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Favourite YouTube Channels

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Blossoming Thu 16-Nov-23 20:44:52

I watch YouTube on days when Iโ€™m not very active. It keeps me entertained and makes a change to audiobooks and podcasts.

I follow a lot of craft, jewellery and sewing channels such as the wonderful Bernadette Banner.

I also love travelogues and a recent discovery is Steve Marsh, from Montrose, who does a lot of journeys around Scotland in addition to Europe.

Please share your favourites with me ๐Ÿ˜Š

AreWeThereYet Thu 16-Nov-23 20:52:03

I love Bernadette Banner too.

welbeck Fri 17-Nov-23 05:21:07

i have recently discovered kenyan prison choirs.

karmalady Fri 17-Nov-23 06:08:56

Pilates, various films, various sewing channels, sometimes knitting, Neil Shaun, various walks around small towns. I am thinking about trying premium youtube for 30 days to go ad-free and to get access to the excellent music. I could make the music come from my bose soundbar via bluetooth. Not sure yet

I give the rubbish channels short-thrift, there are a lot of wafflers out there

loopyloo Fri 17-Nov-23 06:18:30

Thanks so much for these recommendations...
Have only just caught on to youtube.

Casdon Fri 17-Nov-23 09:21:32

My Sunday evening escapism YouTube watch is LeAw, a young couple who have come through a terrible time and are renovating a 100 year old house and an olive grove in Sicily, they are so enterprising, and they have the most gorgeous baby.

Casdon Fri 17-Nov-23 09:22:02

1000 year old, not 100, typo.

HowVeryDareYou2 Fri 17-Nov-23 15:38:29

I like -

Kay's Cooking - a lovely, friendly lady, but whose cooking isn't the best (she's getting better though)

Debs the crazy fox lady - a kind lady who feeds urban foes, squirrels and badgers that go to her garden every day.

History Debunked - an ordinary man who talks sense (but doesn't ever rant) about things happening in the UK

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Nov-23 16:25:06

Some of my other favourites are below. I have to add that I very rarely listen to any of them, I just put the subtitles on so have no idea what most sound like.

Catherine Sews - a lovely lady who upcycles her clothes. Not always to my taste but has some good hints and ideas.

MaMi Art, AB Creative, Knitting Star and MJs off the Hook - crafty channels.

The Salted Pepper came in useful when I got my air fryer.

What to Wear, MM Personal Styling

Elly's everyday soap making.

Victoria's Keto Kitchen and All day I dream about Food - for gluten free recipes

Connection Tango and Tristesse1 - beautiful dancing, tango, Argentinian Tango, Flamenco

I used to watch one from Afghanistan, basically a family living in the hills. The mother was forever cooking and the children were lovely, but it seems to have disappeared. I can't find it in my subscriptions either.

Patsy70 Fri 17-Nov-23 17:02:31

Iโ€™m not a regular watcher of YouTube, but my OH finds Itchy Boots really entertaining. About a lady from the Netherlands, riding a motorbike around the world. Bikers will love it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

MerylStreep Fri 17-Nov-23 17:20:05

Sewing and funny videos, plus these amazing dancers

lemsip Fri 17-Nov-23 17:31:34

I watch robin's nest, man about the house, keeping up appearances, and other comedies of back the. also, anything I want to know how to do or repair will be on you tube.

the new judge judy show as the ones on tv are a few years old and on continuous repeat.

Grandmabatty Fri 17-Nov-23 17:34:46

I'm a big fan of This Old House. I watched it back in the 90s and found it again on YouTube. I couldn't do any of the work they do, but it fascinates me. Thanks for the other suggestions given already

QuaintIrene Fri 17-Nov-23 17:40:43

I like watching old programmes as well - recently watched -
Within These walls
Prisoner ( took me weeks !)
Coronation street
The Stone tapes
I also enjoy watching Summer Snow. She unboxes beauty subscription boxes and special edits.
Oh - and documentaries about pretty much anything depending on my mood.

MiniMoon Fri 17-Nov-23 17:41:14

I like Glen and Friends. Glen also does
a Sunday morning old cookbook show which I really like.
Pasta Gramma (Italian cookery)
Tasting History with Max Miller
Just Vintage Crochet (mystery patterns from the 1860s to the 1970s.)

I'm now watching Adventures With Purpose. Looking for missing people in bodies of water, sad but interesting.

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Nov-23 17:44:42

Patsy70 Thank you for that - I've been having a little recce and that is one brave lady! I wouldn't go to some of those places if I had the company of the entire British army, let alone on my own.

MiniMoon Fri 17-Nov-23 17:46:43

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Nov-23 18:03:05

Minimoon ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That was so clever.

karmalady Fri 17-Nov-23 18:05:00

lovelives, they have got a lot of movies and series like the forsyte sage

I have just been watching and enjoying Jane Eyre

I have subscribed to their channel

Patsy70 Fri 17-Nov-23 18:05:06

AreWeThereYet, my pleasure. Iโ€™ve watched a few clips and agree that she is incredible.

lemsip Fri 17-Nov-23 18:28:08

I watch old london back in 1910 , you can watch whatever year you tap in search. see horse drawn buses and hundreds of people dashing about their business.
horse guards parade,, changing of the guard live as filmed crowded with tourists.

CanadianGran Fri 17-Nov-23 19:33:40

A few I watch:
Overlanding Sophia - a young couple living and travelling in their van.
Cheryl Loulombe - Lift with Cee - exercises with weights to do at home.
Justine Leconte - fashion chat - I like how she looks at runway shows and picks out wearable trends and how you can incorporate them into a non-couture budget.
Playing for Change - a wonderful music project that takes musicians from all over the world together to re-create popular songs.

AreWeThereYet Fri 17-Nov-23 19:34:47

I watch Tasting History too. Fascinating the research he does into the old recipes. It's a really interesting aspect of social history.

Marydoll Fri 17-Nov-23 19:37:22

I watch Turkish dramas, when I am housebound. They are addictive!

I also watch walking tours around Rome, because I can no longer visit.

The King's Guards is another channel I watch.

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 17-Nov-23 19:51:05

Oh thank you everyone- lots of great ideas here