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Harry’s ‘pop’ at Charles

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Bluebellwould Mon 06-Dec-21 11:46:10

Harry has apparently had another pop at his dad this time regarding the payment for honours debacle. Harry seems to keep on attacking Charles and I wondered if there might be a particular reason for this. In all of the multitudinous reports on their estrangement I haven’t seen anyone wondering if H is doing this because he believes/knows Charles is not his dad. I am not suggesting that is true but it may be his ‘truth’ as others have put it. Perhaps it would go some way to explain his seeming lack of belonging. Just musing on a grey day, please feel free to wade in or not as the case maybe.

Alegrias1 Mon 06-Dec-21 11:47:07

Oh, this is a new one...

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 06-Dec-21 11:51:06

Shouldn’t he be grateful then?

He could have been removed from the line of succession and stripped of all his titles and free cash.

maddyone Mon 06-Dec-21 12:00:59

I just wish he’d be quiet, I’ve heard enough from him.

Calistemon Mon 06-Dec-21 12:03:57


Shouldn’t he be grateful then?

He could have been removed from the line of succession and stripped of all his titles and free cash.


He doesn't have an *Off Switch, maddyone!

maddyone Mon 06-Dec-21 12:04:38


Namsnanny Mon 06-Dec-21 12:05:40

Sarky remarks aside.
I would use Urquhart's phrase to express my feelings...
'You might think that, but I couldnt possibly comment'?

Namsnanny Mon 06-Dec-21 12:11:58

I must say I avoid reading about them both. Until a thread pops up here then I feel I should update myself of the situation. Why?
I agree with maddyone

Josianne Mon 06-Dec-21 12:14:25

I'm guessing this is to whet the appetite for his book coming out after The Queen's passing.

Boz Mon 06-Dec-21 12:17:07

If you look closely, H has the same hands as Charles. On certain occasions, he has the same unhappy look. But rumours can cause a doubt which is mentally corrosive.

threexnanny Mon 06-Dec-21 12:24:16

He looks like a young Henry VIII

Anniebach Mon 06-Dec-21 12:26:18

He didn’t return the £50,000 he received for his charity .

Megan said someone in the family spoke of the skin colour of
the baby.

New book out by an American , Charles asked the question and
the author even knew ! Camilla’s reply.

Harry is gunning for his father.

Smileless2012 Mon 06-Dec-21 12:29:18

There's a photo of the D of E as a young man I remember seeing when he died and H is the spitting image of him.

IMO H's a nasty piece of work who should leave his family alone, just as they do him.

25Avalon Mon 06-Dec-21 12:35:07


He looks like a young Henry VIII

I’ve been thinking that for sometime

MerylStreep Mon 06-Dec-21 12:36:36

Perhaps you could muse on these photos instead of unfounded twaddle.

Sparklefizz Mon 06-Dec-21 12:38:47

It's only his red hair that makes people doubt his parentage, thinking of James Hewitt, but firstly Hewitt didn't come on the scene until Harry was about 2 years old, and secondly, has no one noticed that 2 of Diana's sisters have red hair? Harry as a child was the spitting image of one of Diana's sister's sons, even down to the shape of his nose.

Sparklefizz Mon 06-Dec-21 12:39:48

MerylStreep My goodness! Yesssss!

MerylStreep Mon 06-Dec-21 12:40:52

There is no genetic link from Henry V111 to our queen.

Grany Mon 06-Dec-21 12:42:08

Recently Prince Charles was also embroiled in cash for access allegations, while he and his family remain protected by layers of official secrecy.

"There needs to be complete transparency for royal lobbying and royal finances, because at the moment we have no idea what influence Andrew, Charles or William are having on governments and on whose behalf."

"Royals have unique access to the highest levels of government here and abroad, as well as complete secrecy surrounding what they do and say behind closed doors."

"There needs to be an urgent investigation into royal lobbying and cash for access, starting with Prince Andrew."

"And we need an overhaul of freedom of information laws so people can find out what the royals are saying to ministers, and on whose behalf."

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 12:42:09

Much as I don't like like Harry I don't think there should be conjecture about who his father was ...or wasn't.
As it's nearly Christmas I'm wishing on a star that Harry and Meghan will stop popping up on the news. Some of us have had enough of these two.

lavenderzen Mon 06-Dec-21 12:43:23

I always used to love Harry. It is so sad to read these things.

Something is eating away at him, and none of us know what it is. If he felt differently treated as a child that is how he feels and nothing will change that, whether that is unfounded or not. I did read somewhere that Charles was a very distant father. Harry misses his mum and I feel sorry about that.

I think there are a lot of things that happen in the Royal household none of us know about. Is it a warm and loving place, I doubt it.

Alegrias1 Mon 06-Dec-21 12:43:40

Elizabeth II is descended from Mary Tudor, who was married to James IV of Scotland and was also Henry VIII's sister.

Genetic link.

eazybee Mon 06-Dec-21 12:44:11

I think Charles is his father and Harry is just continuing the Hanoverian tradition of falling out with his parent.
In view of his mother's unnecessarily frank admissions, do you believe his paternity hasn't been checked out, unofficially of course.

Grannybags Mon 06-Dec-21 12:46:22

Ghosh MerylStreep Those photos are amazing!

henetha Mon 06-Dec-21 12:50:22

Harry needs to do two things to redeem himself in my eyes. .(not that he cares a jot about my opinion of course).
One is to shut up, stop spitting bile at his family and just be quiet.
The second is to get a job. A proper job. Any job suited to his talent that pays reasonably well. ~With real working hours.
I have always seriously believed that he is Charles' son .There are certain resemblances, and the red hair is from his mother's family.
As for Charles' or anybody else, wondering what colour the baby's skin would be. Well, isn't that just human? It doesn't mean racism is behind it. I myself wondered the same thing in a normal, human curiosity way. And I am not racist.