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Good Morning Thursday

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Michael12 Thu 24-Jun-21 06:07:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey cloud above Brackley this morning, but its dry , hopefully sunshine later.
Today for myself, I have a chiropodist, this morning who visits me , then I will continue to do housework , and then get the bus to Bicester for my usual hour there .
later this afternoon I will watch the Tour De France team presentation, which will be based in Brest Region for the Grand Depart
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 24-Jun-21 06:17:34

Good morning from a bright sunny E Kent. What a change from the dreary weather we have had recently!
Brest always reminds me of Capt. Haddock in the Tintin books, Mick. His favourite swear word in French was “tonnerre de Brest” - meaning thunder in Brest…
Having an unexpectedly busy day today. Brief visit to a friend first thing, taking a nut-free Bakewell tart to a neighbour.
Accompanying DS1 to Canterbury where we shall have lunch. We’ll be joined by DGS for lunch.
In the afternoon, I’ve got a zoom class from WI on patchwork.
Attached are pictures of the front garden. What a difference a month makes, when it was a bit of a disaster zone after the radical clear out.
Hope today is kind to all GraMmingos. 🦩🦩🦩🦩😊☀️🌷

Alizarin Thu 24-Jun-21 06:17:51

Good morning Mick and all from an overcast south Cornwall. I'll spend today sorting my art room. My daughter-in-law and I are going to experiment with lino cuts so I need to make table space for that. Have the best day you can everyone.

Beechnut Thu 24-Jun-21 06:23:23

Good Morning everyone from a dry and cloudy Severnside.

It will be bathroom cleaning, lawn mowing and weed pulling for me today. I think that will be enough to keep me out of trouble.

Hope you all have a good day and it’s lovely to see your photos and read your news 💐🌞

Gingster Thu 24-Jun-21 06:34:34

Good morning all and it’s an early one for me. I slept well until about 5 , and by 6 thought I might as well get up. Little pooch had the same thought.

It’s bright and very still here in Essex. Not a breath of a breeze.

Busy day for me too, grandMattie. Walk pooch, bowls club, afternoon tea with DB and his wife. This evening, cake and fizz with DS1 and family. It’s Gd 3’s 12th birthday.
Your garden is looking great gM 👍
Alizirin I haven’t done Lino cuts since school. Let us know how it goes. I’m always ready to try new things. 😉

I hope you all have an enjoyable day, whatever it brings. 🌈

Ashcombe Thu 24-Jun-21 06:48:58

Good morning, one and all, from a cloudy Torbay.

Your garden is really taking shape, grandMattie! Gardens are looking splendid locally now with roses in profusion and delightful colour everywhere.

Yesterday, our theatre company social club (imaginatively named The Wednesday Club!) actually met! We gathered in the grounds of The Little Theatre with our garden chairs and sat suitably distanced. A most enjoyable time was had, exchanging news of our recent escapades!! Apart from Zoom sessions, most of us haven’t seen each other since October last year.

A newly enrolled member of Toads joined us and commented on what a good sense of humour each person has. Despite suffering from various age related infirmities, everyone remains positive and we all enjoy taking the floor to entertain with our latest news.

Wishing you all sunnier skies than Alizarin and I have in the SW! ☀️🌤👍

baubles Thu 24-Jun-21 06:51:52

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s rather grey and dull.

Your garden is looking terrific gM.

I was quite the domestic goddess yesterday, ironing, baking, cooking, cleaning, dog walking and crochet in the evening. Don’t know what came over me. Today is childminding day so I’ll take a little picnic and we’ll go to the beach or the park depending on the weather.

DH is plagued by hay fever but antihistamines wipe him out so he just has to suffer. (Not in silence though!)

