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Bed jackets

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kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 07:16:47

Are these still a thing?

I feel I could do with one while sitting up drinking tea and watching the news every morning but it seems such an old lady thing to wear. And, I, of course, am not an old lady. grin

Whitewavemark2 Mon 04-Dec-23 07:18:42

David Neiper used to do them. Quite nice.

Calendargirl Mon 04-Dec-23 07:19:45

I suppose nowadays we would just sling a cardigan on?

They were lovely, weren’t they, with their satiny ribbons and bows, so ladylike and from the era of ‘Mrs Miniver’ or ‘Brief Encounter’.

Aldom Mon 04-Dec-23 07:29:42

I still have my beautiful, white quilted silk bed jacket. My husband brought it for me, Christmas 1964. I was expecting our first child. I wore the jacket during my stay in hospital following my son's birth. I wore it on a regular basis for many years and still pop it on sometimes if it's chilly and I'm reading in bed. I would never part with it, it is still beautiful and holds precious memories.

Aldom Mon 04-Dec-23 07:30:30

Bought..... Not brought!!

Georgesgran Mon 04-Dec-23 07:39:09

There are still plenty to be had - with or without the satin ribbons and Bon Marche online have a style in many colours.
A fleece cardigan that could be worn in or out of bed might be an option.

cornergran Mon 04-Dec-23 07:46:57

I use a short, lightweight fleece kitty sold as a leisure garment it just wraps round me, no fastenings. Cozy and comfortable.

M0nica Mon 04-Dec-23 08:30:45

I just drape a shawl round my shoulders. One I knittted for the purpose in 1970.

grandMattie Mon 04-Dec-23 08:36:28

I received a free poncho from Cottontraders which is lovely and warm.

Grammaretto Mon 04-Dec-23 08:39:33

I knitted my mother one in mohair one Christmas and she was thrilled with it.

It's gloves I need in my Baltic bedroom but a bed jacket would be nice.

Is it really an old lady thing?

Out in the snow yesterday what struck me were the number of young men in shorts and young women with bare legs. Now if the young need to go to such lengths to set them apart from their elders, let them. 😮

Shelflife Mon 04-Dec-23 08:47:14

I use a cozy fleece , perfect!

annsixty Mon 04-Dec-23 08:54:58

An old cardigan suits me just fine.
After all no one is going to see me.

DaisyAnneReturns Mon 04-Dec-23 09:03:00

The fleece poncho I have comes in handy and is warmer than a bed jacket. I imagine the modern version of the latter is some form of "leisure wear".

Greyisnotmycolour Mon 04-Dec-23 09:10:32

Yes they are still available and I have one. My shoulders and arms get really cold and one day I found myself thinking what I need is a really short dressing gown ...I then had a light bulb moment and remembered bed jackets 🤣. A quick Google search found loads. I love it in winter, it's ideal.

Calendargirl Mon 04-Dec-23 10:06:55

I agree Grammaretto about shorts and bare legs in the snow.

Do the men think it makes them look ‘macho’ to have shorts on?

Queueing at the fish stall on the market on Saturday, well wrapped up, I noticed the young woman behind me had bare feet and flip flops! She noticed my look of horror and quickly explained she had been swimming and couldn't be bothered to put her socks on.


crazyH Mon 04-Dec-23 10:11:32

An old cardi

V3ra Mon 04-Dec-23 10:38:43


I just drape a shawl round my shoulders. One I knittted for the purpose in 1970.

My Mum crocheted me a lovely big fringed shawl in the early 1970s. It lived across the corner of my bed and was lovely to wrap up in if I was reading in bed.
When we had our house fire six years ago the builders threw it in a skip because it was dirty.
Mum had Alzheimer's by then and it was irreplaceable 😥

Grammaretto Mon 04-Dec-23 11:11:32

That's so sad V3ra
One of my Helpers (I host volunteers) thought he'd help by washing the clothes in the washing machine and hanging them out including an irreplaceable pure wool fair isle cardigan.
It shrank and felted I cried but the good news is I gave it to a very slim friend who values it for its warmth and I've just bought myself another cardigan, almost as nice.

M0nica Mon 04-Dec-23 15:47:00

I sometimes just wear a dressinggown back to front. Very useful if you are reading in bed before going to sleep. It can so easily be slipped off and tossed on the floor, while you slide cosy and warm under the duvet and fall asleep.

Oldbat1 Mon 04-Dec-23 20:30:02

I wear a thin fleece back to front - it does the job for me.

Chardy Mon 04-Dec-23 23:09:44

There was a similar thread a while back

Catterygirl Tue 05-Dec-23 00:38:42

I have a lovely pale blue bed jacket. It’s ready for the wash so might buy the pink one from Amazon I believe.

Esmay Tue 05-Dec-23 01:43:41

I made two bedjackets - and gave them as presents to an elderly relative from two old dressing gowns .
I just cut the lower portion off each one and hemmed it .
The dressing gowns were charity shop bargains .
I do think that they are useful if you sit up in bed reading .

CanadianGran Tue 05-Dec-23 02:04:46

I have an old zip cardigan that I use. It's handy because it's shorter than a housecoat/dressing gown. Makes reading in bed a lot cosier!

Primrose53 Tue 05-Dec-23 10:22:22

My Mum loved bedjackets. She knitted several for friends and family. The most recent ones I remember were knitted side to side so you knitted right across one sleeve, the back, then the other sleeve. They covered the shoulders, sleeves and front and back beautifully.