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Good Morning Wednesday 15th November 2023

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Michael12 Wed 15-Nov-23 05:42:26

Good Morning Everyone,
Have woken to a dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Yesterdays outing returning home via Buckingham where I had lunch in a cafe I use when there , plus a couple of pubs which seem to have just as many coffee drinkers as beer drinkers.
Today , usual bus to Bicester , may stay for a couple of hours .
Take Care,

Fassie Wed 15-Nov-23 08:06:37

A late good morning from east Kent.How lovely to open the curtains to a blue sky and sunshine! Think DH and myself might venture for a walk along the clifftops,stopping off at the little cafe for a hot chocolate! Enjoy the day everyone....

hollysteers Wed 15-Nov-23 08:08:00

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy windy northwest coast. Small turnout at the music club yesterday, I was on duty as well as singing. Clashes between various members of the club personality wise are tedious, but always part of groups of people. One on the committee (“being so cheerful keeps me going”) resents an old member’s request to join us and so on.

Today to lunchtime recital and wish I could stop dropping off to sleep in the evening when warm and cosy watching tv!

All the best for your pre-op Mizuna hope heartburn eases “RosesandLilac* and thoughts to all with troubles 🌺

Georgesgran Wed 15-Nov-23 08:09:06

Good morning from Durham. I need to get something for acid reflux!! It’s actually stopped raining! I have a friend coming for coffee this morning, then I’m going to call at Metrocentre on my way to see the DDs and DGSs. More vouchers to buy if Smiths have some Christmassy ones. When I drop of DD2’s laundry, I’ll bring her Little Dog back with me for his usual stay, while she has her cleaners.
Best wishes to all. X

Greyduster Wed 15-Nov-23 08:10:01

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a sunny but breezy South Yorkshire. I did very little yesterday except walk to the supermarket, read, knit and sweep a lot of dead leaves off my patio. I always feel guilty if I haven’t done much with my time, and tell myself that, these days, there’s nothing wrong with having a slack day now and then. Today is poetry group at the library.
That’s a splendid looking set, Ash. Hope the play goes well.
Have the best day you can folks.

Taichinan Wed 15-Nov-23 08:18:28

Good morning all from a cold dreich Angus coast.
Hope all goes well with your pre-op today Mizuna. You'll be glad when this is all over.
I hope you have some joy with the pharmacist RoseandLilac.
Likewise with your car karmalady.
That set looks good Ash - for a moment there I was back in my am-dram days!
Yesterday was one of those days when I felt exhausted all day so tai chi class was an exercise in mind over the instinct to lie down and fall asleep! Actually it was noticeable how much better I felt by the time we got to the final set - which was just as well as I still had the shopping to do!
Today I'm off down to Fife for my hair appointment and a lunch and catch up with my niece - that should ensure a more wide awake day!
Have a good day everyone and may the grandchildren all be at their delightful best x

Grammaretto Wed 15-Nov-23 08:24:57

I don't recognise that name RosiesMaw but there were over 100 people that week alone, at different levels and different courses at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.
Your day sounded very good 😊

My Pictish Art lecture was interesting though I nodded off a couple of times.
a combination of a warm dark room and a comfy seat

ginny Wed 15-Nov-23 08:29:27

Good morning all.
We had a lovely evening catching up with oir friends. We were so busy chatting we forgot the time and suddenly realised it was 1am.
Hope all the medical appointments go well. I am off in a short while to see the surgeon who did my hip replacement. Hopefully he will sign me off.
We will join our friends for coffee. This afternoon is craft club and then out for dinner this evening.
Have a good day everyone.

GrannySomerset Wed 15-Nov-23 08:29:29

Bright sunshine at present though unlikely to be this nice all day. Taking part in a Big Sing with four Good Afternoon choirs today so off to Wells at mid day and not home until late after the evening performance - workshop all afternoon. Realise that this will mean more standing than I am good for so must take some painkillers with me so that I can cope because I don’t want to let the side down. Will be an exhilarating experience to sing with lots of people in the beautiful cathedral and I know I will enjoy it.

