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Good Morning Easter Sunday 31st March 2024

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Michael12 Sun 31-Mar-24 05:54:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but looks dry outside here in brackley .
Today will be at home as I shall be watching cycling on TV most of the day .
Yesterdays trip to Bicester seemed quieter than normal as to shopping etc.
Happy Easter ,
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 31-Mar-24 06:07:19

Happy Easter from Bristol. Still dark, of course, now the clocks have changed.
Yesterday, I collected my neighbour’s prescription, served coffee in church. There were a lot more people than usual again for no apparent reason. Another neighbour invited me to sit in her sheltered corner and enjoy the sun.
Interestingly, the offspring of our two hospitalised residents gave us an update. One doing well, the other sadly turning her face to the wall on most days…
Today, once I finish packing, I’ll take the bus to DD’s, leave my case at hers, go to the Easter service and have lunch with them. We’ll leave soon after for the airport and Athens. I’m never normally so anxious, but this time I am. Ridiculous.
Happy Easter again to one and all. Carpe diem🦩🦩🦩🦩

karmalady Sun 31-Mar-24 06:13:54

Good morning from s somerset, mainly dry and gusty all day

I was busy for a few hours yesterday morning, bottomed my bedroom and the hall landing stairs. It was a glorious drying day and I took advantage

I plan to start a book today `lessons in chemistry` and back to knitting those pyjamas for mouche bear, I had to frog the last set. it will be nice enough for a walk and I plan on going around town, but not the hill, not yet. Thank goodness I took the last antib pill this morning, they flattened me

Have a good day

karmalady Sun 31-Mar-24 06:15:43

GM enjoy that very well earned break, I hope you get some well deserved rest

Ashcombe Sun 31-Mar-24 06:22:03

Good morning from a dry Torbay and Easter greetings to you all.

Yesterday morning, I was in Lidl just after 7.30 a.m. and was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was, much like Bicester for you, Mick.

I was touched by messages received yesterday from some of the GM regulars and by a comment on yesterday’s GM thread. Thank you, kind ladies.

The sunshine yesterday was such a tonic and I enjoyed a walk (without a coat!) over the Downs and a coffee in our favourite pub there. Afterwards, I sat and enjoyed the view in the photo. DH bought me walking poles on his last visit and they are helping me to walk more confidently with my arthritic knee whilst maintaining reasonable posture compared with walking sticks.

Today we have a combined service for all so it will be good to join in the worship fully (incense permitting!) as I’ve played the piano for most of the recent early services.

Safe travels, grandMattie, and enjoy your few days away.

Wishing you a blessed Eastertide. 🦩💐✝️🥰🦩

Bellasnana Sun 31-Mar-24 06:41:42

Good morning and Happy Easter from Malta where the weather is hazy but going to be extremely hot.

Like you Mick , I shall be having a quiet day at home apart from going to Mass at 11.30.

GM, safe travels and I do hope your holiday will turn out to be worth the anxiety of going.

NanKate, the final tonight! Who are you rooting for? I like them both but hope Sinner wins. Forza Italia! 🇮🇹

Wishing a good day to all.✝️🐣🐇🕊️

BigBertha1 Sun 31-Mar-24 07:07:51

Happy Easter from Melton Mowbray very hazy/foggy here after a brilliant sunny day yesterday. 10,000 steps round Rutland Water. Visit to the Baptist Church at the end of our road this morning for the egg hunt, bacon rolls and then the Easter Day service. Have a lovely day x

Georgesgran Sun 31-Mar-24 07:17:33

Good morning from Durham. Another dry start - could get used to this.
Family coming for a late lunch after DGS2’s nap time.
Safe travels gM
Best wishes to all. X

Marydoll Sun 31-Mar-24 07:25:49

Good morning Easter Sunday from a foggy Glasgow, where it is 2°C.
DH has brought ne a cuppa and a hot water bottle for my joints.😍. I could stay in bed all day!

GM safe travels. I am envious.