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sar53 Thu 24-Jun-21 06:56:07

Good morning from a sunny Essex by the sea.
DH is going on the train to London today. He has a meeting at 10.30 and is then having lunch, and drinks, with a few old work colleagues.
I will be taking some paperwork to a friend that I do a small job for and then going to the supermarket.
This afternoon I will probably have a walk down to the beach, I may even take my book.
Your garden looks lovely GM 🌻🌿.
Enjoy your day everyone 💐🌞🦩 xx

Jaxjacky Thu 24-Jun-21 06:58:32

Good morning Mick and all from a high cloud, dry, S Hants. What is this magic garden with no weeds grandMattie, you put me to shame.
I’m on bathroom cleaning, upstairs hoovering and book club zoom where I’ll confess I haven’t read the Tattooist of Auschwitz. I tried, twice at least, just couldn’t get into it.
I’m less itchy this morning after applying the Daktarin cream yesterday to my face. Slightly disconcerting is the packaging ‘for Athletes foot, Dhobie itch and Infected sweat rash’. Dhobie itch is also known as Jock itch…I’ll leave that one with you!!
Have a lovely day everyone, may your troubles or illness be improved from yesterday x

Dwmxwg Thu 24-Jun-21 07:09:53

Good morning from a sunny start to the day in north Surrey.

Yesterday didn’t go quite to plan. Had an SOS call from sister to say mum had phoned her to say dad had not come back from his walk. We are the nearest so drove over there. By then he had been gone 3 1/2 hours, he is 92. Poor mum was crying and distraught.
DH went off in the car to start looking whilst I got on the phone to the police. Eventually got through on the 101 number as was talking through all to the responder when we saw dad staggering (literally) up the road. Ran out to help him, he had clearly fallen at some time as was covered in leaves and had mud smears up his trousers and was carrying 2 tree sticks. Managed to help him into the garden and got him sat on a bench, didn’t seem to understand what all the fuss was about, and couldn’t say where he had been. Poor mum was in shock, shivering, managed to get DH back and got them both a cup of tea.
Then the police arrived. They were lovely, as it had been reported needed to do their paperwork (computer). Poor dad was bemused but had a bit of spark when asked would he have stopped anywhere to visit friends he said they were all dead! The police officer did say if it were to happen again (heaven forbid), to call 999.
Lots of cups of tea and a good sleep dad seemed back to himself (I think he must of been exhausted) and told us where he had walked, I estimate a good 4 miles, said his knee had given way when he fell. I think he probably took a long time to get himself up too. We got a urine specimen to the surgery and he is booked in for blood test and BP check next Monday.

What a day, DH came back to collect me at 8 whilst sister arrived to take over and stay the night as support mostly for mum.

Today the boys are here so school run and am looking after DGD2 for couple of hours so her mummy can go to physio appointment. I will then go back to mum and dads for a while. Thankfully 3rd sister is back from her holiday today as I have work booked in for the weekend.

I don’t need any dramas today, a nice quiet one for me please. Not that I needed it but a reality check on what is important in life.

Needless to say I did not get to read yesterday’s thread, I do hope all is well in Flamingoland. Peace to all

Gelisajams Thu 24-Jun-21 07:16:31

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where it’s still damp after yesterday’s rain. Not that I was here as I spent the day scrubbing floors at DS2’s house! Today I’m going to attend to things car related. New tyres and a windscreen wiper blade is in order. Then we will venture into town to a main Post Office to see if we can renew DH’s driving licence. He can’t do it online as he has no passport.
Exercise first it’s weights day today. DS2 will join us via FaceTime.
If there’s any day left I will venture into the garden.
Wishing all with problems the best day possible. There is someone who needs a special mention - I made a mental note when I caught up last night but I can’t remember who it was!
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

cornergran Thu 24-Jun-21 07:21:52

Morning Mick, morning All. Cloud over our corner of Somerset, it’s dry although the Met office says it’s raining hmm.

Returned victorious yesterday with our half price wall water feature. I like it, Mr C said ‘it’s OK’. Oh well, as long as I like it smile. Your garden is lovely grandMattie, you must be pleased. I was sorry to read yesterday that we won’t hear from Cherry, sending good wishes. Pleased the itching is subsiding jax, no matter what it says on the packaging.

