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Good Morning Tuesday 2nd April 2024

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Michael12 Tue 02-Apr-24 05:40:43

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry outside at the moment in brackley this morning.
Today, I will get the bus to Bicester do my usual shop, and cafe stop maybe a beer unsure see how I feel .
I want to use a cashpoint ,as last week the only bank in brackley closed and the cash pt machine was removed , so have to go elsewhere as its handy just to have some cash which seems to be a thing of the past but many older people still like to use cash .
Take Care,

karmalady Tue 02-Apr-24 06:00:19

Good morning from s somerset. Dry dull day and rain this evening

Perfect driving weather, I am going to get my mouth sutures taken out today and feel as though I am getting back to normal

Have a good day

Ashcombe Tue 02-Apr-24 06:04:49

Good morning from a damp Torbay although it’s not raining.

It should be possible to use your bank card to withdraw money from a Post Office, Mick, if you can’t easily find a cash point.

I have an appointment at the Stroke Clinic at the local hospital this morning. The heading on the letter I received calls it a Geriatric Clinic, which surprised me! Is that the next stage after elderly? I guess it’s only a name and, if they can give me some helpful advice, that’s the important thing.

I’m sure it will be a relief for you to have the sutures removed, karmalady.

I hope today is a good one for all of you, especially those in pain of any kind. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 02-Apr-24 06:10:03

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I’m still in bed and can hear the birds cheeping outside.
It is the WI coffee morning in the village coffee shop. It is usually a hoot - our ages range from the heady heights of 98 to mere youngsters in their 50s. I have a committee meeting tomorrow and have quite a lot of admin to do. I also need to do a Waitrose shop. My niece in Australia had a daughter last week so I will be posting a couple of presents. My granddaughter was here for Easter and helped me choose a golden cardigan (!) so she would stand out!
Have a good day. Did we hear from Marydoll yesterday? I hope all is ok.

grandMattie Tue 02-Apr-24 06:13:53

Good morning from Athens. The weather is perfect, not too hot not too cold.
We had a good day yesterday. Pootled about before going to a nearby ecclesia where the floor mosaic caught my eye.
Archeological museum was interesting. Saw an impressive gold mask of Agamemnon and a fantastic bronze equestrian's statue with a child rider on it. There was an amazing astrolabe type thing which no one has yet entirely figured out its use, but it is amazingly sophisticated. It has all sorts of calendars, zodiac, stars, solar eclipses, you name it.
We came home in the early afternoon for a rest. Although fully functional, Iris still finds a whole day of walking and standing very tiring.
Today, the Acropolis and all it has to offer.
I am including a photo of my fancy shower - amazing design but not terribly user friendly!
Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Greyduster Tue 02-Apr-24 06:20:04

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. I have no idea what the weather is doing - it’s still dark in South Yorkshire. Someone somewhere was having the mother and father of a storm yesterday evening. There were enormous flashes of lighting moving across the sky over to the east, but no thunder. Weird. GS is coming over this morning and staying overnight. He is helping me with a small painting job. He will do this in return for copious quantities of food. I’m trying not to think about it too hard😁! First I have to get the chiropodist out of the way.
Have the best day you can folks.

cornergran Tue 02-Apr-24 06:24:01

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset seems to be dry, good news.

Occupied myself with swapping living room curtains and cushions yesterday. I like a change! Also decided to store a rug until winter returns, it helps us feel cozy but the room looks brighter without it.

Early grocery delivery then off across the bridge, a grave to tend and our friend to visit. She’s been having a tough time and needs old friends to talk to, she doesn’t pretend all is well when it isn’t with us.

You’ll be more comfortable after the sutures are removed karmalady. Good luck at the clinic ash. An odd name for it but as long as you can be reassured and supported it matters not.

Thinking off everyone finding life hard going. Hope Tuesday is gentle with us all.

Grandmabatty Tue 02-Apr-24 06:38:32

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 6° and grey. Rain is forecast. Mick if you have a post office then you can use that to get cash out. I rarely carry much nowadays. GrandMattie the mosaic is beautiful. Ashcombe I hope the appointment goes well. Karma the same with you.
Yesterday I had the boys for the most of the day while dd and dsil got organised for their holiday.
Today is the last day of childcare for a couple of weeks as they go on holiday tomorrow. It'll depend on the weather what we do. Possibly a trip to the park. Have a good day all.

grandMattie Tue 02-Apr-24 06:39:31

Ash, I understand from a medical friend that anyone over 60 is “elderly” and strokes and suchlike in them is “geriatric”. So be it. All the best with the appointment 🫂

Grammaretto Tue 02-Apr-24 06:45:34

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I've just pulled up the blinds to thick fog.