Kalu Wed 15-Nov-23 08:33:37

Good morning all from Glasgow. Soggy but not raining.

What a thoughtful gesture GM and a lovely surprise for your plasterer.
A restful day to look after yourself Grandmabatty. I hope your cold clears up quickly.
I too loved when our now teenage GDs asked for sleepovers brook. Wish they hadn’t grown up so quickly to become so busy but I appreciate their out of the blue regular visits.
Yoga at 9.30 baubles! Stop showing off. 😂

The junk removal man will be here at noon to clear out the pile of ‘stuff’ from the garage. Another job done.

Best wishes to all for a good day, especially to those struggling on with anxious times.

Alygran Wed 15-Nov-23 08:34:42

Good morning from North Yorkshire. A sunny start after 2 days of very heavy rain. The road to town was closed by flooding yesterday. I think it may open today after the clean up!
Board meeting by zoom later then perhaps a walk.
Have a good day everyone.

Susan56 Wed 15-Nov-23 08:38:35

Good morning from Shropshire.Dry and bright at the moment.

Welsh class went well yesterday.I was glad I had done my homework🤓

DH is starting to feel better,DGD still unwell.MIL in hospital in West Wales is not doing very well.

We will go into town today and buy the Christmas presents and cards for DH’s family.We will go down to see MIL once the car has been checked so will take all the Christmas gifts with us.

Our town council is giving every household a tree so we will collect ours today.

Roses I had the same issue with the medication for my hiatus hernia and related problems.The dispenser at the drs insisted it was a variation on the same medication but it had different ingredients which didn’t agree with me.I hope you get sorted today.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

Sar53 Wed 15-Nov-23 08:44:03

Good morning from a bright and sunny day here on the Essex coast, a change from yesterday where we had torrential rain for most of the day.

DH is going away for a couple of days on his friend's boat, warm clothes have been packed.

I have a bag of clothes for the charity shop later.

Have a great day everyone xxx

Urmstongran Wed 15-Nov-23 08:51:32

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. The rain hammered down here last night. It’s drizzling still. I have L’il Miss here to play 🥰 as it’s an inset day. We will go to the library when it opens at 10am, have ourselves some lunch at a venue of her choosing in the square and then her favourite bit - a wander round the ‘tat’ in Home Bargains and Poundland. Oh joy!

Here’s Matt.

monk08 Wed 15-Nov-23 08:54:15

Good morning all from a sunny Black country.
Need to collect DH prescription then we have a carvery booked for later taking advantage of the discount they sent.
Hope all goes well with your pre op Mizuna
Will come back later and catch up with everybody's happenings, enjoy your day whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

LauraNorderr Wed 15-Nov-23 08:58:03

Good morning Mick, good morning all from a dry and still but cloudy West Cheshire where we are settling beautifully in to our lovely little flat.
Still enjoying the novelty of being able to pop to the shop for a paper, have a coffee in the little cafe or cross the road for dinner in the local friendly pub while the poor redundant car sits forlornly in the car park.
Not missing the Anglesey winds at all.
Ferry booked for a month long trip to France soon and dates for our Australia trip pretty much decided.
Glad your bathroom is almost complete Mattie, you’ve been so patient and stoic as ever.
I often wish you’d show some of your water colour efforts Rosesandlilac, what are the chances?
I do love to read about all the busy and the not so busy lives, grandchildren, pets, holidays to exotic places, outings, courses, hobbies.
Wishing all those not having such a good time at present a better day today.

LauraNorderr Wed 15-Nov-23 09:00:19

That’s a brilliant Matt this morning, made me laugh out loud. Thanks Urms.

monk08 Wed 15-Nov-23 09:02:12

Nice to see you posting LauraNorderr glad you are settling in your new home.

Stilllearning Wed 15-Nov-23 09:03:54

A quick good morning from South Lanarkshire, once more I’ll have post before reading, apologies, I’ll catch up with my coffee around 11 o’clock.

