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Ding Dong! Avon (not) calling. 😁

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Urmstongran Thu 16-Nov-23 15:42:48

After 137 years, Avon, known for its door-to-door selling, announced it would open its first shops in Britain in response to the declining number of women staying at home.

Will it do well? Competition will be fierce on the high street.
What do you think?
Do YOU buy Avon? I haven’t bought any for nigh on 30 years.

‘Pretty Peach’ products were nice for our girls when they were little and my mum loved ‘Topaz’ back in the day.

Marydoll Thu 16-Nov-23 15:47:33

I adored pretty peach products, but I was never allowed them. We weren't well off.

Grandmabatty Thu 16-Nov-23 15:56:19

I'm not sure. I think the beauty of Avon was the catalogue and someone doing all the hard work for you. It gave a source of income to teenagers or to someone who was on a very low income and they could fit it around caring responsibility. Presumably the cost of items in the shop will have to reflect the cost of the shop, fitting it out and council rates

Maggiemaybe Thu 16-Nov-23 15:58:10

My big sis bought me a big set of Pretty Peach treats one Christmas when I was 9 or 10. I just loved them.

We had an Avon rep at work and there were some very good products and excellent offers. I still use a travel bag I think I got free for buying a certain amount. It’s lasted well!

AGAA4 Thu 16-Nov-23 16:06:21

I had an Avon rep who used to call about once a month. She used to say don't feel you have to buy anything but I nearly always bought myself a small treat.

Joseann Thu 16-Nov-23 16:08:55

Oh yes, Pretty Peach, the little barrel pot with cream (?) in it. And the soap on a rope.

Off to check out where the shops are located.

Theexwife Thu 16-Nov-23 16:28:43

That’s unusual when they have an online store, I hope they do well though as we need more shops on the high street.

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Nov-23 16:46:51

I've never bought Avon, but only because it's never really come my way. I've seen some good reviews for some of their products.

They may do well on the high street with so many shops closing - lots of women spend an absolute fortune on make up and skin care products now.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 16-Nov-23 16:51:21

My mum worked with an Avon lady and always bought something but it’s difficult, you don’t necessarily want (or can afford) anything but feel obliged. I haven’t had any of their products since Mum retired.

DamaskRose Thu 16-Nov-23 17:06:45

Oh Pretty Peach! I loved it when I was a child, my mother’s friend was an Avon lady.

Primrose53 Thu 16-Nov-23 17:16:54

We have Avon books dropped off but the only things I ever order are the Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20 and room and Pillow Sprays.

HeavenLeigh Thu 16-Nov-23 17:20:11

I worked as an Avon rep for few years in different counties when I moved home too, I don’t work for them anymore but I do have an Avon rep that calls I quite love their products. Oh I wonder where their shops will be down south

Witzend Thu 16-Nov-23 18:30:38

When I was a young teen we used to get a few free samples, since the firm my father worked for used to make the glass containers. Apparently Avon didn’t care what the very ornate ones would cost to produce - they thought that fancy jars would sell the products.

Maggiemaybe Thu 16-Nov-23 18:38:51

Before we could just search the internet (probably in the early 90s), I was nostalgic for a perfume I used in my twenties. I pestered a few saleswomen in high end department stores, looking for Roses, Roses, and of course no one had heard of it. It was from Avon, and really very lovely, if my memory serves me well.

Redrobin51 Thu 16-Nov-23 21:26:24

I hope they do well and they open one of their shops near me. I used to buy quite a few of their products as I found they suited my skin and were good value for money and you were allowed to return them if they didn't suit you so it was a win, win situation. Unfortunately, the last fee years I haven't had much luck with Avon reps as they woukd come for a fee months and then suddenly disappear. I have managed to get some of the products I use over the Internet.

annsixty Thu 16-Nov-23 21:34:02

I only use a couple of Avon products, one being the Tinted moisturiser mentioned above which is excellent for every day.
I order from Amazon, usually here the next day or the day after.

henetha Thu 16-Nov-23 23:24:57

I was an Avon fan for several years and eventually became one myself for a couple of years, back in the nineties.
Our Avon lady here retired and no-one took her place, so I now buy the odd thing online.
Their products are mostly good, and more affordable for the less well off.
I hope the shops do well.

nandad Thu 16-Nov-23 23:41:50

Their nail varnishes are very good, longer lasting than much more expensive brands

Esmay Fri 17-Nov-23 09:25:16

I have mixed feelings about Avon :

My father's house tends to smell of his incontinence and during the lockdown I bought lots of their scent sprays .

I've found some products really good ie : nail polish , foundation ,
bras and pyjamas ( the sizes vary ) for example .
And other products really awful ie : mascara and shampoo .

Special offers always seem to run out quickly and there are often products , which haven't come or were lost in the post / fell out of the inadequate packaging according to my Avon lady .

She likes to deliver Avon on Saturday nights at 8 o' clock , which is not really convenient .
I think that being an Avon lady generates a social life for her .

I've ordered less and less and I've gone back to Boots or Superdrug .

maddyone Sun 19-Nov-23 11:32:15

I haven’t bought any Avon since I was a teenager.
Do they still do Pretty Peach? My granddaughter would like it.
I don’t know if I’d visit an Avon shop. It would depend on where it was I suppose.
I do most of my shopping online these days. Except groceries. I go to the supermarket to buy groceries.

madeleine45 Sun 19-Nov-23 11:52:47

always disliked avon especially the smell. never use them

Severnsider Sun 19-Nov-23 11:55:48

Avon Dry Skin Oil is an excellent mosquito repellent. Used by the US military I believe.

Granmarderby10 Sun 19-Nov-23 11:58:29

Well like many others have mentioned before on Gransnet I loved Pretty Peach. I’m not 8 years old anymore either
So bring it back Avon in the cute peach 🍑 pots😊

Sue500 Sun 19-Nov-23 11:59:57

I have been an Avon representative for 40 years still deliver brochures monthly to my customers, they can order on line from my online shop but prefer a brochure. Lovely way to meet people many are now friends, also sometimes I am the only person a customer sees and talks to. As regards SSS yes it is used by military personnel in many countries- shame they don’t order from me LOL.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sun 19-Nov-23 12:04:09

I stopped buying Avon when they stopped doing Rare Rubies perfume. I found it a quite inconvenient means of buying as obviously you have to make sure you are in when the rep wants to deliver, and had to go to the cashpoint as the lady only took cash, not cheque (you can tell this was some years ago!).
I did look into being a rep, but found I had to pay for the catalogues, and would have to be in on Saturdays for the delivery of orders, neither of which was acceptable or workable for me.
If they started selling Rare Rubies again and online, then I might return to buying from them.