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Good Morning Tuesday 13th February 2024

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Michael12 Tue 13-Feb-24 05:29:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Up early as usual , its dark but dry outside at the moment
As is Pancake Day , a change of plan , bus to Bicester for an hour or so then get another one to Buckingham with intentions of visiting a cafe which does Pancakes today , before returning home from there .
Take Care,

Purplepixie Tue 13-Feb-24 11:04:10

Good morning from a very wet and dismal East Midlands. Bit of a down day yesterday but it is said to be expected after the hysterectomy. Love and hugs to all suffering or just low in mood.

hollysteers Tue 13-Feb-24 11:10:01

Good morning Mick and all from a brightening northwest coast.
DD just about to drive back to the south after her busy short visit, it feels as if she has just arrived. She’s been so helpful, going to the tip, sorting home insurance etc. whilst catching up with her old friends.
DS here too and he does various jobs, so I can’t complain.
We were going to have a takeaway last night, but due to Chinese New Year holiday, ended up having pizza.

Music club today, so will have a warm up.
GrandMattie 💐 so glad you are enjoying yourself Bonnybanko and thoughts to all with worries of any kind 🌺

dustyangel Tue 13-Feb-24 11:27:13

Good morning from a grey but dry Algarve.
A quiet day planned today after standing too long yesterday waiting for an Uber to collect us from outside the restaurant that we’d had lunch in.
We’d had a very pleasant meal there on the edge of town with a window seat where we could watch an assortment of strangely dressed people making their way down from their free parking area to the procession in the centre. There was a whole family dresses as 1001 Dalmatians and Cruella de Ville.

The Uber eventually arrived having had to take an alternative route to miss the crowds. We’re not risking it today and will see what we can on the news instead.

Purplepixie Tue 13-Feb-24 11:40:14

I’ve just had a request played for me on Vernon Kay show on Radio 2 - that has really cheered me up. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brook2704 Tue 13-Feb-24 12:45:36

That’s so nice purplepixie so pleased you’re feeling a bit better, take care

Purplepixie Tue 13-Feb-24 12:47:03

Thank you brook2704 X

Ziplok Tue 13-Feb-24 13:01:31

Good afternoon,

Still dry here but grey and dreary looking. We were spoiled yesterday with a bit of brightness. At least it’s not raining yet.

Managed to get into the garden this morning to do a little bit of tidying and also plant a few bulbs that got forgotten about. I doubt they will do anything, certainly not this year, but they may perform next spring. They’ve two chances, anyway. They wouldn’t have lasted until autumn for planting anyway, as I think they would have withered, so at least in the ground they might do something.

I think I’ll make some pancakes for dessert tonight as it’s shrove Tuesday. I quite like them but rarely think to make any.

Condolences to you grandMattie. A sad day for you. 💐