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Series 6 of ‘The Crown’. 👑 A turkey for Christmas?

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Urmstongran Thu 16-Nov-23 15:57:55

I think so.

I have to agree with Lucy Mangan in The Guardian:
“This Diana-obsessed series is the very definition of bad writing. Despite the brilliant cast, it’s a crass, soapy dive into the abyss – not least in the atrocious scenes featuring Ghost Diana”.

I can’t believe I loved this Netflix drama. I waited avidly for each new series. The 50’s and 60’s years especially.

Now? I’m done with it.
How about you?

merlotgran Thu 16-Nov-23 16:03:33

I’ll see it through to the end as I’ve come this far!

I agree the early series were the best. I particularly liked the episode about the London smog because it’s where my own earliest memories were jogged into action.

It’s all just fantasy now. ☹️

Witzend Thu 16-Nov-23 16:05:01

Never watched it, despite a DD’s urging and saying how great it was.
IMO it’s awful to make a supposedly ‘factual’ drama about people who are still alive, and in particular in the case of the RF, can’t and won’t come out and say, ‘It wasn’t like that! That didn’t happen!’

Must say I thought it pretty crassly disrespectful of the Queen at the time.
Still, when has Netflix and their ilk ever cared about anything but making money?

Calendargirl Thu 16-Nov-23 16:07:59

I don’t have Netflix, so have never seen ‘The Crown’, but as a Royalist would certainly have watched.

Hopefully, one day it will appear on another channel.


grandMattie Thu 16-Nov-23 16:50:18

I’ve never watched any series of “the crown”. They sound atrocious and extremely unkind.

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Nov-23 16:51:52

I'm with Witzend.

nightowl Thu 16-Nov-23 16:53:55

Disrespectful of the Queen, sensationalist nonsense about Diana and potentially hurtful and harmful to the current generation - I’m sure it can only add to the rift between Charles, Harry and William when mostly speculation is portrayed as fact. I think it has become quite cruel to the living.

I loved the early seasons but stopped watching when Claire Foy was replaced by Olivia Colman - she was all wrong to me, both physically and emotionally.

Ziplok Thu 16-Nov-23 16:58:29

I’ve never watched it and have no intention of doing so.

Mamie Thu 16-Nov-23 16:59:15

Blimey Urmstongran were you binge-watching over breakfast? I enjoyed Episode 1, though mainly for the fabulous South of France set.

Smileless2012 Thu 16-Nov-23 17:22:38

I'm with Witzend too.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 16-Nov-23 17:40:31

I enjoyed the early series, didn’t think the last one was that good.

Will I watch this series, probably.

Mamie Thu 16-Nov-23 17:49:50

I don't always agree with Lucy Mangan and saw nothing in the first episode to justify her judgement. We shall see.

eazybee Thu 16-Nov-23 18:18:10

I have never watched a minute of it and never will.

sodapop Thu 16-Nov-23 19:04:49

👍 Witzend I'm with you.

Gingster Thu 16-Nov-23 19:18:50

I’ve enjoyed it and will watch it til the end.
We all know not everything is accurate and of course dramatised.
Back in September, I went with a friend to Buckingham Palace and while having a coffee in the garden, a young American couple joined us. They were so excited to be there and had watched all of The Crown. We had to put them right on a few matters, however. 😉

Jaffacake2 Thu 16-Nov-23 20:12:15

I don't really understand how people criticise the Crown when they have never watched it. They may be surprised by the way some of the royal family are sympathetically portrayed. King Charles is seen in a very positive way in the 4 episodes of season 6 which I have just binge watched. He is seen to be very kind and thoughtful of his sons and respectful of the public's reaction to Diana's death. Of course we never will know if this was his real feelings or not.
I think that it is perfectly reasonable to dramatize the events surrounding Diana's death . It was a strange time to live through a country in collective grief. I can still remember in London people stopping in the streets and sobbing.Real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

Witzend Fri 17-Nov-23 09:50:02

Quote from a piece by A N Wilson in today’s Times:

“Clearly the most pathetic and tragic story in recent royal history is the unhappy marriage and gruesome death of Diana. All those close to her - her brother and sisters, her sons, her ex husband - are still alive. All are manifestly traumatised by it to this hour. If some cruel writer felt it necessary to cash in on their sorrow, they surely owed it to these people not to invent hurtful lies. In this tasteless sixth series, we even have Diana appearing as a ghost to the Queen.

Drama, however bad, gets into your head and you sort of believe it. Thousands around the world probably will actually believe this trash. But the pointless cruelty is what really offends.”

Nuff sed, I think.

Jaffacake2 Fri 17-Nov-23 10:09:56

I didn't really look on it as the ghost of Diana. I thought of how when someone died you can sometimes think of the things they would have said to you during the day. The inner voice of someone you loved comes back to you in grief. Not a scary ghost.

biglouis Fri 17-Nov-23 13:20:29

Im part through watching at the moment. Agree the earlier episodes were much better but I will propably see it through til the end. I dont take it any more seriously than I did the Tudors!

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 17-Nov-23 13:35:12

I have never watched it and don’t intend to.

Smileless2012 Fri 17-Nov-23 13:35:20

Well said A.N. Wilson.

Doodledog Fri 17-Nov-23 13:55:55

I have enjoyed The Crown up to now (less so the last series) and am looking forward to this one. I think it's been very well done up to now. I understand concern for the living, but so much has been (and still is) written about the Royals, and both Charles and Diana courted the media for their own ends that I'm not sure how far usual constraints apply in their case. I don't follow their comings and goings on a day to day level, but recognise that without the media the chances are that the RF would be long gone - they use the media to sell themselves as relevant, and that is a two way street.

Regarding the 'ghost' - I haven't seen it yet, so don't know how well it was done, but I see ghosts as representing the way memories haunt people after loved ones (or not so loved ones) have died. It's maybe an unusual way to dramatise events, but I think it's an interesting one.

On another note, why is Netflix holding back the last episode? I find that sort of thing annoying. As we have the technology to choose how we consume media I wish the providers would let us decide how we like to do it. I feel the same with series that only show one episode a week. These days I am much less likely to watch them than if it's all there to view when it's convenient. Nobody would be forced to see things all at once - those who prefer weekly episodes could still choose to do it that way.

nightowl Fri 17-Nov-23 14:32:02

Her sons were children and deserve to have their loss and their grief shown respect. It’s unbelievable cruel to turn these events into a mawkish misrepresentation in the name of entertainment.

Doodledog Fri 17-Nov-23 14:36:53

Which bits did you find mawkish, nightowl? I've just started watching this series and haven't found it so.

Aveline Fri 17-Nov-23 14:43:28

Just started to watch this but absolutely stunned that for all it's cost £225,000 per episode the costume dept has got the Queen's pearls wrong again. Don't they ever look at pictures of her? Always, always three strands of pearls and not tightly round her neck either.