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Good Morning Sunday 19th November 2023

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Michael12 Sun 19-Nov-23 05:43:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its been raining in the night here in brackley.
I have my sister and brother in law staying in the residental home where I live , in the guest room .
Today will do family graves in the town cemetery, hoping to buy some reasonable size gravel for the graves to maybe stop weed growth over the winter .
Take Care,

RosesandLilac Sun 19-Nov-23 06:14:48

Good morning, ‘tis wet here too.
Yesterday was a quiet day, I got all the housework done, ironing today.
Dog and I had a wandering walk late afternoon, DH had taken her for a long one in the morning, very pleasant as it wasn’t raining or cold.
Today will be quiet, I’m quite content with doing not a lot!

Mizuna Sun 19-Nov-23 06:30:30

Good morning from a wet and very windy Cornwall. Our tree-lined pavements are thick with leaves even though the Council diligently clean them every morning.

Bought three 50p items at my fave charity shop yesterday, to cut up and turn into a patchwork dress. Ate a jacket potato with cheese there, first time in years as previously that would have set off lifelong migraines which my heart medication has stopped in its tracks.

Today some pottering on my blustery patio then will let the wind blow me up the hill to church at 4o'clock.

karmalady Sun 19-Nov-23 06:31:47

Good morning, a bit of sun later and windy all day

Typical sunday today, archers, bit of sewing, a walk, reading and a couple of easy jobs to do with de-cluttering and tidying. It could well be a reasonable drying day today, going to put a wash on now

I must put a bit of tape over my webcam, microsoft edge just popped up saying it was using the webcam, flipping

Have a good day

Ashcombe Sun 19-Nov-23 06:37:27

Good morning from a damp looking Torbay where it continues to be windy as it was in the night.

It must be good to have your relatives staying, Mick, even though you have a somewhat sad task to undertake.

I admire your energy, RosesandLilac, as I lack the energy or motivation when it comes to household tasks.

Church this morning then a rehearsal for Cranford at Christmas this afternoon. Later, I’m having a Zoom call with one of my oldest friends (from school days) whose husband is very poorly with oesophageal cancer. Her late brother was best friends with DH at school.

Every blessing. 🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

grandMattie Sun 19-Nov-23 06:47:17

Good morning from a very stormy Bristol. It isn’t raining.
I had a pretty good night as I took a pill. I really needed that as my usual broken, short night and lack of naps meant that i was extremely tired.
The carpenter came and did my cupboards. Once again the poor man underestimated the work. The shelving was easy. I needed a door on the cupboard with the dryer. As the doorways are wide to accommodate wheelchairs, he couldn’t find a folding door to fit; they were all too narrow. In the end, he had to “pad” the architraves to fit it. Now needs painting.
The church “ale and arty” festival seems to have gone well; all my chutneys (which someone else was manning), etc., went in about 2 hours. There was the usual tat, the usual craft for sale; four different very local beers including one made from Bristolian green hops. DH would have loved it.
Today, I shall be on my own, which is quite relaxing. I’ll do nothing all day after church and enjoy it.
Hope the poorlies have some respite, ditto the unhapp. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Grammaretto Sun 19-Nov-23 06:56:02

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I'm back in bed with my cuppa.
A busy day ahead. I'm doing an extra shift at the community store until 2pm. This afternoon there's a poetry reading in a nearby village and tonight a film at our community cinema. First I must finish packing my kiln, light it and hope for a pleasing result. I'm firing pottery for the local Christmas market.

Very nice to have your family staying Mick
I love Cranford Ash . Wish I was closer and could come and see it.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Pittcity Sun 19-Nov-23 07:12:02

Good morning from a dark but dry, for the time being, Colchester.
It's rare to see a road sweeper here Mizuna, so our pavements are covered in damp leaves.
An early start today as we're watching DGS3 (Age 7) play football followed by DGS1 (age 12) playing Rugby. The matches are 2 hours apart at the same venue. Luckily there are indoor facilities so we shouldn't get too cold and wet.
Roast Gammon to look forward to later.
Love to all 🦩 x

kittylester Sun 19-Nov-23 07:15:35

Good morning all from a dry North Leicestershire.

We have rain in the forecast. A bit of a nuisance as our Sing It Happy choir is singing at a Street Market in a nearby village.

The rest of the day is free.