This morning I am expecting a party of 5? who want to look at my house because their ancestors lived here at one time.
They couldn't have picked a worse day. The roofer has also promised to come to see why water is still dripping through the sitting room ceiling. 💧

I am still choked with the cold so perhaps they'll keep their visit short.

Yesterday was the filmmaker's turn. She brought a photographer to meet me and they talked for hours about where to seat the actors and which days would suit me best for filming
She loves the faded glory of this place.

Your Athens trip sounds wonderful gMattie. Those mosaics are fabulous.

Mick as Ash suggests; try the Post office. Ours has an ATM outside now since all 3 banks have gone.
I agree it's not easy for us older folk.

Good luck with your appointment Ash.
Congratulations gt aunt LLFL to all concerned. I love the idea of a golden cardigan.

Hoping everyone has a fine day. 🙂

Georgesgran Tue 02-Apr-24 07:06:37

Good morning from Durham. It’s wet outside, but not raining.
I have an outing planned for today, but it might not even get off the ground. Otherwise, I have an empty, although the recharged GTech is winking at me.
Best wishes to all. X

Pittcity Tue 02-Apr-24 07:15:47

Good morning from a grey, damp but mild Colchester. Another rain on and off day.
I have a week off so no charity shop volunteering today.
DS is off into London with his GF and is being replaced here by 7 year old DGS. His older brother has had a better offer for today than hanging around with "olds".
Nothing planned except pizza for tea. Will see what he wants to do.
Love to all 🦩 x

RosesandLilac Tue 02-Apr-24 07:25:17

Good morning, clear skies at the moment in south Glos but I suspect that it won’t last.
We had a lovely lunch at my sister in law’s yesterday, it was good to see them.
It poured down all the way home and I felt really chilly so lit the wood burner and did nothing much for the rest of the day.
Today I have a nurse appointment at the surgery for more bloods and to discuss my previous results, apparently my kidney function is causing concern so perhaps I’m gradually falling apart?!
Dog has the dog walker and a load of logs are being delivered later- thankfully they’ll stack them too.
Hope today goes well for you all 🌹

Marydoll Tue 02-Apr-24 07:31:27

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow, where it is 5°C, which makes me even more envious of your trip, GM. Enjoy!

Ash good luck with your appointment, I hope you have someone to accompany you.
I wouldn't be overly concerned about the term geriatric, when I had my first heart attack in my early sixties, I was deemed a geriatric patient.

Yesterday was spent I bed. I had not unexpected awful side effects from my second shingles vaccination. I was sure I was dying! 😉
A necessary evil for me, the consequences of catching Shingles are very serious.
Thank goodness, things are easing.

Enjoy your day, folks.

brook2704 Tue 02-Apr-24 07:42:18

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a grey and damp start to the day
So pleased you’re having a good time gMattie Athens sounds very interesting
Hoping today’s appointment goes well Ash take care
We’ve got DGS here, there’s no rush to school this morning but he’s up already asking to borrow my iPad. I was going to try to get him out for a walk later but the weather is miserable and at 10yrs old a walk with me doesn’t have the appeal it used to!
Marydoll hoping the side effects wear off quickly and you feel a bit better
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannySomerset Tue 02-Apr-24 07:56:13

Yesterday alternated bright sunshine with heavy showers but this morning looks grey and still. No rain would be a treat but the forecast suggests otherwise. We fitted in a little walk between showers and enjoyed a domestic day, the highlight being DGD checking my car tyres for me. They are off home shortly so I need to get up if only to check that they haven’t left anything behind for me to post back to them. It has been a joy to have them here but I won’t be sorry to have nothing planned for a day or two while I recover.

Sorry Marydoll is paying such a high price for her shingles jab and hope improvement is obvious soon and that the various trips and travels go to plan.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Apr-24 07:57:35

We are back home after our Easter break, I have bruises after throwing myself down the rapids with the AC and 6GC (we have been to Centre Parcs)

It was so good to have the family together.

