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Oh joyous day...

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CanadianGran Fri 14-Jan-22 22:39:25

I discovered a box of chocolates from Christmas in a cupboard that DH put away...

What has made your day joyous?

BigBertha1 Fri 14-Jan-22 22:43:48

I managed a half decent 9 holes of golf today first good one since sustaining a slipped disc in October.

Kate1949 Fri 14-Jan-22 22:48:06

Pub lunch with my two lovely sisters.

mokryna Fri 14-Jan-22 22:48:52

Not a cloud in the sky all day, I walked more than 5 kilometers and did a Pilates class.

nadateturbe Fri 14-Jan-22 23:02:54

My husband was able to get out and meet a friend for coffee. He has looked after me so well this week.

Auntieflo Fri 14-Jan-22 23:03:29

Our daughter and SIL are coming tomorrow and bringing curries!

Marydoll Fri 14-Jan-22 23:12:02

I picked up a Lidl veggie box for £1.50 today. I wasnt joyful, I was ecstatic!
There must have been at least £10 of fruit and veg in it!

Kate1949 Fri 14-Jan-22 23:19:10

How does that work Marydoll

Calistemon Fri 14-Jan-22 23:23:40

They're great, aren't they, Marydoll.

Unfortunately we haven't managed to get to Lidl much during Covid but DS and DIL have shared some with us.

crazyH Fri 14-Jan-22 23:24:57

Lovely evening with my youngest son and his family. D.I.l. made yummy Rissotto. Played with the little ones - the 2 and a half year old insisted on counting my fingers- one, two, three four, poo - and laughed at his own joke 😘- after they were put to bed, we watched a ‘whodunnit’ - forgot the name, think it was called ‘Cast’ or was it? It was good.

Marydoll Fri 14-Jan-22 23:29:25

Kate, first thing in the morning, if you are lucky, you can pick up boxes of fruit and veg, which are about to go out of date. Today's stash included:
2 large leeks
8 baking potatoes
2 bags of baby potatoes
8 satsumas
2 large tomatoes
1 turnip
1 bag of radishes
1 turnip
1 iceberg lettuce

I had five boxes to choose from. They are usually found near the checkouts. They are not always as bountiful, as the one I bought today.

welbeck Fri 14-Jan-22 23:33:41

i've never seen those boxes in lidl;
are they a scottish speciality maybe ?
i have been there waiting to get in before they open.

Kate1949 Fri 14-Jan-22 23:34:46

That's amazing. Thank you. When you say first thing, what time (ish)?

Kate1949 Fri 14-Jan-22 23:36:46

Nor me welbeck but I'll certainly investigate. We have a lovely new Lidl.

Calistemon Fri 14-Jan-22 23:38:47


i've never seen those boxes in lidl;
are they a scottish speciality maybe ?
i have been there waiting to get in before they open.

No, we get them here too in Wales so I think they may be all over the country.

They're not always there but are often on the shelves beyond the checkout in our local Lidl, so you have to be aware and look out for them when you are at the till and pay with the rest of your groceries.

welbeck Fri 14-Jan-22 23:39:00

my good news was hearing that someone whom i know to be a good person, and an asset to any community, has been granted leave to remain in the uk.
i can't quite believe it until i see it in black and white; a phrase whose meaning i had to explain to the applicant.
along with many idioms that we take for granted, having to unpick them leads to all sorts of strange images.
english is quite an irregular language, not only re the pronunciation; must be very challenging to master.

Calistemon Fri 14-Jan-22 23:39:31

the shelves beyond the checkout where you can pack your groceries iyswim

ElaineI Fri 14-Jan-22 23:45:35

Spent the day with DGS1 and DGD from 7am. Walked 1 ½ miles to school and dropped off DGS then walked back 1 ½ miles with DGD (almost 5) who wanted to hit every single lamppost and road sign with a stick and both of us listen with our ears to said lamppost and road sign to see if it was a high sound or a low sound. She never stops talking and absorbs all information like blotting paper absorbs ink. Haven't had her to myself for ages and was delightful, non hurried pleasant walk. On reverse journey to collect her brother she informed me that Granma (other grandparent) was buying her a new pink bike for her birthday size 14 or 16 inches because Daddy was going to take her on the road without stabilisers and her current bike was too small and no use as it has stabilisers - neither Daddy nor Granma know this 😂 In between we played countless games, then more after lunch. She was a Joy to be with and it is rare for me to look after her on my own as usually Papa is the one she veers to but leaving the house at 6.30am is too early for him after his stroke so I had her to myself. A happy day!

GrandmasueUK Fri 14-Jan-22 23:47:09

We are all coming out of isolation and I’ll be able to see my daughter, who lives with us, but has been self-isolating in her bedroom because she had covid. Touch wood, my partner and I stayed negative and thank goodness my daughter wasn’t too ill with it. It’s been strange FaceTiming each other in the same house!

Greenfinch Sat 15-Jan-22 00:26:56

Not having to get up at 6.15 for the next 2 mornings !

Grandma2213 Sat 15-Jan-22 01:18:24

Got up at 1pm because I could and felt really well rested for the first time in a while. Went for a walk in the chilly sunshine and sat for a while in our local village garden looking at the beautiful shapes of the winter trees against the blue sky. Then went and watched my grand daughter at her football training. Very cold but suitably dressed so really enjoyed it. Oh yes and washed my sheets which did not dry on the washing line but smelled great when I brought them in. Small pleasures.

absent Sat 15-Jan-22 04:13:44

My days recently have been anything but joyous because my terminally ill husband has been in and out of various hospitals about eight times (different symptoms and/or treatments each time) in the past three months and then spending a fortnight in the local hospice. He came home on Wednesday and had a scheduled appointment with his oncologist on Friday. As a result of his oncologist's assiduousness, he is back in hospital because he has blood clots in one of his lungs.

The joyous bit is that a volunteer driver who had taken him to the hospital appointment was waiting to collect him to bring him home when the consultant rang me to ask me to bring "pyjamas, toothbrush and Mr absent's favourite teddy bear". That made me smile, but what brought tears of gratitude and joy was that the lovely driver immediately offered to collect me, drive me to the hospital and then wait to drive me home. She was so kind and generous with her time, having already done the 30-minute drive with Mr absent and pushed him to his appointment in a wheelchair.

She chatted gently and kindly to me in the car (I don't drive) and never asked a remotely inappropriate question. I felt as if I had made a lovely new friend.

annsixty Sat 15-Jan-22 04:42:42

absent flowers and kindest thoughts go to you for the hard times now and in the future

Calendargirl Sat 15-Jan-22 07:44:22

I second annsixty’s comments absent.

Kim19 Sat 15-Jan-22 07:46:26

Managed to find every single item I shopped for yesterday. Yippee!