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Ye gods, how much more

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Nannylovesshopping Tue 26-Mar-24 21:39:06

Just checked the weather forecast tonight, and it’s there in black and white, the next thirteen days will be rainy!
My garden doesn’t need it, nor the dog, the butts are full, I’m really fed up now, moral of this tale of woe, don’t look at the forecast ☹️

biglouis Tue 26-Mar-24 21:45:30

Well I needed to do a photo shoot outside so I grabbed the opportunity of a couple of hours on sunday. It was chilly and damp underfoot and my background fabric kept blowing but at least dry and I got the widgets photographed on the models.

Oreo Tue 26-Mar-24 21:47:30

Yeah, rain rain and more rain.Just waiting for Summer and the hosepipe ban now.

BlueBelle Tue 26-Mar-24 22:29:14

Oh nanny how much more rain can we take my allotment needs me not more rain so dispiriting

Shinamae Tue 26-Mar-24 22:44:11


Yeah, rain rain and more rain.Just waiting for Summer and the hosepipe ban now.

My sentiments exactly!

MissAdventure Tue 26-Mar-24 23:15:52

I can't stand the drab, dreary rain.

maddyone Tue 26-Mar-24 23:40:43

I haven’t even endured as much of it as many of you, but ever since we returned from New Zealand, it seems almost to have never stopped raining. I’m as sick of it as everyone else now.

glammagran Tue 26-Mar-24 23:47:01

I’m truly fed up with all the rain. I ache constantly when it’s damp (so all the time atm) and this usually lets up during warm and sunny weather. Since we came back from our cruise in November we have never had a sunny Tuesday, the day we have DGS all day. This morning wasn’t too bad as there were occasional sunny intervals so we went out to Lacock but nonstop rain set in at lunchtime.

BlueBelle Wed 27-Mar-24 04:34:27

You wait ….one warm day and there ll be a thread on here about the dreadful heat 🤣🤣🤣

Joseann Wed 27-Mar-24 05:59:58

Its so frustrating for the children breaking up for their Easter holidays. Not a sunny day in sight.

Taichinan Wed 27-Mar-24 07:06:58

I made that mistake too Nanny except I think I might get washing out on Friday between the showers. It really is depressing isn't it. Add in the wind coming out of Siberia and you have misery. But what can we do? Just pin the smile in place and pile the winter woolies back on. Hey ho.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Mar-24 07:24:31

I'll be first moaning about the dreadful heat.
I do it because I loathe hot weather, but that seems to annoy people.

The thread will be full of people saying how much they love it, and getting all angry because others don't.

I like in-between weather.

AGAA4 Wed 27-Mar-24 08:07:19

My ideal weather is sunny but not too warm, gentle breeze to keep it fresh and not a cloud in sight.
Instead I get the rain bucketing down and a chilly wind to help it along.

polomint Wed 27-Mar-24 08:10:48

Same here. Really fed up with all the rain. My bones have been aching for weeks. Roll on some sunny warm weather

granfromafar Wed 27-Mar-24 08:14:13

Don't be too disheartened. It often means it will rain at some time each day ,but not necessarily all day. eg yesterday rain was forecast, but not till the afternoon, so I managed to dry washing outside (bliss!) before it rained. Blue sky here now, too. Probably won't last!,

downtoearth Wed 27-Mar-24 08:16:47

I like it warm enough to take my coat off,cool enough to leave my clothes on,and not showing the world my flabby bits.

Iam64 Wed 27-Mar-24 08:20:58

It’s awful isn’t it. Yetsterday, I managed my first field walk with that spaniel, since my injury in early February. I’ve been cautious in avoiding slippy areas. The fields are quagmire’s, even the gravel paths soggy.
My garden soaked
Worse, it’s cold as well and grey

karmalady Wed 27-Mar-24 08:22:28

I have filled my 8 watering cans and my 2 tall water butts are now re-filled. I am prepped for the summer drought

I am liking the rain right now, it means that my slug nematodes will do well in the soil and I do not have to go and water them daily

Maggiemaybe Wed 27-Mar-24 09:02:58

Yes, it’s a bit depressing, isn’t it? Of course there are many worse things in the world, but I’m fed up now of scraping mud off my boots, going out for walks on pavements to avoid slipping and sliding on my usually lovely woodland paths, and hearing DH bemoan the state of the allotment. I’ve got DGS currently on breaks up in the Lakes and on the North East coast - I’m sure they’ll still be having a great time but I’m sure their parents are praying for a hint of sun!

Desdemona Wed 27-Mar-24 09:06:15


I like it warm enough to take my coat off,cool enough to leave my clothes on,and not showing the world my flabby bits.


sodapop Wed 27-Mar-24 09:09:14

I'm with you MissA so I try not to complain about the rain as heat is much worse for me.

MissAdventure Wed 27-Mar-24 10:01:55

Well, you'll be pleased to know we are due a heatwave!
I can't remember when, but it's going to be "A Scorcher!"

henetha Wed 27-Mar-24 10:13:32

My back garden is really soggy. When hanging the washing out there it's like a bog and my feet just squelch. It's happened in other winters but never as bad as it is now.

downtoearth Wed 27-Mar-24 11:09:08

I have a new spring jacket and some spring like dresses I am very eager to wear.I am fed up with huge puffer coats that make look and feel like an Oompah Loopah.

I hope we dont go straight to heatwave,I will cheated of the chance to show off my new jacket🤣

Casdon Wed 27-Mar-24 11:22:39

I’ve found one positive only. The rain is suppressing the tree pollen. I usually feel pretty grim from mid March due to hay fever, but not this year so far. Otherwise, it’s depressing.