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Bed jackets

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kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 07:16:47

Are these still a thing?

I feel I could do with one while sitting up drinking tea and watching the news every morning but it seems such an old lady thing to wear. And, I, of course, am not an old lady. grin

Thisismyname1953 Thu 07-Dec-23 17:39:24

I don’t have the heating on in my bedroom as I’m always too hot with it on , but when the temperature dropped last weekend I was freezing when sat up in bed to watch tv. The need for a bed jacket came to mind so I looked at Amazon and I’ve ordered a soft fleecy one in pink . I really didn’t think that I’d find one x

Bella23 Thu 07-Dec-23 17:58:30


I received a free poncho from Cottontraders which is lovely and warm.

My DD bought me a double-sided poncho granmattie it was from Joules. I think they still operate online though the shops have shut down. It's really handy even in the car.

Sarahr Thu 07-Dec-23 21:34:03

I have my Mum's bed jacket, knitted by Tante (German Auntie) Maria, in 1962. Still nice and cosy.

Tamayra Thu 07-Dec-23 23:11:11

What a great idea
I have a cardi with a hood I wear to read in bed Might try it back to front Without hood up tho Ha ha x

Goldieoldie15 Thu 07-Dec-23 23:14:08

I suppose we are now expected to leap out of bed first thing to go running or whatever. Staying in bed after waking is no longer advisable as an appropriate indulgence or a “cure”. And it is no longer viewed as a desirable pastime exclusively for the privileged. Perhaps. .

jillyJo Fri 08-Dec-23 02:26:10

Still available and very nice too! But very expensive to wear in bed!

Bonnybanko Fri 08-Dec-23 05:11:41

I too prefer a cardigan I’ve 2 lovely white ones I wear to bed and if I get hot through the night I just take it off I don’t get up though I just chuck it to the side.

rowyn Fri 08-Dec-23 17:19:45

Isn't a 'hoodie' or 'oodie' the modern substitute?

sunbar Sat 09-Dec-23 18:29:39

Oh that's okay hoodies are great backwards you can put your in them!

sunbar Sat 09-Dec-23 18:30:23

That was supposed to say hoodies are great backwards cuz you could put your popcorn in the hood!

Baggs Sat 09-Dec-23 18:38:50

I'm another who doesn't have heating in my bedroom. But when I wake up and have my tea in bed and read for a bit I put on an old Laura Ashley thick wool jumper, a scarf and a hat.

AreWeThereYet Sat 09-Dec-23 18:56:56

Bon Marche have some little quilted bed jackets at £12.80 at the moment - reduced from £16. They look quite thin so don't know how warm they are. Quite pretty though, in different colours.

Rosiebee Sat 09-Dec-23 23:40:24

I have two large crochet shawls on the chair next to my bed. When I had Covid I wrapped myself in shawls, [funnily the pattern was called The Virus Shawl] and always use them if chilly when reading in bed. Love a shawl.

Marydoll Sun 10-Dec-23 00:06:34

A lightweight fleece does the job for me.

mumofmadboys Sun 10-Dec-23 04:14:02

My mum gave me one as a present when I was in my late twenties that she had had knitted for me. I was appalled and gave it to a charity shop unworn!

SusieB50 Sun 10-Dec-23 09:28:45

My mum had a pale blue crochet bed jacket that I think she was given when I was born ( 70+ years ago) . She was still wearing it every morning for her breakfast in bed before she died aged 97! I did buy her a smart cosy fleece one for a birthday which she never wore. I use a shawl that thinking about it, is at least 50 years old as I used it when night feeding !