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Who hasn’t had Covid?

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Katek Wed 17-Aug-22 09:44:37

A group of people is emerging who seem to be immune to the virus. Neither myself nor Dh have had it - I was on the shielded (hate that word) list but took advantage of all that I could do when restrictions were eased a little. I met people, had meals out, stayed in holiday cottage, went to theatre with Dgc etc. Of course I observed all the distancing/mask wearing/sanitising guidelines - many others have also done this and still caught the bug but Dh and I haven’t. My elder daughter is department head in a local academy and she has never had the virus either. She’s in daily contact with 50 department staff plus 100s of pupils and has avoided it. Dgd has had it, but her mother still hasn’t even with it in her own home.

I was just curious to see how many Gnetters have avoided it.

henetha Wed 17-Aug-22 09:48:13

I haven't had it, amazingly. I don't understand why.

FlexibleFriend Wed 17-Aug-22 09:50:50

I haven't had it even though my Son and Daughter in law who live with me have, then again I've never has a cold or the flu either.

lixy Wed 17-Aug-22 09:54:13

SiL was on a trial in the early days of developing the vaccine - he still hasn't had it even though everyone else in the house has. (counting blessings and touching wood here)

Sago Wed 17-Aug-22 09:57:48

No, not had it despite being in close contact with infected people.

rosie1959 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:00:04

My son and grandson have never had it either and they certainly have been out and about very regularly. Everyone around them caught it.

DanniRae Wed 17-Aug-22 10:00:29

Oh! I hesitate to say this but neither I or Mr R have had it. Our 3 children and their partners have all had it - some twice. During lockdown we walked in the park and met up with the same group of dog walkers - from a distance - every day!

Joseanne Wed 17-Aug-22 10:03:22

I hardly dare say it, but neither me too. None of us, even though DH and DD (keyworker during lockdown) work in schools, DS on sites and rigs, SiL physio/football coach etc. We have all holidayed, sometimes together, in Cornwall, France and Italy and been to concerts, theatres, restaurants, sports days. Very strange, especially as the under 10 grandchildren have all had it twice.
I don't understand it.

Kate1949 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:03:45

We've had it and we've been careful. My sister, her DH and two sons haven't had it and have been going out to work more or less throughout. A friend lives with her DH and grown up daughter. Her DH and daughter had it but she didn't.

Maya1 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:10:42

My DH and l haven't had it either,despite husband being extremely vulnerable. He has had to attend hospital appointments throughout Covid.
Son and dil and dgd have all had it twice.

MiniMoon Wed 17-Aug-22 10:10:59

Way back in April 2020 I had a really strange rash on my forearms and hands. A bit like chickenpox, but with dark blisters. It took ages for the spots to fade. I wondered if it was a strange allergy but discounted that.
Since then I have been well all except for a cold (tested negative for covid). All my family have had it. DH had it and tested positive for 12 days!
I didn't catch it.

Grannynannywanny Wed 17-Aug-22 10:11:30

Some folk have covid without experiencing symptoms so nobody can be really sure they haven’t had it. Of course those who have an asymptomatic bout of it are infectious and capable of spreading it.

aggie Wed 17-Aug-22 10:17:32

I haven’t had it , but I don’t go out much
I was at a meeting last week arranging the start of our club , of the nine of us only one has had covid , we are going on a coach holiday soon before starting the club , fingers crossed we will all be ok

annsixty Wed 17-Aug-22 10:22:29

To the best of my knowledge I haven’t had it but who knows.
I could have without realising.
My GD had it and we were in close contact all the time but I stayed fine.

Joseanne Wed 17-Aug-22 10:23:29


Some folk have covid without experiencing symptoms so nobody can be really sure they haven’t had it. Of course those who have an asymptomatic bout of it are infectious and capable of spreading it.

That's true, but as teachers or schoolworkers members of my family were testing regularly, sometimes twice or more a week, so I assume would have found out. Weird.

Keeper1 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:31:20

I got it, from visiting my husband in hospital but it was so mild I have had colds that were worse.

I was told that the LFT didn’t pick up the Omicron virus so people may think incorrectly think they are negative.

tanith Wed 17-Aug-22 10:32:51

I’ve not had it although all the family have but I live alone and I’ve been careful family stayed away if they weren’t well. Maybe some of us do have some sort of immunity.

MaizieD Wed 17-Aug-22 10:39:29

Neither I or my DP have had it.

I'm still very wary of mixing with lots of people indoors, though. He is going out and about as 'normal'. DD and DGS have both had it.

Luck of the draw or some sort of natural resistance? I don't know.

25Avalon Wed 17-Aug-22 10:40:45

Neither dh or myself have had it but we have been very careful. Dd who teaches primary school hasn’t had it either although at one point she was almost the last teacher standing as all the rest of the staff had it as well as loads of children in her class. Other dd, sil, dgs have not had it although dgd did.

I know people who’ve caught it just from being in the supermarket for 5 minutes. Maybe some of us do have more immunity.

nadateturbe Wed 17-Aug-22 10:42:01

My OH has, I haven't, which is strange as my autoimmune system isn't great.
Fingers crossed it stays that way after DDs visit.

VB000 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:42:10

I don't think I have it and I had to go to work every day since it started, with a large team of people. Most of them have had it, but I haven't!

Rhesus negative blood group, if that makes any difference (I read somewhere that it could be relevant).

RichmondPark1 Wed 17-Aug-22 10:44:07

As far as I know I haven't had it and am grateful that neither have any of my family or close friends despite working in public facing roles in schools, banks, clinics etc. I know people whose whole families have had it and yet they didn't get it. All were vaccinated.

Aveline Wed 17-Aug-22 10:46:46

I tested positive on holiday but only because testing was compulsory for everyone on board the river cruise. I didnt have symptoms so would never have known I had it. Maybe others were the same?

Septimia Wed 17-Aug-22 10:48:27

DH and I haven't - yet - although DS and family have. We're still cautious but are going out to our usual activities carefully.

nadateturbe Wed 17-Aug-22 10:48:49

Strange Aveline