What do you think of the Amazon advert, where 3 older ladies relive their childhood by sledging down a hill.
Personally I think this was made with the US/Canadian market in mind. Considering the billions of pounds profit they make in this country couldn't they have given us something a little more appropriate to the U.K.
I live in South West Wales, we very rarely see any frost, let alone snow. Rain of course by the bucketfuls. smile

Galaxy Thu 09-Nov-23 09:09:09

You need to come up North we can show you snowgrin

Maggiemaybe Thu 09-Nov-23 09:26:50

Love it (the JL advert).

Centred round a child and his love for the plant he’s nurtured, family coming together at the end despite misgivings. Message, being inclusive, celebrating Christmas and difference together. With humour, and a bit of glitter.

I don’t think it could be further away from the crass, stomping “celebrities” of the M & S effort.

Ailidh Thu 09-Nov-23 09:28:25

I liked it.
I am very soppy, and felt sorry for a sad Venus fly trap. Eheu.

Maggiemaybe Thu 09-Nov-23 09:40:18

Has anyone seen the Shelter “ad”? Now that really is a tear jerker.

Parsley3 Thu 09-Nov-23 09:40:36

I like it. It made me laugh. Pity there was no dad on the scene though.

Wenmore Thu 09-Nov-23 09:42:45

Tagline is "Life is a Party"
As good as M&S - but only because of the music.

Wenmore Thu 09-Nov-23 09:48:32

The Amazon Xmas ad - "Joy Ride" should be commended for focusing positively on old women.

Louella12 Thu 09-Nov-23 09:56:16

Loathe it.

Amazon wins this year

They've taken over John Lewis's crown 👑

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 09-Nov-23 09:59:11

Didn’t like it. Give me Kevin the carrot any day.

Georgesgran Thu 09-Nov-23 10:00:19

Amazon for me too, so far. Really not keen on the Waitrose ad with Graham Norton.
What about Kevin the Carrot and the rip off of Willie Wonka?
Overlong, imho.

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Nov-23 10:01:31

I've just been away to look at a few adverts and confess the M&S food one with the mittens drove me mad. The mittens (Left and Right) seem to be named opposite to the actual mitten they really are.
At first they are correct I think, but then the next scene they are wrong.

Whatever they want to sell me I'm not sure as the naming if the mittens is a huge problem for me grin

Has anyone else seen this one?

Katie59 Thu 09-Nov-23 10:11:25

The JL advert is awful and will do absolutely nothing to help Christmas sales and excellent example of how not to attract customers. They are already making changes that reduce customer service, so partners can expect no bonus this year.

Boz Thu 09-Nov-23 10:15:14

Why is it awful? Reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors - Feed me. I like it though.

TerriBull Thu 09-Nov-23 10:46:19

Clever! I really like it, prefer it to M&S's smile

JL's are having a month long Black Friday in November with certain departments such as beauty and perfume, some electricals offering 20% off!

FannyD Thu 09-Nov-23 11:14:03

Really love it! Made me smile. Love the music too.

annodomini Thu 09-Nov-23 11:26:28

It made me laugh. JL's best since the bouncing boxer pup.

Scribbles Thu 09-Nov-23 11:27:03

I neither love it nor loathe it. I just think it's weird.

Boz Thu 09-Nov-23 11:35:07

What is the M&S ad. saying; trash Xmas decorations and booze instead?