We are on Granny duties today, the 9 yr old and old and The Imp, the weather is unpredictable so not sure what we will do.

Hope your appointment goes well Ashcombe enjoy Rome grandMattie hope all the poorly folks begin to feel
better 🙋‍♀️

Taichinan Tue 02-Apr-24 07:58:11

Good morning all. Rain is falling
- heavily - on the Angus coast, has been doing so since yesterday afternoon and will continue to do so for the next 7-10 days. Oh joy! Thank goodness we had such a glorious Easter Day to remember!
Had a lovely time with the girls yesterday. It's always so lovely to see them.
Karma good luck with the suture removal, and you too Ash at the geriatric clinic. I haven't heard that term used for years.
Glad you're enjoying your break grandmattie. That shower cubicle certainly is of the 21st century!
I'm off to tai chi soon, followed by a quick top-up shop before I race back home again to curl up in the warmth. Did I sleep in and miss summer?
Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you do 💨💦🌞

Susan56 Tue 02-Apr-24 08:00:53

Good morning from Shropshire.A dry day forecast.

A quiet day today hopefully as tomorrow the children arrive until Saturday😳

Hope the side effects wear off soon and that the appointments go well Ash and karma.

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

Mizuna Tue 02-Apr-24 08:03:07

Good morning from a damp and busy-sounding Cornwall, where the street cleaner is doing his best with a blowing machine. I sat up very late last night reading an old John Wyndham book, so have slept in.

An amazing lunch at my friend's yesterday and her husband advised me on the best reciprocating electric saw to buy. What a lovely name for a tool! 😁 In an hour I'll get a bus to another town for my respiratory appointment; the bus stop is literally outside the hospital so that's handy. While I'm over there I'll pop into a charity shop that sells piano music and see what I can find.

Sar53 Tue 02-Apr-24 08:08:18

Good morning from the Essex coast where it has just started to rain 🌧.
We arrived home yesterday after our weekend in Winchelsea and stopped on the way to meet DH's daughter's new puppy, a French Bulldog. A little cutie.
DH has to take the car in for some work on the bodywork this morning and find his way home by bus.
Have a peaceful day everyone xx

NannyJan53 Tue 02-Apr-24 08:11:48

Good morning from a dull and grey Black Country.

Meeting up with my friend this morning, for a walk and chat. Then stop off for lunch somewhere in town on the way back. MrJ is on a bike ride with his club.

Hope you are feeling much better now Marydoll. I need to ring my surgery to arrange my 2nd shingles jab which is due middle of April.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

luluaugust Tue 02-Apr-24 08:16:41

Good morning from a cloudy W Kent.
DF coming this morning for coffee but otherwise a clear day
Best wishes to all attending at the hospital or Drs. Hope you feel better soon Marydoll
Enjoy Athens gM
All the best

GrannyIvy Tue 02-Apr-24 08:20:04

Good morning from a dry grey Cambridgeshire. DH is going on on his bike and lunch with an old friend. I plan to meet my sister at the local garden centre for a browse and coffee. I feel a bit in limbo land at mo various bits and pieces rumbling on.

Sending good wishes to all those out there struggling, hope it is a good day 💐

RosiesMaw Tue 02-Apr-24 08:22:04

Good morning all on a lovely Spring morning in N Bucks - but true to April’s reputation the clouds seem to be gathering.
I dipped my toe into wakefulness as it were around 5 but decided that as it was still dark Nature intended me to go back to sleep!
A better night, knowing that my “chicks” were safe- D1 had had a puncture on the M5 on their way home yesterday (fortunately not a blowout) and D2 , SIL and GS were flying to Athens for a week before going on to the Greek islands and I worried about their early morning journey across London to Gatwick. We Mums never stop worrying do we?
Please say Hello if you see them Grandmattie !
Today is D3’s FIL’s 80th birthday so I will see that little family this afternoon when I am invited over to the in-laws for fizz and a slice of cake.
Everybody is saying “Wow, is X really 80? That’s fantastic! “ and I’m thinking “That’s not much older than 76- my age since 2 weeks ago” hmm
Wishing you all a pleasant day and respite from anything that may be causing you pain or distress.