Grandmabatty Sun 19-Nov-23 07:27:06

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 10° and dry at the moment. Heavy rain last night. Grammaretto you are indeed very busy today.
Yesterday was quietly busy with housework and shopping. I have a cough which is annoying and tiring.
Today is the birthday of my dgs2 and my son. It's a bittersweet day. My son hasn't been in touch with any of his family since Christmas 21. He's ignored all attempts at communication. I find it very upsetting.
This morning I need to buy wrapping paper for dgs2's present. I'll visit mum for a wee while then go and see the family later this afternoon. I'm sure he will be a happy boy. Have a good day all

Ashcombe Sun 19-Nov-23 07:28:37

This was posted on Facebook recently which I thought might interest Grammaretto, amongst others!

^Elizabeth Gaskell was born in London to a well-off family in 1810.
Her mum died a year after Elizabeth was born, so she was brought up by her aunt near Knutsford in Cheshire (the town she later immortalised as "Cranford").
She married in 1832 and moved to Manchester where her husband was minister at the Unitarian chapel on Cross Street. They first lived in Chorlton-on-Medlock, just off Oxford Road, and later moved to a big house on Plymouth Grove.
Her first child was still-born and her second died in infancy. It is thought that Elizabeth really began writing as a way of coping with her grief.
Her first novel, ‘Mary Barton’ was a success and she went on to become a successful author, with novels such as ‘North and South’ and ‘Wives and Daughters’.
Her books brought the hustle and bustle of Manchester alive to readers as yet unacquainted with the rapidly growing industrial city.
She had five more children, four of whom lived to adulthood. She was a typical multi-tasking mother - raising a family, running a household, writing, entertaining, literary societies, charity work, church, and campaigning for reforms to help workers and the poor.
It was said she would happily walk three miles to help another person in distress. She loved meeting new people and travelling. She also tried to bring something of the countryside to her house on Plymouth Grove, with a vegetable garden and keeping a cow, pigs and poultry.
She died of a heart attack, aged 55, on this day in 1865.
Her home on Plymouth Grove is now a museum (see their website for details)^

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-Nov-23 07:37:49

Good morning from a windy South Downs. Forecast rain later.

Yesterday I got soaked walking the dog, although he doesn’t mind. When we get back he dashes upstairs to be blown dry which he loves, dozing in the warmth.

Clean oven and fridge this morning. Not as onerous as it sounds as I do it every week and it only takes about 10 minutes or so for each one.
Was planning to do some Christmas cooking yesterday, but cba. So will probably put it off until next week.

The weatherman is promising dryer weather next week, so must get out and about to make the most if it.

Fish tonight for supper

Peace and harmony one and all.

luluaugust Sun 19-Nov-23 07:41:45

Thank you for posting this Ashcombe I do remember enjoying various TV adaptations of Gaskell’s work. We are staying with my brother for a few days in Peterborough. Lunch out today.
All the best

ginny Sun 19-Nov-23 07:45:25

Good morning. Haven’t looked out yet but I can hear the wind and am pretty sure it is damp.
I’m out today with a group of lovely ladies. We originally started as a scrapbooking group and some still do that. Otherwise we both at ourselves with all sorts of crafts, enjoy a good chat and of course some cake. The best thing about this group is that we are all different ages so conversations are diverse.
Thoughts are with all who have worries or illness to deal with . I hope today will be a good one.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 19-Nov-23 07:49:10

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Church this morning - probably one of the smaller churches in the Benefice. I had a lovely lunch with an old friend yesterday, but yet again I was really tired in the evening. I know of one or two others who are suffering this post covid fatigue thing. Still annoying!
Have a good day everyone.

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 19-Nov-23 07:58:18

Good morning every one from a wet Worcestershire. Thank you Ashcombe, have always loved Elizabeth Gaskell's books, the people and scenes are so vivid. You must have so much fun in your rehearsals of Cranford!Thinking of you Grandmabattyflowers
Hope every one can have a good relaxing day , if you are going out watch out for wet & slippy leaves everywhere!

monk08 Sun 19-Nov-23 08:00:43

Good morning all from a windy but dry Black country.
Yesterday's party went well I survived 😃 the children enjoyed themselves so much the mothers had trouble getting them to leave.
Today a chill day, roast pork later.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Grammaretto Sun 19-Nov-23 08:12:28

Thanks Ash. I have been a Mrs Gaskell fan for years. Read most of her novels and was given the TV series as a boxed set of DVDs. Now when I'm decluttering it's so hard to part with things like this. (Sigh)

Liberty Sun 19-Nov-23 08:16:47

Good morning from a dry and sunny Suffolk. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday after persistent rain,the fields at the bottom of our lane were flooded in both directions making usual dog walks difficult.

