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Good morning Monday

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harrigran Mon 14-Jun-21 06:32:37

Is everyone having a lie in ?

Dwmxwg Mon 14-Jun-21 06:34:07

Thank you harrigran my fingers have been hovering to start this, even had to look up how to do 😂

Alizarin Mon 14-Jun-21 06:34:07

Ha ha, was just thinking the same! A bright, sunny good morning from south Cornwall, where the plane tree and town centre bunting outside my window are dancing in the breeze. I have three pavement cafes nearby, one literally next door, so I aim to walk out today with my crutches to one of those. A week since my hip replacement and just think one day soon I shall be talking about something other than hips, yippee, and be able to get back to my allotment. Can't wait. Have the best day you can everyone.

harrigran Mon 14-Jun-21 06:37:53

Okay so I have been awake since 5am and have read quite a lot of my book.
The sky was very dark, someone was getting a storm by the looks of it. Dry here and quite mild.
DH has a blood test at the hospital at 9am so I better get the kettle on for our cup of tea.
Have a good day everyone.

Grandmabatty Mon 14-Jun-21 06:38:11

Good morning all. Polmont has blue skies at the moment but there's lots of standing water so we must have had rain recently. I'm babysitting today so will need to stir my stumps soon. Thanks for opening Harrigran. Have a good day all.

Urmstongran Mon 14-Jun-21 06:39:53

No, harrigran I’ve been up ages! Rubbish night’s sleep and I now feel like a space cadet. Thank you for opening up!

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It was a very warm night. The first train into Liverpool Lime street has arrived. Some poor chap in a suit, pink shirt and tie has been waiting in the platform for over 45 minutes. I bet he’s glad to be finally on his way!

The smalls go back to school today. Half term is over. Their mummy goes back to work too today (different school). She works full time I don’t know how she has the energy and headspace full time in a professional job with two young children. She doesn’t take after me that’s for sure.

We are meeting friends in a pub this afternoon. It will be lovely to see them but I stepped on the scales earlier and horrified myself. I should be on bread and water.

Have a good Monday if you can. x

grandMattie Mon 14-Jun-21 06:44:37

Good morning from a hot, bright E Kent.
Thanks harrigran. Been up since 0530, but since I was 1 minute too late opening yesterday, and duplicated greetings, I decided not to try!
The temps yesterday were perfect; 20deg Max. Today, I shall hate it at 26+.
Just cleaning today. I hate cleaning. Taking friend from nursing game out to tea this afternoon, taking DS1 with me. She prefers DS2 but she can’t choose, can she?
Have the best day. 🦩🦩🦩💐☀️😊

Ashcombe Mon 14-Jun-21 06:45:36

Good morning, everyone from a bright and sunny mid Devon.

My visit to my holiday home was going well with an easy journey here on Saturday, after which my friend and I drove to Tavistock and then back across Dartmoor. A perfect start to our short break …..

At 5.30 a.m. on Sunday morning, my friend awoke with severe neck pain which turned into crushing chest pain with shivers. I couldn’t rouse the Site Manager to enquire about A & E nor speak to anyone on 111. The poor WiFi and 4G meant online 111 wasn’t feasible either.

As my friend isn’t one to make a fuss, I was extremely worried so I rang 999. By now, a few folk were around so I hailed a passing dog walker to await the arrival of the ambulance at the site entrance. Before long another chap, a qualified nurse, turned up along with the Site Manager who brought a defibrillator.

Eventually, the ambulance arrived with two superb paramedics who soon established that it wasn’t a heart problem although apparently, she has mild atrial fibrillation. Nevertheless, it was decided that she needed to be checked in hospital, which would normally have been Exeter, but this crew had come from Torbay, luckily!

So, a day of tests resulted in my friend being told that stopping her daily dose of Omeprazole, prescribed 18 months ago, wasn’t a good idea without GP advice. She had developed a rash which she had mistakenly attributed to the drug! Sigh!

Needless to say, I slept like a log last night and am staying for an extra night as the weather is glorious. I couldn’t get online yesterday to share this sorry tale.

Have a good week, everyone! 🥰

Dwmxwg Mon 14-Jun-21 06:45:49

Another sunny day here in north Surrey. Was so hot yesterday but the paddling pool helped, it was like a warm bath by end of the day and useful to water all the pots. Will fill this morning to sit in when I get home.
Fairly lazy day yesterday, dog walk, some mending, laundry and watched the footie. DH cooked dinner on the BBQ
Today I have another shopping list for mum of the things she forgot to ask for on Friday. Will visit mum and dad with DD and then pop to Staines on the way home so she can exchange a birthday present. As our local shopping centre it is fast becoming depleted of shops, Debenhams,Monsoon and M&S all gone in the past year, very sad.
Posting picture of Freddie hiding in the long grass yesterday to cool off. Spot him is you can.
Wishing all a good Monday. 💐 for those who need them and for our missing posters

Alizarin Mon 14-Jun-21 06:48:52

Ooh Ashcombe! What a to-do! So glad the outcome was good. Enjoy your extra day.