I’m having a ‘too’ busy week, just unavoidable stuff. Still no result from a scan I had nine weeks ago, I’ve phoned everyone I can think of, if I don’t hear by the end of this week I’ll reluctantly hand over the reins to eldest DD who won’t be fobbed off.

Lovely weekend with 8 year old grandson, (definitely a contributor to the tiredness), one unexpected moment when watching a film about early evolution and the narrator said that when the asteroid hit the earth ( marvellous graphics), almost all life on earth was extinguished. “Did that include Adam and Eve granny?”

Wishing a good day to everyone

Jaxjacky Wed 15-Nov-23 09:08:34

Morning from a sunny S Hants, Matt Urms 🤣🤣.
Good workman are a treasure gMattie you’ve hit the jackpot with yours.
MrJ’s car also passed its MOT yesterday too, but needs a new motor for the heater, nothing worse than chilly air on a cold day.
Good luck for all medical engagements today, I’m expecting some GP contact for a niggling hernia.
Enjoy grandchildren, they do shoot up quickly, we’re lucky to see ours regularly even at 16 and 10.
Have a gentle day all.

BlueSapphire Wed 15-Nov-23 09:41:59

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞 Northampton; have only just put the washing machine on to do the bedding, as my brain didn't register that it's going to be like this all day. It should get a few hours good blow anyway, saving the tumble dryer.

Kitchen tidying later, hoover upstairs, put away yesterday's washung, then read the paper and my book.

Off to my ladies' wine club tonight; I will need to have a very late lunch/very early dinner, as DSon-in-law is picking me up about 5ish. Then he will deliver DD and me to our venue for the evening. One of our new members is hosting, and it will be interesting to see what wines she has chosen. I will be staying overnight at DD's which will be nice.

Wishing all a good day.

aggie Wed 15-Nov-23 09:43:04

A sunny good morning from Co Armagh,
Off to Wednesday Club shortly , we are being entertained by the U3A Choir
Wish I could take my crochet with me , but it would be bad manners !
Thoughts for the poorly

Blossoming Wed 15-Nov-23 10:11:39

Good morning Mick and all from cloudy Lancashire, currently 9°C and windy.

Yesterday I changed bedding which I am finding more difficult these days. My back, neck and shoulder are refusing to move very much and are quite sore, so an easy day is planned for today.

I do admire your ‘deal with it’ attitude to life Grandmattie.

Hope the pre op goes well Mizuna.

How frustrating Roses, I have had a few tussles in the past regarding my medication. The pharmacist wanted to switch a slow release one to the cheaper version that wasn’t slow release. I had been given the slow release version specifically to prevent my blood pressure from spiking, which is potentially deadly for me. I got quite irate when she said “It won’t kill you”! I’m living with the effects of bleeds caused by previous BP spikes, one of which almost did kill me. You have my sympathy regarding the hiatal hernia, it seems there are quite a few of us suffering this.

Hope you can get some rest at some point in your busy day Cornergran.

Glad “Olddudders* is home safe and well.

Liberty I spent some time at UEA years ago. I used to love seeing Ely Cathedral rising from the fens as I was on the train to Norwich.

I’m like Li’l Miss Urms I love a wander around Poundland, it’s such a rare treat these days! I know it’s tat but it’s a good source of craft materials.

Glad you’re settled in your new home Laura. Much as I love wild places living here has definite advantages.

Hope all poorlies are on the mend, lots of coughs and colds around at this time of year. Have a good day and stay safe if you’re out and about 🌹

Taichinan Wed 15-Nov-23 11:21:32

Just popped back to say nice to see you Lauranorder. Your new situation sounds perfect, and what a lot to look forward to!
Also must just say my new bird table is a resounding success - had a goldfinch visit yesterday and a woodpecker yesterday! Love the flashes of red they bring.

Grandmabatty Wed 15-Nov-23 11:25:12

Waving furiously at Lauranorder. So nice to see you posting. Your new place sounds excellent