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Would anyone(if possible) go back to being a teenager?

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Delia22 Sun 31-Mar-24 12:12:16

If time travel became possible😊 would any of you choose your teen years to re visit? If not then,which age would you choose?

LinAnn52 Sun 31-Mar-24 12:33:37

I would like to go back to the age of 17, and deal with situations with the wisdom and confidence I have now.

BigBertha1 Sun 31-Mar-24 12:39:05

14 I think before I started making all the mistakes. i.e. BOYS!!!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 31-Mar-24 12:41:45

I could have written your post LinAnn. The age at which I became to a man who turned out to be an abusive husband.

yogitree Sun 31-Mar-24 12:45:06


If time travel became possible😊 would any of you choose your teen years to re visit? If not then,which age would you choose?

Only if I could take my life experience with me. It would be lovely to have all that knowledge and apply it to my life as a 17 year old.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 31-Mar-24 12:51:16

… became engaged to …

BlueBelle Sun 31-Mar-24 12:56:45

Oh if only…. I wouldn’t be the shy little thing who thought I was ugly (looking at photos now I really wasn’t) my whole life would be different if I d have had some confidence and self belief when I was 17 🙄

BlueBelle Sun 31-Mar-24 12:59:11

I was a couple of years older GSM (19) when I got with the man who I thought I was soooooo lucky to have found ummmm let’s say no more

Kate1949 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:00:05

Mine too Bluebelle.

Astitchintime Sun 31-Mar-24 13:00:52

Yes, in a heart beat! I often use the phrase. 'if I knew then what I know now'. But I wouldn't want to be a teenager now with all the pressure of social media etc.

MissInterpreted Sun 31-Mar-24 13:00:56

Like others have said, only if I could take with me the life experience that I now have.

rafichagran Sun 31-Mar-24 13:04:06

Yes, 17 to write the wrongs if all the mistakes I made.

JaneJudge Sun 31-Mar-24 13:09:09

We are so influenced by others when we are late teenagers aren't we? I wish I'd had the courage to stand up my abusive Father about absolutely everything. I would have made much better choices which would have given me better long term outcomes

Kate1949 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:11:50

I wish I could have been born to different parents. I would still want the same siblings though.

Calendargirl Sun 31-Mar-24 13:14:47

17 was how old I was when I met my husband.

Looking back, the next two years were some of the happiest of my life.

I was doing a job I really enjoyed, going out with this lad who I loved and he loved me, living at home with mum and dad, no pressures, no worries, no hassle.

Then dad died very suddenly, and life never seemed quite the same.

I look at my GC now, ages ranging from 21 to 16, and don’t wish to be their age as things are now.

My teenage years seemed uncomplicated and fairly happy, they seem to have such high expectations of everything now, careers, relationships…

Dinahmo Sun 31-Mar-24 13:16:20

No. Although I'm now 77 and suffering with the usual elderly peoples' health problems, I'm quite content as I am now.

Allex50 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:20:44

I'm trying to be a teen again (bit of a rebel about the house) but I would love to go back in time with the experiences and mistakes I've made.

Purplepixie Sun 31-Mar-24 13:23:50

Yes, yes, and more yes! I foolishly got married against my parents wishes when I was 18. I had no teen years as I was stupid and naive. Sadly dad died after I had been married 11 months. I would go back in a heartbeat and do EVERYTHING different!

Cherrytree59 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:35:29

My teenage years were the best days of my life. My purple years, loved the 70's 💜💜

Following on my 20s were a struggle.
Although we did have the joy of 2 new babies

Sadly my children's teenage years were not their best era due health issues and other people.

Would I go back no, as I know the heartache that will follow 😢

Cherrytree59 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:36:12

Sorry missed the ?

Mel1967 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:36:37

I would go back - definitely.
I wouldn’t listen to my Mother - like I did.
And do what I wanted to do (career wise).
Isn’t there a saying:
‘Youth is wasted on the Young’

annsixty Sun 31-Mar-24 13:37:41

Not at all because I know that I would never ever have been able to stand up to my mother and things would not have changed.

pascal30 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:39:23

I would go back and follow my heart re studying a subject I loved without parental interference..

Bridie22 Sun 31-Mar-24 13:52:28

I would go back to being 16 only if I could take the benefits of hindsight with me, if not, no way would I do it again !!

Marydoll Sun 31-Mar-24 13:52:50

Absolutely not!