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Curlywhirly Sun 12-Nov-23 10:51:10

We have just booked a city break to Glasgow (1st week in December). Can any of you 'Glasga Grannies' (or any other GN members!) give us any recommendations of places to visit and good restaurants? Many thanks in advance.

Grandmabatty Sun 12-Nov-23 11:05:55

The Burrell. Kelvin grove art gallery and museum. The transport museum. The science centre. The Art Lover's House. The Merchant city just off George Square has nice cafes/restaurants although there are many elsewhere throughout Glasgow. Botanic Gardens and then Gibson Street for curries. The Prince's Centre in Buchanan Street for shopping. That's all I can think of at the moment.

Curlywhirly Sun 12-Nov-23 13:08:01

Oh many thanks for that Grandmabatty lots to go at there!

Grandmabatty Sun 12-Nov-23 13:10:02

I'm sure other proper Glasgow grand can give you specific restaurants. I don't live in Glasgow but go there fairly often

DamaskRose Sun 12-Nov-23 13:13:54

I’m not a Glasgow Gran but I think you’ll have a fantastic time and meet some lovely people. The only unfriendly person I met with the whole time I was there was a bus driver - and I’m sure he was just having a bad day!

grannydarkhair Sun 12-Nov-23 13:17:00

If nice weather and you like walking - the Mural Trail. The Botanic Gardens, Kibble Palace. The Tenement House. The University, the Hunterian, MacKintosh House. The Cathedral, Necropolis, Provand’s Lordship. St.Mungo’s. These are all places, etc. that I’ve enjoyed and not already mentioned.
Can’t help with restaurant recommendations, it’s been a few years since I visited. You’ll enjoy your visit whatever you do, Glasgow is great (and I’m from Dundee, so not biased 😁)

Baggs Sun 12-Nov-23 13:23:53

I've never eaten a 'proper' meal at the Willow Tea Rooms (Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald design) on Sauchiehall St but the Tea and Scones are fabulous.

dogsmother Sun 12-Nov-23 13:41:40

Oh how lovely, on my list!
The Glaswegians will claim it’s the city that should be the capital rather than Edinburgh.

Curlywhirly Sun 12-Nov-23 20:26:06

Thanks everyone for your comments. I certainly agree that people in Scotland are very friendly- a couple of years ago we stayed on the outskirts of Edinburgh when we went to see a rugby International; on the train back to our hotel we were moaning about the hike up the hill from the station to our hotel, and the young girl sat next to us said her car was parked at the station and she was quite happy to give us a lift! Bless her, she was true to her word and dropped us off. How friendly is that! 🙂

coco12 Sun 12-Nov-23 21:35:39

Sharmanka kinetic theatre! we went a couple of months back. Fabulous! Never seen anything like it before.

grannypiper Sun 12-Nov-23 21:59:12

The museums are free, the subway is cheap, the people friendly and there are so many great bars, restaurants and cafes. Make time for a visit to the city hall as it is stunning inside. Just across from there is the Piper bar, pop in for a wee dram.

Marydoll Sun 12-Nov-23 22:37:04

I can recommend La Vita at the corner of Queen Street and George Square. The staff are so lovely and if you can't finish your meal, they will put it in a container to take away.
You have to book ( online) and can request a ground floor table if you have mobility issues, due to the number of floors.
Princes Square in Buchanan St. also has lots of nice restaurants.
Barca, a Spanish tapas bar there, is particularly good.

There is the St Enoch Centre and Bucganan Galleries shopping malls, all in the city centre.
I love wandering round Frasers dept. store on Buchanan St.

The train to Edinburgh only takes an hour and you can buy cheep day returns.
You can also take the train to Stirling. The castle is far superior to Edinburgh imo.
Both go from Queen St. Station.

Marydoll Sun 12-Nov-23 22:38:47



I have brain mush tonight.

Marydoll Sun 12-Nov-23 22:41:39

Lots of day trips ^Doon the water*, by train. Nothing is more than an hour away.

grannyqueenie Sun 12-Nov-23 23:09:30

Oh as an exiled Glaswegian, this is making me feel homesick! I’ve been away over 50 years, if I do go to Scotland these days it’s usually further north where my old boys brothers are. Haven’t had a good wander round Glasgow for a good few years now, I must make a plan!
Enjoy your visit Curlywhirly

Moonwatcher1904 Sun 12-Nov-23 23:12:47

My daughter took one of her old neighbours to Glasgow a couple of months ago and they went to the Tunnocks shop at 43 Main Street, Uddingston in Glasgow. They sell lovely tins with their caramel wafers, caramel logs and teacakes. Also haggis and square scottish sausage. All delicious stuff. The shop sells a lot more but looks well worth a visit.

Grayling1 Sun 12-Nov-23 23:14:51

Curlywhirly - if you follow the recommendations given above you won't go far wrong. I am often down in Glasgow (free buses are a wonderful thing!!) and would echo Marydoll's suggestion of La Vita. The food and atmosphere is great at any time but it is the staff that really can make your day.

Marydoll Mon 13-Nov-23 08:28:25

I have had another thought. Loch Lomond is only fifty minutes away and the journey to Balloch follows the Clyde.

Curlywhirly Mon 13-Nov-23 20:30:03

Many thanks for all the suggestions - we are only there for 2 nights, so won't be able to fit them all in! But we will certainly have a bash at some of them. 🙂

Fleur20 Mon 13-Nov-23 20:53:12

Ox and Finch.. fabulous.. not to be missed!

Litterpicker Mon 13-Nov-23 20:58:38

Oooh, I’m all excited - I already have an ‘Alexa’ list of places I want to visit in Scotland but now I will have to add a few more. I’m a Glaswegian who hasn’t lived in Glasgow since 1972 so feel like a tourist now.

I would say, whatever else you do, you should visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The Burrell may be too much for a two night stay - maybe better to enjoy the city centre and a stroll along the riverside if the weather is kind 🙂

Hope you have a great time, Curlywhirly.

Marydoll Mon 13-Nov-23 22:21:09

I am quite excited reading too this thread and I live in Glasgow! 😂

My DIL was one of the project managers on Burrell, which one an award.refurbishment.
# proud MIL!

LOUISA1523 Mon 13-Nov-23 22:33:49

I took my mum for 3 nights last year...we loved it....we stayed in a tenement building was 2nd floor but worth the stairs climb....we were on great Western Road....near the botanic gardens .....we had a lovely Thai meal on Byers Road ( can't remember name ) ....buses and metro were cheap and reliable ....we were at the kelvingrove over lunch time and at 1pm a
The organ was played for about 30mins was lovely...we were sat having a cup of tea.....I love Edinburgh....but Glasgow had the edge imo .

Litterpicker Tue 14-Nov-23 08:29:42

In case of any misunderstanding, The Burrell is wonderful 🙂. I just thought it might be difficult to do it justice on a short visit to Glasgow. You must book another visit immediately, Curlywhirly 😂

Bookcooker Tue 14-Nov-23 11:12:49

Concur with all the above. Just don’t expect to be able to use your English bus pass in Scotland. Unless there have been any recent changes. Oh and city centre is now a ulez type zone.