I got home very late last night after a busy and very long Easter Vigil. The church was full and I was run ragged. We had three sacristans on duty and we were definitely needed.
Our new curate, is into the traditional liturgy, much of which was sung. The choir was absolutely amazing.
My DIL, became a Catholic last night, along with three other people. She had totally surprised us, when she told us that she planned to undertake that journey. The ceremony was very moving and we were all very emotional.
My DIL was overwhelmed by the number of people, who came to congratulate her.

I have my second shingles vaccination at this morning. Who on earth decided to do vaccinations on Easter Sunday? I had severe side effects with the previous one, so not planning anything for next week!
Afterwards, we will go for breakfast. Despite having two joints of meat in the freezer, I have insisted on takeaway, the first time since we got married, I have not made an Easter dinner.
I have no energy left and my pain levels are sapping my positivity. However, my RA won't win, but it is so exhausting covering up. 😉

For those of you spending time with your family, enjoy. I plan to lounge in the conservatory and indulge myself in rubbish TV and chocolate, of which I have plenty!

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 31-Mar-24 07:30:20

Happy Easter from West Oxfordshire. I did have a message but it’s disappeared!

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 31-Mar-24 07:33:33

Good morning from a frosty but sunny Oxfordshire.

Today is the first time for over a week that the room didn’t tip when I got out of bed, I’m still a bit wobbly but on the mend.

Have a peaceful Easter everyone, hugs to those who are unwell or stressed.

Safe travels GM the sunshine will be a tonic I’m sure.

MD 💐

Grandmabatty Sun 31-Mar-24 07:40:20

Good morning and Happy Easter from Polmont where it's currently 2° and with hazy sunshine. Marydoll what a lovely thing for your Dil to do. Safe journey GrandMattie. I'm sure you will have a good time.
Yesterday was shopping at Tesco for today's lunch and then I visited dd, dsil and the boys with their eggs and Easter outfits. Afterwards I got on with housework.
Today I'm having the family and my aunt and uncle for lunch. It's a buffet style which will suit the boys better too. It won't be a long affair because dgs2 will need a nap. Afterwards I'll probably visit mum. Then tidy up and collapse in a heap. I love entertaining but haven't done it for ages. However you spend your day, I hope it's a good one.

Mizuna Sun 31-Mar-24 07:42:51

Good morning from a rainy Resurrection Day in Cornwall. I'm on my own today so will take a book and probably go on the bus to Penzance. Not quite as exotic as Athens! Enjoy your lovely trip grandMattie.

kittylester Sun 31-Mar-24 07:52:08

Good morning all from a foggy North Leicestershire. Happy Easter!

I was completely discombobulated when I woke up. Our bedside clocks change automatically but I didn't feel as though I had half enough sleep.

DD2 and family are arriving at lunchtime and staying till Wednesday morning.

Have the best day possible, everyone.

Greyduster Sun 31-Mar-24 07:52:18

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a damp grey South Yorkshire. I had a long day yesterday. We had a nice lunch and the theatre was very good but it’s a long, powerful, challenging play and left us all rather drained, and when I got home I was so tired I was in bed by nine. I don’t seem to have the stamina for these things now.
DD and the menfolk will be coming for Easter Sunday lunch later. I hope the weather picks up a bit.
Have the best day you can folks.

Susan56 Sun 31-Mar-24 07:52:57

Good morning from Shropshire.Sunny at the moment.

After the family left yesterday I cleaned the house and changed and washed all the bedding.It was a lovely day so windows open, house aired and laundry dried outside.DH mowed the lawns and cleaned the patio.Both aching today😫

We are going to DD1’s today for Easter lunch.

Enjoy your holiday grandMattie.


