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April Fool Stories.

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loopyloo Mon 01-Apr-24 08:13:09

So I thought can I spot one this morning?.
And lo on the Express site I find Meghan and Harry are going to rename themselves the Duke and Duchess of Hollywood.
Any others spotted?

Jaffacake2 Mon 01-Apr-24 08:30:51

Kate Moss serenading Simon Cowell in a karaoke bar in Islington to launch her new career ! Just spotted online Daily Mail

Katie59 Mon 01-Apr-24 08:34:27

I haven’t seen any on TV this morning but do remember the Spaghetti Tree of years ago.

kittylester Mon 01-Apr-24 08:59:29

There is a new character coming to East Enders. It's Honey's twin sister - Jo King.

Visgir1 Mon 01-Apr-24 09:24:13

So far on Instagram I have seen.. Ant & Dec, John Lewis, Boden, Gardener World..

Pittcity Mon 01-Apr-24 09:54:21

This is one that I'd buy 🤣

Cossy Mon 01-Apr-24 09:59:38

The Times Rishi Sunak to make homelessness a criminal offence?

Grandmadinosaur Mon 01-Apr-24 10:01:44

I received this in an e mail today.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 01-Apr-24 10:02:55

Try again 😕

Grandmadinosaur Mon 01-Apr-24 10:06:45

Oh well it was from Hotel chocolat informing me there was a cacao rain forest coming to the UK and you would be able to pick your own luxury and rare chocolates etc if only!

LucyAnna Mon 01-Apr-24 12:41:16


The Times Rishi Sunak to make homelessness a criminal offence?

I wish this was an April Fool joke……

JenniferEccles Mon 01-Apr-24 12:59:38

I’ve only just bought the Mail but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

There is usually a clue in the name of the journalist reporting a ‘story’ on the first of April, as the name is an acronym of April fool!

bmacca Mon 01-Apr-24 13:35:10

🤪 April Fool:

bmacca Mon 01-Apr-24 13:51:23

This is quite funny 😂

bmacca Mon 01-Apr-24 13:53:33


Mollygo Mon 01-Apr-24 14:00:09

Maybe the idea that you can have a criminal record for speaking the truth is an April fool?
Our gym said it was creating 5 minutes only bookings for the sauna because too many people were using it to dry off after a swim.

BigBertha1 Mon 01-Apr-24 14:52:35

John Lewis adverts showed a new wearable duvet you could wear to try the bed duvets out.

The second one was that gravy was going to be served in paper cups on the roadside at the Manchester marathon.

Grandmabatty Mon 01-Apr-24 15:01:51

I once told my Higher English class that the sqa had decided on a last minute assessment. I had arranged the seats in rows rather than my usual groups. I gave them out a paper with a series of command. The first was read the last statement which said April Fool, now fold your arms.Quite a few didn't do that and worked through question by question and couldn't understand why others were laughing. I gave them five minutes then told the truth. I knew there was no-one who would be genuinely anxious otherwise I wouldn't have done it

pascal30 Mon 01-Apr-24 15:01:55


The Times Rishi Sunak to make homelessness a criminal offence?

surely it won't get through the House of Lords.. this is the case in states of America where people can be incarcerated in prison for being homeless.. it just doesn't bear thinking about.. The sooner we get Sunak out the better

Cressida Mon 01-Apr-24 15:09:58

Last week a new mural was finished near Cleethorpes station and there were quite a few comments along the lines of 'how long before it's spoiled'.

This image appeared on Facebook this morning.

Grandma70s Mon 01-Apr-24 15:10:53


I haven’t seen any on TV this morning but do remember the Spaghetti Tree of years ago.

The Spaghetti Harvest was the best ever! It worked so well because Richard Dimbleby, who did the report, was normally a very serious authoritative broadcaster,

Mamardoit Mon 01-Apr-24 15:15:49

Saw a Pan Am Concord taking off from an aircraft carrier on Facebook.

Witzend Mon 01-Apr-24 15:18:52

I can’t help thinking that one of the puzzles in today’s Times is an April Fool - the polygon, that I do every day, where you have to make words out of given letters.

Normally it’s (scores), say 11 or 12 average, 15/16 good, 20/21 very good, 30+ excellent.

Today’s is 1, average, 2 good, 3 very good, 4 excellent.
Got to be a spoof, hasn’t it?

Pittcity Mon 01-Apr-24 16:56:32

A couple from the police....

vintage1950 Mon 01-Apr-24 17:43:29

There's an article in the i: Prince Harry to cash in on cryptoboom with own currency. 'April Loof, of the campaigning group Crypto Dominance is Something We All Oppose (Codswallop), said "This really sounds like some sort of joke." '