DS and family will ‘pop in’ sometime today. They live an hour away and as most of AC seem to have very busy lives with full time jobs and 3 children to nurture but they like to keep an eye on us and have a drink and snack at the same time.

Hope all enjoy a peaceful day.

baubles Sun 19-Nov-23 08:18:28

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where we are between showers.

All the poppies which our yarn group put up around the town have to be taken down today and hung to dry. The scout hall has pulleys on stage where we hang the panels, we’ve been saving newspapers to spread on stage to soak up the drips. We’ve booked a table for lunch afterwards.

Church first for me though.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Marydoll Sun 19-Nov-23 08:22:54

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow, where it is 11°C.

I hope you are enjoying your sister's visit Mick

GMBatty, I can understand your pain. DS2 ( as some of you will know) did this at the beginning of lockdown. It caused me such unbearable pain and anxiety, and a heart atrack for I never saw my beloved Dollie. Please don't give up hope. 💐

Yesterday was exhausting, I spent the day on my tablet, participating in my Zoom Safeguarding conference (camera disabled), while at the same time trying to update the parish website and send out the Sunday bulletin on the website and fielding emails from annoyed parishioners on the PC. No-one ever tackles the PP. I am the buffer zone. 😔.
Some attendees omitted to switch off their camera and were blissfully unaware that they could be seen in their homes, without even the background blurred scratching, picking noses, dozing etc. I found it very entertaining.
In my evaluation, I suggested that as part of GDPR, participants should be alerted to this fact, just as we do with Livestream.
Karma, can you not disable your webcam, or unplug it, if you are not using it? Mine is always disabled for security reasons, unless I need to use it.

Today, is unusual for me, I have to go down to church and to pop into the Children's Liturgy Group to monitor the numbers. Last week there were too many children for the small room.
I also need to catch up with some parents, who have not signed consent forms for something else.
We have two Masses on a Sunday morning and the sacristan is finding it a bit overwhelming. I will lend him a hand.
Of course, I will pay the price tomorrow for overdoing it. 😉

This afternoon, we are going to Dollie's for tea and birthday cake. I'm so looking forward to seeing her! Thank you for the compliments on her cake, DIL was quite embarrassed.

DH has suggested takeaway for dinner, I'm definitely up for no cooking!

Enjoy al your busyness today and for those with pain and sorrow, I shall light candles.

cornergran Sun 19-Nov-23 08:29:17

Morning Mick, morning All from a grey, soggy and very windy corner of Somerset.

Paperwork complete we enjoyed our lunch yesterday, also stumbled across some pretty earrings which had to come home with me.

Still finding sleep elusive, I’ve a GP appointment towards the end of next week and will try to have space to mention it. Not sure I’m functioning as well as I might.

Hope your poppy collecting isn’t too wet a process baubles, sounds quite an undertaking. Another here who loves Cranford ash. Happy rehearsing. Enjoy time with your family mick. I’m probably strange as I enjoy grave tending.

Have the best day you can everyone.

brook2704 Sun 19-Nov-23 08:30:57

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy but dry. Yesterday was the first day for ages that the mist cleared and the eventually sun came out
I’m hoping to get out into the garden today as it’s been neglected recently due to all the rain. I’m also looking forward to my regular Sunday morning catch up call with DS and I think DGS is coming for a sleepover tonight too.
A very Happy Birthday to your DGS grandmabatty, I hope he enjoys his special day. Sad about your DS though, sending hugs
If you’re out and about and meeting friends and family today take cate and enjoy
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Greyduster Sun 19-Nov-23 08:31:09

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Glad to hear you are enjoying a family visit, Mick. South Yorkshire is dry at the moment but it is set to rain at some point later. Nothing much to do today. I shall be going over to DD’s later this afternoon, as we are going out to celebrate son in law’s birthday this evening. The couple at the end of our road have their Christmas decorations up. They always start early. It always cheers me to come home on a dark wet night and see their windows lit up.
Have the best day you can, folks.

Jaxjacky Sun 19-Nov-23 08:34:21

Morning all from a dry, bright S Hampshire, we may have a shower later.
A couple of garden bits to tidy up after a windy few days, some washing, a walk, avoiding the wet leaves and pub meat draw at tea time.
Enjoy your trips out and family visits, I hope you find the gravel Mick.