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Blimey Fergie's Back!

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zakouma66 Sun 31-Mar-24 17:59:52

I do like her. Plucky is the word that comes to mind.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 31-Mar-24 18:12:00

Back where?

Grayling1 Sun 31-Mar-24 18:26:45

Within the busom of the royal family I presume!!

zakouma66 Sun 31-Mar-24 18:29:34

Back on duty at Church.

Visgir1 Sun 31-Mar-24 18:45:39

I thought at first you meant Fergie from the Black eyed peas.. I forgot about the other one. 😅

lemsip Sun 31-Mar-24 18:54:08

old news!

she's been back since Duke of Edinburgh's death

zakouma66 Sun 31-Mar-24 19:01:31

I liked the Black Eyed Peas.

I don't think Fergie has been in such an official role for a while?

NotAGran55 Sun 31-Mar-24 19:06:15

I like the Black Eyed Peas too.

I thought this was about Alex Ferguson ⚽️ . Shame.

rubysong Sun 31-Mar-24 19:18:03

She's a bit too full of herself for my liking. She caused the RF a huge amount of embarrassment in the past. I don't mind her being seen at family events but wish she would keep a low profile.

zakouma66 Sun 31-Mar-24 19:20:24

Like Andy?

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 19:25:11

There’s an irony somewhere in the way SF is putting herself centre left with Andrew, no press criticism, then we look over the sea…..

Calendargirl Sun 31-Mar-24 19:31:52

But have you ever seen anything about Fergie bad mouthing her ex husband’s family Iam64?

Maybe that’s the difference.

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 19:34:16

Sarah Ferguson has not appeared in an official role, she attended a church service and the cameras flashed , same with her ex husband . She has used her past links with the royal family for her own gain.

petra Sun 31-Mar-24 19:42:47


Back on duty at Church.

She was invited to Sandringham for Xmas lunch last year

lemsip Sun 31-Mar-24 20:01:46

Sarah was with Andrew at the Memorial service for King Constantine.
Sarah, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew joined the British royal family at a thanksgiving service in Windsor for the late King Constantine II on Tuesday. feb 2024

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 20:07:22

The memorial service was not an official occasion, neither is attending a church service or having lunch with ex husband family. She certainly loves the camera though

Harris27 Sun 31-Mar-24 20:09:39

She’s always been there hid but still there!

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 20:17:21

She was found offering to provide time with Andrew in return for money
She has sold all manner of items on US tv whilst using her royal status
She brought shame on herself/her marriage in the toe sucking in icident. I remember that because my mum was shocked at the fact her children were present throughout

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 20:20:36

Agree Iam nd she used her duchess as across the sea does

GrandmaRosie Sun 31-Mar-24 20:26:00


But have you ever seen anything about Fergie bad mouthing her ex husband’s family Iam64?

Maybe that’s the difference.

Agree, I like her and it’s clear the late Queen did as well

merlotgran Sun 31-Mar-24 20:42:18

Fergie has always been a loose cannon. It’s just the way she is - over the top but harmless.

Pantglas2 Sun 31-Mar-24 20:56:11

I think she’s been a loyal ex wife to Andrew in that sh3 n3ver bad mouthed him ( no matter what their marriage woes were) and that earned her the respect of the Queen in a way that Diana never did.

Her example, of course, was her parents divorce/remarriages - compare and contrast to those of Diana’s parents, for all their nobility, which went to war!

Doodledog Mon 01-Apr-24 13:29:15

Here she is - classy eh? grin

Doodledog Mon 01-Apr-24 13:29:58

Oh no! That was meant to go on the Corrie thread grin. Sorry.

crazyH Mon 01-Apr-24 13:36:19

I like Fergie