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Good Morning Thursday 16th November 2023

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Michael12 Thu 16-Nov-23 05:53:19

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark and dry start here in brackley this morning.
Yesterday , I noticed the Christmas lights are being put up in Bicester and Brackley , plus Wetherspoons in Bicester have decorations up also .
Today usual routine to Bicester on the bus , otherwise a quiet day .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 16-Nov-23 06:09:32

Good morning from a dry Bristol. The promised rain is yet to materialise.
A quiet day for me yesterday; I finished assembling my ginger cat quilt, just need to do the edges now.
The painter and plumber cam3 yesterday, the latter is being chatted up by my fellow residents after my raving about him to anyone who will listen.
Bathroom painted; the painter didn’t like the tone of “not white” I chose and changed it with my approval. I have to say he was right. I have also booked him to paint the rest of the flat in January.
The hall walls have been stripped ready for the plasterer this morning. The tiler will be doing the bathroom at the same time. All is going swimmingly!
The budget meeting went well. I have now attended three such meetings. The same couple have dominated part of the meeting, complaining endlessly about the same thing, then disappeared. Grrr….
Today, I’ve got my tai chi class and dinner at DD’s. I shall give the plasterer his chocolate fudge birthday cake.
I hope today treats everyone kindly, weather notwithstanding. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Susan56 Thu 16-Nov-23 06:09:57

Good morning Mick and all to follow.A dry day forecast.

Nothing much to report here.DH and DGD still not 100%.MIL is very unwell with an infection in her blood affecting her kidneys.DH not feeling well enough for the long drive to West Wales and won’t be able to visit her until he is over this virus.

A quiet day at home planned.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

Ashcombe Thu 16-Nov-23 06:17:39

Good morning from a very soggy Torbay, after rain fell for most of the night and continues to do so. 🙄

Yesterday at Wednesday Club at our theatre we took in objects which meant something to us. As we’ve done this a few times in the past, I struggled to find anything not shared before. Finally, I settled on a brass inkwell which belonged to my maternal grandparents. It was in a cupboard and in need of cleaning but, not being a keen housewife, I couldn’t find the Brasso or Duraglit. Never mind - Mr. Google to the rescue! Toothpaste was employed and the object was looking more loved by the time I showed it!

I hope your family see some easing of their ailments, Susan56. Not an easy time for you.

A good day is wished to all. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

RosesandLilac Thu 16-Nov-23 06:28:55

Good morning, it’s actually dry here on the edge of the Cotswolds but the forecast is for heavy rain 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yesterday I had my hair done, very pleased with it, and had a good laugh with my lovely hairdresser.
Then I waited, and waited and waited for my call from the surgery pharmacist. At 4pm I called the surgery who said he’d phoned! He definitely hadn’t because I kept the phone with me all day 😡 Apparently he won’t be back at the surgery until next Thursday.
I will try to get a doctor appointment and attempt to get him to change the medication, again. I honestly feel like giving up.

Anyway, I did make a blackberry (in freezer) and apple crumble and managed to drop a bag of flour on the kitchen floor…..

I have art group this afternoon, looking forward to seeing my friends again.

Take care everyone 🌹

RosiesMaw Thu 16-Nov-23 06:44:25

Good morning all from N Bucks where I have no idea what the weather is going to be!
Doesn’t matter as I am off to the Chanel exhibition at the V&A with a group from the Centre who run all the Art History , Literature etc groups and classes I am so happy at.
If anybody had suggested a trip by coach 10 or 15 years ago I’d have said Shoot me first, but the thought of no traffic problems , no getting a seat on the train , no underground - and being brought home again - perfect! (Apart from worrying about finding the pick up point! )
Wishing you all a peaceful and pleasant day.

cornergran Thu 16-Nov-23 06:58:34

Morning Mick, morning All from a very soggy corner of Somerset.

Rain forecast to continue for much of the day I’ll be occupied with a grocery delivery and general cleaning. We’re looking a bit unkempt.

