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But will I “feel the benefit” ?

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MawtheMerrier Tue 27-Sep-22 10:18:01

My granny used to believe firmly in always taking coats and jackets off the second one came indoors and not putting the extra layers on until actually going outside because we “would not feel the benefit”
Problem, it’s flippin freezing this morning so - do I put on a “proper “ Winter woolly as my instinct tells me to do, or should I struggle on with perhaps a T shirt under a lighter jumper or fleece , leaving the “big guns” for when the temperature is truly in single figures? Will I still “feel the benefit” ?
Oh first world problems. hmm

aggie Tue 27-Sep-22 10:22:42

I want to wear my coat in the house just now ! It’s been so warm this year I’ve had windows and doors open , now all firmly closed . I do think it’s better to get used to it being cooler , but it’s so sudden
Do I really remember it getting warm then hot then cooling slowly ? So we got acclimatised

Riverwalk Tue 27-Sep-22 10:22:42

Get yer woolly on and feel the benefit now!

MawtheMerrier Tue 27-Sep-22 10:26:02


Get yer woolly on and feel the benefit now!

Thank you! I just needed somebody to reassure me - there are some hardy souls on GN and I don’t want to appear a wimp gringrin

karmalady Tue 27-Sep-22 10:27:04

I deliberately started to acclimatise myself two weeks ago, it takes a while to get used to cooler weather. It definitely is working and my body is adapt-ing

This weather and today I am wearing a thin camisole made from viscose and a cotton jumper and felt fime when I went out with a thin karrimor rain jacket on top. The sun is appearing and soon I will be changing into a 3/4 sleeve fitted t shirt made from french terry and jeans and socks with my slippers.

Overall yes granny is right but being at home, you can change to lighter weight clothes as the day wears on and you too will adapt

Redhead56 Tue 27-Sep-22 10:28:07

I put away my summer clothes the other day with a big sigh. I am wearing my warmer jumpers already it will be thermals time soon as well. I hate being cold so I get wrapped up as soon as the temperature drops.

glammanana Tue 27-Sep-22 10:28:37

Put those woollies on now and feel the benefit don't be cold at all.

annsixty Tue 27-Sep-22 10:30:33

I have just had an email from EDF “telling me” mu monthly DD will be going up to £302 .
My long johns and winter woolies are coming out today.
The drop in temperature is quite scary, where will it end?

Kalu Tue 27-Sep-22 10:32:13

What I wore last week certainly won’t keep me warm enough this week. I started to haul out winter clothes yesterday, washed and ironed an outfit to ward off the suddenly chilly weather for going out later today. It’s positively freezing outside.

Prepare yourself and get the big guns out Maw You will need that benefit now! Brr!

MawtheMerrier Tue 27-Sep-22 10:32:35

But two weeks ago Karmalady it was still warm!
I was taken to Paris for the w/e of the 16/17/18 th and actually debated whether I needed any sort of jacket at all (compromising with a lightweight denim one) but still in T shirts, enjoying coffees, lunch and drinks outside at pavement cafes .
I came home and Autumn had arrived with a vengeance!

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 10:33:22

Just wondering whether it's time to start wearing a vest ?
And a fine cotton knit jersey.

And yes, before you ask, I'm still in my jimjams, having skipped round (well not skipped exactly) doing some light housework before showering and going out.

Last night I wished I'd changed to the autumn duvet, it was rather chilly.

Lathyrus Tue 27-Sep-22 10:34:08

At the risk f being the bore who keeps saying “when I went to….”

But when I went to northern China, temperatures minus 20s, they were very insistent (ripped it off you!)) that you took your coat, hat etc off straight away.

They said that no matter how good the outdoor clothing cold air would have become trapped and keep you colder indoors.

No idea if this is scientific. But maybe Granny knew a thing or two?

Am wearing vest?

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 10:34:47

But two weeks ago Karmalady it was still warm!

Last week I sat in the garden, it was really warm and i was trying to get the last of the sun for Vitamin D before winter draws on.