Dwmxwg Mon 14-Jun-21 06:51:37

Gosh Ash, you poor friend (and you), quite a frightening experience. Glad all seems to have sorted itself out and you are able to lengthen your stay in you holiday home.

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Jun-21 06:52:15

Good morning all from a very sunny S Hants, keep going Alizarin you’re doing brilliantly.
I’ve got bloods too, 9am at the local surgery, remembered my urine sample first thing. And blew my nose gently yuk, TMI methinks.
Volunteering day today, expecting two deliveries and the Scotland game to watch, busy day.
Enjoy your day the best you all can 🌞

Urmstongran Mon 14-Jun-21 06:52:18

Oh Ashcombe you could have done without that drama on your weekend away! It must have been very stressful deciding to ring 999 too. Better safe than sorry and I’m glad your friend is alright.

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Jun-21 06:55:51

Crumbs Ash scary, you must’ve been exhausted.

Beechnut Mon 14-Jun-21 06:59:49

Thanks for opening harrigran. I can just see him Dwm
Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it’s sunny and warm.

Apart from feed myself I did nothing yesterday. Today I’m going to pick up my prescription, put fuel in the car and may take myself off somewhere as I won’t be going anywhere until Friday.

Have a good day all and keep hydrated 🫖☕️🌺

Gelisajams Mon 14-Jun-21 07:06:52

Good morning from a delightful farm campsite just outside Melton Mowbray where the sun has been streaming in through the windows despite the curtains, for some time.
We arrived at lunchtime yesterday and got an lovely meal at the farm cafe, the having reserved our pitch we drove to Barnstable Gardens. What a delight for me! Poor DH walked patiently round in searing heat while I oood and aaard! It was just so much bigger than I expected and comprised lots of garden rooms which Geoff Hamilton used to illustrate different things but all just led one to another.
Glad your friend is ok Ash what a scare!
On to the Norfolk Coast today.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸🦩🌸

Sar53 Mon 14-Jun-21 07:09:21

Good morning from another glorious day in Leamington, my last one, home tomorrow.
Yesterday DGD1 had her BTUK Dance Academy which meant her and SIL were gone for about 4 hours. Later after the football we had a BBQ, all very tasty.
Today DD1 and I are going to a garden centre which will, of course, involve coffee and cake. Will walk to school later and collect DGD'S 2 and 3.
I'm glad your friend is ok Ash, enjoy your extra day.
Have a lovely, hot and sunny Monday everyone xx

brook2704 Mon 14-Jun-21 07:19:35

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry with light grey clouds, we had rain overnight which freshened everything up and did the garden good
Thanks for opening up harri
Oh my goodness Ash what a shock and a worry, I’m so pleased your friend is ok now, such a relief
Today I’m back to the gym for an Aquafit class and then looking forward to meeting my friend for lunch afterwards. We’ll probably have a browse around the garden centre too. Yesterday DH and I had a good day walking in the hills and around lochs near Glenmore, it was really lovely
Sounds like a good day yesterday at the gardens Gelisa and safe travels to Norfolk today!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today, look for that random flamingo and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Mon 14-Jun-21 07:23:54

Morning All. A bright, sunny start to our corner of Somerset.

Little done yesterday other than sit in the garden and watch laundry dry very quickly. Off to the beach as early as we can make it. There’s a breeze this morning, feels much fresher and generally more comfortable. May get my first paddle of the year smile.

Goodness, ashcombe, what a stressful start to the day for you both. Delighted your friend is OK. enjoy Norfolk gelisajams , I’m quite envious. Another here recoiling from the scales urms, I’ve been trying to shed some weight, somehow it seems the opposite has happened. Don’t do too much in the heat grandmattie, 26 degrees is a day for sitting in the shade with a cold drink.

Have as good a day as you can everyone, hope Monday is kind to us all.