I’m so sorry roses. Infuriating. Can only hope for a better outcome with your GP. My experience was so much better yesterday. While the call was an hour late the pharmacist was helpful and understanding. A decent medical day for us both Mr C can hear again. Definitely helpful for cornerland harmony.

Your plasterer will be delighted with the cake grandmattie, it sounds as if the plumber will be busy. Hope health issues improve all round susan. Stressful times.

With thoughts for everyone. finding life hard going. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

karmalady Thu 16-Nov-23 06:59:10

Good morning, a horrible wet day today and cold too

Not a lot doing today, I have been spending money, ordered a revitive and several different emollients. That old lady curse of thin skin on my lower legs has hit me suddenly and with a vengence. Out with shower gels and in with the emollients. I have caught it all in time.

Car is sorted and they did the abs yesterday, I only rang them two days ago and they had a cancellation. Definitely is a good thing to have a `good customer` relationship with them. Lovely honest family-run garage, always busy

Probably not much doing today, reading with legs up and trips up and down stairs to ensure leg circulation

Have a good day

cornergran Thu 16-Nov-23 06:59:50

Enjoy your day maw. There are two converts here to the benefits of a coach driver taking the strain smile.

kittylester Thu 16-Nov-23 07:04:20

Morning all from a still dark North Leicestershire. I can't hear rain so that's a positive.

A day at home today. I have some desk stuff to do and I may do the Christmas cards.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 16-Nov-23 07:04:57

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. November really is the dreariest month.
Laundry and ironing this morning. OH did his ironing the other day but mine has piled up. There is a U3A Art History meeting this afternoon which I’ll go to.
I am supposed to be attending an Art Society study day tomorrow on the various Tate Galleries. I booked so long ago and need to check if I actually paid!
Have a good day everyone. Hugs for Urms and did we hear from MaryD yesterday?

baubles Thu 16-Nov-23 07:10:40

Good morning all from damp South Lanarkshire.

I hope your family members recover soon Susan.

Cake looks great gMattie.

Enjoy the exhibition Maw, I’m quite envious. I couldn’t get to the Mary Quant one in Glasgow as it was on while DH was unwell.

We’re going out for lunch with DH’s siblings who we haven’t seen for a few months so it’ll be nice to see them.

Have the best day possible everyone.

brook2704 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:17:23

Good morning everyone from a cold Inverness where it’s still dark but I think it’s looking dry
Have a lovely day Rosies and enjoy the stress free coach travel
We’ve also got our plumber calling today gMattie to agree dates for our new en-suite, I hope he’s as good as yours. I’m sure your plasterer will be delighted with his birthday cake, what a lovely surprise for him
We’ve got 8 year old DGD here, still fast asleep but I’ll need to wake her up soon as I don’t like a last minute dash to school! This afternoon I’ve got another volunteering session and I’ll need to fit in some food shopping sometime too.
Enjoy your lunch date baubles and the family catch up
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Thu 16-Nov-23 07:22:53

Good morning from a dark but dry Colchester. Rain is forecast so DH will be home from his overnight fishing trip before it starts as he hates packing away wet equipment.
I have bedding to change and launder but otherwise playing today by ear.
Love to all 🦩 x

Gingster Thu 16-Nov-23 07:30:09

Good morning all and it’s dark and dreary.
Yesterday was a nice day meeting up with a friend for coffee in town and getting started on Christmas shopping.

Today after the school run, I’ll go to bowls club. We had a couple of new men join and after a few weeks I realised I knew one of them from 30 years ago.

Take care and enjoy your day.🍂🍁

monk08 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:37:08

Good morning all from a dark and dull Black country.
Mick we have lots of houses by us with all the lights and trees up, I think they're trying to make this dull and wet month a little bit brighter.
That cake looks scrumptious GM I'm sure he will be very happy with it.
DH has a face to face drs appointment to discuss his recent blood test then we shall do a bit of shopping.
Hope Urms enjoyed her day with L'il Miss yesterday.
Enjoy your day whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 16-Nov-23 07:41:04

Good morning from a very wet South Downs.