Prentice Tue 27-Sep-22 10:35:03

The mornings and evenings are chilly now for sure.
I like a burst of heating on for those times and wear two layers now, as am too warm for real Winter wool jumpers.

Prentice Tue 27-Sep-22 10:36:34

It is time now for vitamin D as you say Callistemon and Winter draws on and also Winter drawers on.

maddyone Tue 27-Sep-22 10:36:45

Dress according to how you feel. You can always change later on if the day warms up. Never be cold if you can help it.

Riverwalk Tue 27-Sep-22 10:37:38



Get yer woolly on and feel the benefit now!

Thank you! I just needed somebody to reassure me - there are some hardy souls on GN and I don’t want to appear a wimp gringrin

Well I'm in a bit of a quandary myself - I'm off for a trot around Peter Jones, do I wear the medium puffer coat or big bertha? It's 12C so not that cold but it is windy hmm

Callistemon21 Tue 27-Sep-22 10:39:01


It is time now for vitamin D as you say Callistemon and Winter draws on and also Winter drawers on.

Yes! ?

Mind you, I don't have different drawers for winter

Blossoming Tue 27-Sep-22 10:44:53

Go for it Maw! I’m wearing a thin long sleeved Seasalt top, over a long sleeved John Lewis thermal vest.

Annsixty that’s a dreadful price hike.

Shinamae Tue 27-Sep-22 10:49:48

Jumper for me this morning

ExDancer Tue 27-Sep-22 10:49:56

Well you're not exactly in your winter clothes yet are you? A Tee shirt and a light jumper? That's summer stuff.
If you're struggling on without heating as we are, you need one more layer and a medium-to-heavy weight jumper unless you're a naturally warm-blooded person. Try a blouse as well?
I despair at my daughter when she visits at Christmas and expects to be warm in just a blouse and light cardigan and bare feet!
Where do you live?

shysal Tue 27-Sep-22 10:52:45

In answer to your question I would say wrap up indoors.
For as long as I can remember I have been a 'hot body', not really feeling the cold, but this year I am already feeling it. I am wearing vests for the first time, and a fleece gilet in the house over my normal sweatshirt. So far I haven't felt the need for any extra layer when going out, but I am usually on the move and working up a sweat. I don't normally wear a warm coat in the winter, but may have to dig out the faux sheepskin duffle I bought with some M&S vouchers given to me on my retirement from the NHS 17 years ago.
Thanks to a thread on GN, I have bought a giant fluffy hoodie for the cold evenings, to hopefully save on heating. I tried it the other day with a hot water bottle in the pouch pocket and was sweltering! Therefore it should o the job later in the season. After buying it I saw that Martin Lewis is recommending the same type of item.

Beautful Tue 27-Sep-22 10:55:42

If you are cold ... winter jumper ... me I wear my house coat/ dressing gown when I am in over my clothes ... sitting down a blanket on me ... why be cold ... also have to be careful if you get too cold ... I have said though jokingly ... when people come offer tea/coffee biscuit/cake & a blanket !!! Lolsmile

karmalady Tue 27-Sep-22 11:03:12

yes it was still warm here two weeks ago and my french doors were fully open until a few days ago but the evenings began to get cooler and that is when I gritted my teeth a bit and carried on acclimatising. Then 22 felt cool in the morning but today it was 20 and I felt fine. It does work, definitely does but not so quickly for oldies, hence maybe 3 weeks

I did change my bedding to autumn/winter yesterday but I wanted added weight so all real linen as it is warm in cold weather. Bedding now is flat sheet, summer duvet (wool) and a good heavy cotton bedspread, king of cotton santinia. Slept really well with added hm bedsocks. I have more layering options for bed as well as for me. Talk is for a very cold winter

Kalu Tue 27-Sep-22 11:07:50

It’s very sunny here but I will wear a lightweight puffa coat to ward off the chilly wind.

Silk long sleeved thermal vest will be on today.

Along with daily vitD supplements I also take 1gm vitC. to fight off colds and flu.