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Bed jackets

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kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 07:16:47

Are these still a thing?

I feel I could do with one while sitting up drinking tea and watching the news every morning but it seems such an old lady thing to wear. And, I, of course, am not an old lady. grin

Witzend Tue 05-Dec-23 10:25:50

Some years ago M&S did a sort of fleece bed jacket - like a cosy dressing gown but much shorter.
I bought one for a dd - left on the bed it was a favourite curling up and snoozing place for their cat.

mamaa Wed 06-Dec-23 09:33:10

Bon Marche on line have a few more up to date types- I’ve ordered a magenta one for exact same reason- smile

Toddleo Thu 07-Dec-23 11:25:57

Funny this topic should pop up today, I was thinking exactly the same thing, they seem too "Grandma" for my liking (even though, I AM a grandma grin)

I am on the look out for something appropriate for my chilly shoulders when I am reading in bed, but don't want the bulk of a dressing gown..I have plenty of cardigans and such, they would probably do the trick.

SWT61 Thu 07-Dec-23 11:29:17

I have to be honest, i wear a sweatshirt in bed I'm so cold, it stays on till I'm up and dressed in another sweatshirt and joggers, I'm so worried about the bills coming in after this cold spell.

cc Thu 07-Dec-23 11:32:56

I love the idea of Primose53's Mum's knitted bedjacket, but honestly don't know when I'd wear one. I think most of us probably had one years ago, but personally I don't sit up in bed, I'm either up and about or lying down! When I was feeding my babies in the night I used to sit up in a rocking chair with a dressing gown or shawn round my shoulders.
Maybe if I had to stay in bed for some reason, bad leg or whatever, I might use one? But in that case my bedroom would hopefully be warm enough not to need it.
If I'm lolling about in another room I'd normally be fully dressed, if I was chilly I'd use a throw or a shawl.

cc Thu 07-Dec-23 11:33:37

Sorry "shawl" obviously not "shawn" - an Irish husband perhaps?

Nannyknee Thu 07-Dec-23 11:46:47

I bought one from primark . It’s so cosy not look old lady ish It’s just like the top half of a dressing gown

Primrose53 Thu 07-Dec-23 11:52:01

This is the bedjacket my Mum knitted for herself and several other people. The nurses in hospital went mad for it!

Knitted all in one piece so no sewing up either! Just start at one cuff and work right across. No buttons, no buttonholes.

sandye Thu 07-Dec-23 11:52:11

I still have mine that my late mother-in-law knitted me and one for my baby daughter to match. Baby's was well used and is now no more. She is now 47. I still use it if I feel a bit ill as it seems to be my comfort. Well loved.

Marg75 Thu 07-Dec-23 12:00:54

Amazon, Camille make, I have a pale blue one, it's very comfortable and warm, buy a little big. Hope this helps!

Shirls52000 Thu 07-Dec-23 12:01:11

I just put my dressing gown on although Oodies seem to be very popular at the moment

HiPpyChick57 Thu 07-Dec-23 12:10:37

I wear a fleece hoodie, usually with the hood up. So cosy and warm.

Duvetdiva Thu 07-Dec-23 12:35:02


Some years ago M&S did a sort of fleece bed jacket - like a cosy dressing gown but much shorter.
I bought one for a dd - left on the bed it was a favourite curling up and snoozing place for their cat.

Yes I have one of these they’re almost smart enough to wear as an evening jacket. They were very popular which makes me wonder why M&S didn’t repeat it.
They do sell a fleece jacket now which looks less grannyish.

yellowfox Thu 07-Dec-23 12:45:04

I just use my lovely oversized, big, thick dressing gown.

Saggi Thu 07-Dec-23 13:02:30

I use an old fleece jacket ….zip broken…. does the job!

schnackie Thu 07-Dec-23 13:21:16

I was thinking of this recently and ordered one for myself. It's pink, and rather old-lady-ish, but I love it.

madeleine45 Thu 07-Dec-23 13:29:35

My bedtime wear is really for sundays as it is very "Hol(le)y !! As a widow living alone I dont need to worry who will see it and my lovely top is a very very old cashmere jumper where the underarms are definitely holey. But the rest of it is still good and so it is lovely and warm and light. I still wash it gently by hand and wouldnt be without it . It is the very oldest of my cashmere jumpers which have been very slowly accumulated for over 25 years, looking out for sales and charity buys. I treat them with care and they keep me warm. Certainly wouldnt be any competition for one of those very fancy pretty bed jackets but I am happy with them!

Romola Thu 07-Dec-23 13:36:52

Aldom I'm not surprised you love your bed jacket. Your eldest child will be 60 next year and I wish you both happiness.
My late DM bought me a duvet-like bed jacket when I had a frozen shoulder about 30 years ago - so painful, and the jacket did help. I gave it to a neighbour with a frozen shoulder, who told me she had also given it away eventually.

Dempie55 Thu 07-Dec-23 14:00:32

Some nice ones on Amazon, but they are £40! I did spy something called a “shoulder cape”, though, brand is Akozon, it’s grey and purple, Velcro fastened….. with a voucher it it’s only about £12 - I’m tempted!

BeneathTheHowlingStars Thu 07-Dec-23 14:12:40

I was looking for something similar to wear while reading in bed so I went on good old ebay and found a lovely short cardigan. It's warmer than it looks and is very pretty.

GrammaH Thu 07-Dec-23 14:22:10

I bought several blush pink, extremely soft velour type jackets with waterfall collars from Matalan which I gave out as Christmas presents a few years ago. One went to my dear mum who loved hers. When she died, 4 years ago, it came back to me and its so cosy and warm and I love wearing it as it reminds me of her.

Musicgirl Thu 07-Dec-23 14:54:26

I bought a lovely, fleecy bed jacket in a charity shop last year. It doesn’t look at all old ladyish and is very nice to wear at this time of year.

Stansgran Thu 07-Dec-23 14:54:44

I think I must have the M&S one Witzend mentioned. I wear a dark red fleece one most of the time as I go to bed early to read. I have a much thicker drab cream one also bought at the same time but it’s too hot even in our icy bedroom.

Mojack26 Thu 07-Dec-23 15:33:16

Not for me,sorry. A lovely cosy fleece for me

sunbar Thu 07-Dec-23 17:25:14

Okay here's what I do when I'm laying in bed and I get chilly watching TV or whatever. I keep a cardigan nearby I put the cardigan on backwards, slip my arms through the sleeves and do not have to close the back because it's up against the pillow. This usually does the trick.