Hair cut this morning and meeting some friends (8 of us hopefully) for afternoon tea in a Brighton hotel. It is to celebrate one of our groups retirement. Lots of chat.

An elderly aunt - has had a stroke and is in end of life care in hospital -she is 95 so had a good innings, but has been a presence throughout my entire life and I’m very fond of her. I speak to her on her mobile, but it is clear that her marbles are disappearing day by day. So sad.

On a good note, the dog is now on metacam and is turbo charged 😄 - running around like a young stud.

All your art history classes and trips sound good. I studied art history for quite some time with the OU and really enjoyed it.

Peace and harmony to all

Greyduster Thu 16-Nov-23 07:55:39

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs from a miserable, cold South Yorkshire. It’s quite foggy out and I’m tossing up whether to go out with the walking group this morning or whether to just go later and have lunch with DD as I normally do. Or not to go out at all. Decisions, decisions!
Poetry group at the library had nothing to do with poetry at all. The librarian that leads it decided that we seemed to be getting bored with the normal format, so she set us an exercise which none of us really enjoyed - me least of all. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be challenged now and then I suppose.
Have the best day you can, folks.

Mizuna Thu 16-Nov-23 08:02:18

Good morning from a very rainy Cornwall. Thank you for kindnesses re my pre-op assessment yesterday. Unfortunately I was told that due to an anti-platelet medication I take I'm very unlikely to have the knee replacement for another six months! A shock. Next week I will hear the decision from the anaesthetist, who has the final say in whether I can have the op.

My daughter goes home to Liverpool today, carting with her a huge bag of Christmas goodies. She gets assistance on the train but her husband will meet her at Birmingham and they'll travel the final leg together; he's missed her, awwwww...

Gwenisgreat Thu 16-Nov-23 08:03:24

Good morning all from dreich Harrogate.
Your bathroom sounds nearly finished GrandMattie. The cake looks lovely!
I have the Easy breathing group this morning. Haven’t heard from them so no idea what we are focusing on. Should have had a Sainsburies delivery today but they haven’t got it so have to go to the shop! This afternoon I have to choose a new front door, which has to be replaced.
Have the best day possible folks.

Georgesgran Thu 16-Nov-23 08:13:47

Good morning from Durham. It’s wet underfoot, but not actually raining.
Got up early to put the garden bin out - too late last night. Just as well I did, as they came at 8.03. The final collection of the year, but lots of leaves still to fall. I’d pay extra to extend the collections.
Despite incubating a cold (it’s not Covid) I’m meeting 2 friends for coffee at a local cafe and I’ll stick up on Day Nurse on the way home.
Later, I’ll walk Little Dog, but that’s about it, other than a bit of ironing and tidying about.
Best wishes to all. X

NanKate Thu 16-Nov-23 08:17:41

Good morning Mick and All from a grey and soon to be wet South Bucks.

Saw the optician yesterday as I had a strange black floater appear in my right eye. He said I was right to seek quick advice in case it was a detached retina. Fortunately all was well but we discussed the need for cataract removal asap. 😏

GrannyGravy13 Thu 16-Nov-23 08:20:27

Morning all

I was still wide awake at 5am finally got to sleep and just woken up, I guess I will be playing catch up all day and very tired.

Have a good day folks 🦩🙋‍♀️

harrigran Thu 16-Nov-23 08:23:05

Good morning from a damp NE.
I have workmen outside the house, all the pavements are up and they are laying fibre optic cables. Almost school run time and the parents are not going to be able to park in the street because of the digger and big wagons.
SIL and I went shopping yesterday but he still gets very tired because of his post covid asthma.
Quiet day today have a delivery at lunchtime and that is it for the day.

ginny Thu 16-Nov-23 08:24:32

Good morning.
We will have a wandering day with our friends . Down to town for coffee and a mooch in the independent shops.’ Maybe a visit to a local garden centre and lots of chat. Eating at home this evening, chicken and butter bean casserole with (requested) rice pud for afters.
Wishing all a good day.