Have the best day you can everyone🦩🐣🐰

Pittcity Sun 31-Mar-24 07:53:47

Good morning from a greyish Colchester. Damp and breezy is today's forecast. DH will be home from fishing at lunchtime, so the house will be full of laundry and washing up.
The three of us will enjoy roast lamb with wine and pudding this evening. Pudding is only for special occasions here, wine is a regular thing.
Happy Easter and love to all 🦩🐣🍫x

RosesandLilac Sun 31-Mar-24 08:01:22

Good morning from a gloriously sunny south Glos, a lovely start to the day.
Yesterday I sorted the garden border out and gave up in utter frustration trying to get DH to understand what I wanted with the edging, nothing complicated at all so I will tackle it myself today.
The dog and I had a lovely time in the nearby field with her running around like a loony and me just enjoying the sunshine and looking at the trees and primroses on the banks at one end. Very peaceful.
I also got three loads of washing line dried so ironing to do this morning, and changed the bed/turned the mattress. So, all in all, a satisfying day.
Have a lovely Easter Day, I’ve treated myself to an egg - I can’t remember the last time I had one!

luluaugust Sun 31-Mar-24 08:14:17

Happy Easter from a cloudy W Kent. A successful family meal out last night and DD2 is cooking lunch today.
Enjoy your egg RoseandLilac
Happy hols gM

Whitewavemark2 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:19:03

Good morning from a dull - at present South Downs

Yesterday I worked myself to a standstill in the garden, so won’t be doing so much today, but still hope to do more in the garden. It is very satisfying though, as you can see the result of your labour and it is shaping up splendidly. Gave away ornamental grass pieces to neighbours - after it took me ages digging it up. It had outgrown its place. Chinese silver grass and a real star.

I only gradually get into the change of time mode - being retired means I can largely ignore it and allow my body clock to do its own thing.

Well, have a very happy Easter everyone. We are indulging in a rhubarb and pear special crumble (oats and walnuts) with custard. Roast lamb before.

Peace and harmony to all.

Stilllearning Sun 31-Mar-24 08:21:37

Good morning and Happy Easter from sunny but cold South Lanarkshire. I stayed up late last night and woke early this morning so am feeling thoroughly discombobulated at the moment. I now want to turn over and sleep but couldn’t face the Easter Vigil last night so will have to ‘arise and go now’.

Heading to youngest DD and family for lunch and a ‘sleepover’ so that will be nice, I may manage a snooze later. Am trying to work out when to take my medication so as not to be too far out of rhythm!

That was a special occasion for you last night Marydoll, enjoy the rest today.

Happy holiday grandMattie, I hope you can relax and enjoy every bit of it, a new adventure!

Wishing everyone the best day possible and thoughts and prayers to all who need extra support today 🙏🏻💕

brook2704 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:22:40

Good morning, everyone from Inverness, where its a bright start to the day with blue sky, is cold though only about 2°
I hope you enjoy your holiday gMattie and spending time with the family
I’m looking forward to a quieter day today with DH, a bit of gardening if it stays dry and I’ll pop round to see DD2 and family later
If you’re meeting up with friends and family today for Easter celebrations have a lovely time
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Sun 31-Mar-24 08:30:50

Morning Mick, morning All. Easter wishes from a bright corner of Somerset. Could get used to this.

After a delicious breakfast we gathered more accessories for the conservatory, think 60’s, then just enjoyed a quiet afternoon before heading to our local theatre. Unlike your experience greyd ours was undemanding.

No idea today. Mr C is sound asleep. We talked about a walk along the river but it will depend how he is, there have been problems with a hip. Will he see a physio at the surgery? Of course not! I may suggest walking poles, he’d not willingly use a stick while encouraging me to. No logic.

Anxiety is understandable grandmattie, it will be different once you arrive. Enjoy the change. That sounds better oops. There are eggs here too roses. Enjoy yours.

Have the best day you can everyone, whatever shape it turns out to be.

NannyJan53 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:31:15

Good morning from a bright and sunny Black Country.

Bringing Mum over for Lunch today. I am going to make for dessert a Hot Cross bun bread and butter pudding!

Rest of family have decided to go away for some sun and warmth!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter day

NannyJan53 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:31:57

Meant to say....have a good journey gM and enjoy your break away with the family.