Our youngest is six today, how did that happen? General catch up for me this morning, may venture out this afternoon, see how we feel.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

cornergran Thu 24-Jun-21 07:24:08

What a scare yesterday dwmxwg, pleased and relieved your Dad found his way home.

Alygran Thu 24-Jun-21 07:27:36

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s cloudy and we had a little bit of rain overnight.
A friend is coming today. We are booked into the arboretum for a walk and the village pub for lunch. Some ironing to do first.
Wishing you all a good day. Stay safe.

brook2704 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:29:34

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a sunny and bright start to the day
Oh my goodness dwm what a traumatic event for you all yesterday, your poor dad! Thank goodness he’s ok and I hope your mum is too. What a relief all round
Lovely garden photos GM and enjoy your lunch in Canterbury
I’m back home now from my trip to DD1, the journey home was fine and Luton airport very quiet - strange feeling really! I slept really well in my own bed last night. I’m doing a bit of housework this morning and then going to one of the local garden centres to meet a friend for coffee and a chat later
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

harrigran Thu 24-Jun-21 07:29:51

Good morning from a mild but overcast NE.
Disturbed night, the police helicopter was flying low over our estate. Round and round he went for ages with the searchlight sweeping over us. I got up and looked out of the window and I could see lights going on in houses up and down the street. I do hope they caught the criminal they were after.
Yesterday was a day without housework to try and let DH rest, he still has a raised temperature and I was taking it at intervals and logging his pulse which was very rapid. Hoping the antibiotics will start to help soon.
I went to tend my plants at dusk last night and it was so quiet in the garden not a breath of wind, after I finished the watering I just stood and enjoyed the fresh air.
Enjoy today whatever your plans are.

monk08 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:32:53

Good morning all from an overcast Black country.
Gosh Dwmxwg what a fright you had so glad things turned out ok and hes back home with mom.
Nothing much planned today the dust looks inviting so I may introduce it to the duster😀
Take care all enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

NannyJan53 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:36:58

Good morning from a very rainy Black Country. What a contrast to yesterday when it was hot and sunny all day!

Had a lovely afternoon tea yesterday with Mum, DS and DIL. We were there over two hours eating and chatting (it was quite a spread). They offered to give us a box to take the leftovers home. Then DS and DIL came back to Mums where we chatted until well after 5pm. A very good day indeed.

What a scare you all had dwmxwg so pleased it had a happy ending. I your Dad is ok, and your Mum too.

Housework today and ironing of all our holiday clothes.

Thinking of all our missing friends and hoping gilly is ok. Also not seen EV for a while? I hope all is well with her

Wishing you all a good day

NannyJan53 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:39:02

Nothing much planned today the dust looks inviting so I may introduce it to the duster

Love it monk grin

dragonfly46 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:41:50

Good morning from an overcast Leicestershire.
Shame we haven’t got yesterday’s sun as we are meeting friends at a garden centre for coffee under the trees then NWR this afternoon in a friends garden.

Your garden is lovely GrandMattie.
What a shock for you Dwmxwg. I remember when I was on call day and night for my parents. I have no siblings so at times the stress was unbearable.
Harrigan it looks as if your BiL’s ruse worked. The plants are getting you out of the house. Hope your DH feels better soon.

dragonfly46 Thu 24-Jun-21 07:45:01

Harrigran so sorry - one day I will get your name right.

Scentia Thu 24-Jun-21 07:46:10

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is rather grey overhead.
Work today and then I will do a bit of weed pulling later. I must try and secure the rental of a rug doctor today to clean my carpets and upholstery, I keep forgetting!
Take care my friends.

Marydoll Thu 24-Jun-21 07:46:26

Good morning all from Glasgow where it’s only 12C, I'm finding it quite chilly!

A busy day today for me. I’m physically going to the hairdresser’s for the first time in eighteen months. The lovely owner has kindly given me an appointment at the end of the day, so that the salon will be empty.