Nannytopsy Mon 14-Jun-21 07:37:39

Good morning Harrigran and the rest of the gang. Another cloudless day in Suffolk with a breeze moving the trees.
I have acupuncture this morning and gardening later when it’s cooler.
I have just st woken from a dream where DD had arranged a short break away for us as a surprise. Lovely! But she had let our house on Airbnb so I was racing around cleaning, making beds, sorting out the cat etc etc. I was exhausted by the time I woke up 😂
Alizarin you are doing well! Enjoy your outing. Ash what a drama - you will have needed to stay on and get over it.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 14-Jun-21 07:38:56

Good morning all from bright Harrogate
Thanks for opening Harrigran hope your DHs appointment goes well
What palaver Ashcombe but glad your friend is OK. You need the extra day to get over it.
Today I chat to my school friend who is in Alloway. This afternoon we have to pick up DGD from school so DD can do some work. She will be like a whirlwind in the house! Tomorrow I’ll be in recovery! She talks non stop while getting every toy, book and jigsaw out.
Have a good day, folks. May the sun shine on you!

ginny Mon 14-Jun-21 07:44:59

Good Morning.
Bright and warm outside with a little breeze. Washing on so will be hanging it out soon.
Ash glad your friend is ok. Not a pleasant experience.
Not much planned today. Take the caravan back after out lovely weekend away. A few jobs in side and a bit of garden tidying.
Hope all have a good day with a smile along the way.

amselerin Mon 14-Jun-21 07:55:41

Good morning all from very warm (heat wave promised) Lueneburg. Oh Ash what a fright. Good that you managed to organize help. Alizarin I am surprised that you are home already. Keep up the exercises. I had a little excitement on Saturday. I took my dog for a walk in the forest, when I were dropped the lead. Like a flash Waldi raced of with the lead hoping and boping behind her. The ears were flapping behind her. Without looking back she continued. I followed (as fast as I could ) shouting. She disappeared. Anyway I drove home, phoned the police and the animal home thinking: I am too old for this excitement. Somebody luckily picked up the lead and I collected her from the animal home. And there was I thinking she was too old to run like that.
Yesterday relaxing day having a meal with friends - ate too much but had a lovely time. brook Loch Glenmore has gone on my list of places to visit - lovely.
Keep well all - hope the Liverpool train is punctual.

Scentia Mon 14-Jun-21 07:56:22

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is sunny and warm already.
Bluebelle. I can’t seem to send pictures by PM so here are the seeds you so very kindly sent me and they are doing so well, I am looking forward to all the bees and butterflies in a few months.
Work today and then off to deliver all the clothes I bought DFiL from M&S on Sunday. I have got him a few summer things in the hope I can encourage him outside. He is certainly going downhill lately and it is hard to get him to do anything as he will become aggressive to the care staff if they try to make him get up and eat anything other than cornflakes!
Hope you are all ok and enjoying our summer.

Marydoll Mon 14-Jun-21 08:01:02

Good morning Harri and all from a wet Pitlochry, where the 7am Tesco freight train has just passed --I have spent much of my weekend train spotting, Urms.--😁

Sorry about not opening the thread, but I had two reasons; my eyes are so dry, I can hardly see and I felt it might look as if I was a bossy boots and taking over the thread.Everyone is equal here!!
Until Mick returns, why don't we agree that whoever is on after 6.05am (Mick's usual time) should open up? I
contacted HQ, asking them to pass on to their techies, what I'm sure is the problem. I received a reply, reminding me that they cannot discuss individual posters, which of course I knew!
All I will say is that the problem is at Mick"s end and HQ have confirmed that. He has access to the internet and can read the posts, if you wish to post a message.

We are off home today, after having a lovely time. Short breaks near home suit me nowadays, as I'm worry about unplanned hospital admissions due to my unpredictable health.

The promised scorcher yesterday, not surprisingly, did not materialise, but it was very pleasant.
Yesterday morning we had a very pleasant walk by the river. The only problem was that I had to cross a suspension bridge, of which I have a morbid fear. ( It may be something to do with witches 🧙‍♀️🧹unable to cross water 😉🤣)
This bridge is notorious for vibrating , which it did. Both DD and I were terrified and froze half way across, much to the amusement of DH, SIL and the socially distanced walkers, waiting to cross! 😱

I managed to reign myself in, shopping wise. However, I managed to bag some brand new bargains in a charity shop. Dollie gets the Beano delivered every week and I saw an eco friendly tumbler, made from rice husks, with all the characters printed on it and a Dennis the Menace glass for DH to use when she eventually comes to us.
I also bought two sets of beads, made from boiled wool at a rock bottom price. When I commented that they they would normally be found in a fancy gift shop at an extortionate price, the volunteer informed me that the items had been donated by a lady, whose gift shop had closed down. 😒

I'm quite anxious about the two hour drive home, as we will need to follow DD and SIL home, due to the problem with their car. It put a damper on their honeymoon on Orkney.
The AA man who came out on Orkney, said the car was so knew, he had no idea how to check it!
Once home, Hyundai assistance will collect it and they should get a courtesy car. 🤞

I will love and leave you all. Thinking of all who are finding life hard just now, emotionally and physically.
Happy Monday!

I will be back later with photos. I can hard,you see and asked DH to help. He lost my post twice and is hassling me to hurry up! Does he not realise the importance of GN! 😉