Tomorrow, I am travelling to Edinburgh with DH, DD and SIL for an evening tour over the Forth Rail Bridge on the Flying Scotsman. I’m quite apprehensive about going on public transport for the first time in eighteen months , but also excited. I love steam trains and have done a few trips on this lovely train, both in Scotland and England.

It has all been a bit stressful the last few days, between being anxious about the cellulitis, a rail strike on Sunday, the day we return and losing my bus pass, which I need for the Megabus I have booked, as a replacement for the train. DH forgot to mention we couldn't return home by train on Sunday. Guess who had to sort it out? Why is nothing ever simple?
It's a good thing problem solving is a particular skill of mine. I do love a challenge! wink

We had a joyful visit from Dollie yesterday. I got totally muddled and wondered why she was so late coming, thinking schools stopped yesterday, it’s actually Friday.
It was lovely to see her, but, by the time she left, DH was exhausted! It appears that all of the teachers in the school know her and who her gran is. blush I am unsure if this a good thing or not! grin
My craft room was searched for items to make, for when she has a proper visit. (her words) DH spent ages, putting all my stash of beads back into the correct drawers. Just like her old gran, she loves a bit of bling!! 💎

Then we had to go to the pharmacy in rush hour for my cellulitis prescription, which hadn't been ready earlier, followed by a detour to DS2 with DH's repaired motherboard.
The doctor decided to hold off with the stronger antiobiotics, because that would mean stopping my RA injections and it looks as if my quick action will stop it spreading. I will continue with the lifetime milder antibiotics, which I take three times a week, unless it gets worse.
Jax, I could give you some of my ointment for your itch! I can empathise, it's driving me crazy!!
I bet you my GP's heart sinks when he sees my name on the list! 🤣

Dwmxw, what an awful experience for you. A similar thing happened with my father many, many years ago, before mobile phones etc.. He went out for a walk and never came back, so we were frantic.
Then phone rang and a voice said, This is Sister x from the RA hospital, we have Mr Y here, he has fallen and broken his collar bone. The Police found him lying in the road! ! 😱
You must all be exhausted and shaken today, I hope you manage to get a rest and your dad is OK. flowers

Corner, I'm glad you managed to get your fountain. We have a few, but DH has lost the rechargeable battery for a very expensive one. It is somewhere in the depths of our garge (has been for two years). I suspect it will never be found!

I will be very interested to hear how the lino cutting goes, Alizarin. I too remember doing it at school and I want to get back into my crafting.
By the way, the fruit trees are coming on a treat, those twigs are flourishing! . I have been forced to eat my words, Doubting Thomas, that I am! wink.

Wishing you all, the best day you can have and of course, special hugs for all who have pain or sorrow in their lives. 💐

Grandmadinosaur Thu 24-Jun-21 07:47:01

Good Morning. An overcast start here so far.
Yesterday I had a lovely day I’d booked a slot at our local art gallery which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I treated myself to a lovely lunch at a nice place in town. Just a cafe but the food is so good. I had seafood and it was so tasty. I got chatting to a family at the next table and also a lady I know from my ex gym days also came in and caught up with her.
Today we have DGS for the day . I’m not sure what lies ahead but plenty of options. He goes to school in Sept so we are trying to fit in all the places we like to go out of school times when they are quieter. Mum and dad are also catching up with things after restrictions easing so it feels like time is running away with us!
I’m loving all the garden photos and am very envious of them. I didn’t inherit the gardening genes in my family sadly.
Have a good day everyone.

Grammaretto Thu 24-Jun-21 08:09:33

Good Morning from an overcast Scottish Borders. We had a little rain yesterday.
I hope it's nice for crossing the Forth today Marydoll and you can see across to Fife.
What a frightening time for you all Dwmxwg but what a fit dad you have!
I do wish calling the police was easier too. I have been told to just phone 999 by the police before too. Sometimes you've to wait an hour to get through on 101.
Bring back the bobby on the beat.... wink

I have lots to do today so had better get started.
Your front garden looks a treat GrandMattie

Hoping it's a nice day for everyone.