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Eventful Day…..told to f*** off

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Kateykrunch Sun 29-Jan-23 13:37:51

In our local Town today, in a shop and passing behind a young man (30’s), so I could pass behind him, I said, breath in, he didnt move, so I thought he hadn’t heard me, so a bit louder I said excuse me, still no response, so I squidched past him, but tutted, he never moved, but told me to not f***ing tut at him and he had a really intimidating rant at me. Honestly, I thought I was being friendly saying breath in and my tut was a bit involuntary (perhaps his f***ing and ranting was as well). But, for a good few minutes I felt really scared and definitely wished I hadnt said anything. Its getting horrible ‘out there’ and could easily scare you into staying in, but after about 10 minutes or so, I felt less scared. Just need to get the event off my chest, thanks for reading.

Smileless2012 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:52:58

What a horrible experience Katey I hope you're OKflowers.

Ilovecheese Sun 29-Jan-23 13:52:58

I had a similar experience the other day, I went to climb some steps into a shop, A large youngish man pushed past me, shouting "move!" he picked up the cans of beer he had left on the top step, turned round and shouted "move!" again. I was a bit scared to be honest and was rooted to the spot. Luckily he didn't seem to notice that I had not complied with his order and just brushed past me again.
So I know how you feel.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Jan-23 13:55:31

How awful Katey and ilovecheese thanks
Sending you both a reassuring hug

Hithere Sun 29-Jan-23 14:00:55

In those cases, I look for another way for me to go

No worth the hassle

sandelf Sun 29-Jan-23 14:04:34

Guess he did not understand your tactful 'Breathe in'. There seems to be a higher tolerance of anger in public than once was. Grit teeth and carry on!

glammanana Sun 29-Jan-23 14:08:15

What is wrong with people ? I wonder if he would have performed this way if he was in the company of his mum/nana ?
It not only younger people who are nasty & scary like him a few weeks ago I was waiting to pay for items when I heard a voice say "out of my way can't you see I'm an invalid on my scooter" well no I can't I am facing away from you I don't have eyes in the back of my head,the lady was no where near middle aged just very entitled as they all seem to be now.

LRavenscroft Sun 29-Jan-23 14:11:13

A few years ago I was at a well know shopping centre in the West Country in a bag shop. This lady on a mobility scooter drove into the middle of the shop and shouted at everyone " Get out of my way. I am here to buy a bag".

Auntieflo Sun 29-Jan-23 14:58:55

Seems that there is not much good behaviour around sometimes.
We were shopping yesterday, and a young dad was with his daughter 12ish? and son 6ish?, who were larking around near the frozen foods. The aisle is wide enough, but not when youngsters are in, out, and all over the place.
Then when we had packed our bags and were on the way out, who should come dancing backwards into me, shouting out to "Billy", but the 12 year old. If I hadn't been holding onto the trolley, as well as my stick, I would have gone base over apex. She did mutter an apology under her breath, but why are they allowed to be so over enthusiastic in shops?

JaneJudge Sun 29-Jan-23 15:02:07

what awful behaviour sad

AreWeThereYet Sun 29-Jan-23 15:03:12

LRavenscroft We seem to have two different types of mobility scooter rider in our nearby town. One lady is infinitely polite, stops for people to pass in front of her, drives slowly, always has a smile. Another is infinitely loud, aggressive and pushy, yelling 'Stay out of my way. I am disabled you know. Make way for me' at everyone who dares to walk near her.

NotSpaghetti Sun 29-Jan-23 15:06:02

Mobility scooters and bikes on pavements are a nightmare if driven/ridden inconsiderately.

I have to say I’ve had to “leap” (!) out of the way several times to avoid being mowed down. A mobility scooter driver swore at me. I was waiting to cross the road.

It’s not only young pedestrians that have no manners these days, sadly.

timetogo2016 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:06:39

I was told to f off just before Christmas.
I was reaching for a loaf and this woman did not like it,i wasnt even that close to her.
Anyway i just said "will do,the further away from a prat like you,the better".
She never said a word but a young couple burst out laughing,and said "nice one".

Urmstongran Sun 29-Jan-23 15:14:51

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Blossoming Sun 29-Jan-23 15:25:07

I wouldn’t like someone telling me to “breathe in” as I’d think they were implying I’m fat. I definitely wouldn’t have told you to eff off though! I say “excuse me please” loudly if I need someone to move. I’m sometimes tutted at but as long as they move out of my way I don’t really care and I always say “thank you”.

Glorianny Sun 29-Jan-23 15:26:23

On public transport the other day some young lads near me started to fight, I moved away from them, but they pushed each other further down the aisle, in the same direction. I shouted at them to stop. I thought they might knock me over. Don't know if they would have taken any notice but a young man sitting there told them to "Sit down, or take it outside." He looked quite tough and they did as he said. I thanked him and thought that you can't really tell by appearances, some people just have really good hearts.

Alioop Sun 29-Jan-23 15:36:55

That's hateful, but angry outbursts have been the norm for years, there are a lot of nasty people about.
The abuse I took working in retail was terrible, I was even threatened by a man who told me he knew were I parked my car and to watch myself when I left work. I was told to effing hurry up if I wasn't going quick enough for their liking at the till. The thing when working you just have to take it from some of these idiots.
Don't let him ruin your day.

Hithere Sun 29-Jan-23 15:37:55

"Pink hair & facial tattoos are indicators I’ve noticed)."

Judgement and stereotyping much?

So it's only pink hair, no purple or red?

Musicgirl Sun 29-Jan-23 15:39:15

Several years ago, I was walking through a local car park one lunch time. In addition to me, there were several older people and ladies with toddlers in pushchairs. Suddenly, four boys in school uniform, who had obviously come out of a GCSE exam appeared. They were full of high spirits but also turning the air blue extremely loudly. I said: “excuse me, please stop this dreadful language. There are older people and ladies with small children and none of us want to hear it.” One of them sarcastically said: “ sorry, my love, I forgot.” I immediately told him that I was not his love, I was old enough to be his mother. At that, they shuffled off but at least the bad language had ceased. An elderly lady then thanked me for what I had done. Was l brave or foolhardy? I don’t know.

Hithere Sun 29-Jan-23 15:46:50

Music girl

So foul language is ok when men in general are around but not older women and women with young kids?


pascal30 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:54:43

Should have hit him over the head with your handbag!!!

Callistemon21 Sun 29-Jan-23 16:47:21


Music girl

So foul language is ok when men in general are around but not older women and women with young kids?


Musicgirl didn't say that.

She said people

If there had been any men around perhaps they may have spoken up.
Years ago I took DGD to the park when she was about 3 and there was a group of teenagers in school uniform sitting on the swings, using foul language. I'd have asked them to move and watch their language in front of the small children there except for the fact there was a young PCSO laughing and chatting with them hmm

biglouis Sun 29-Jan-23 16:59:20

I can do my share of "effing and blinding" and suggesting things that might be done! My nephew says I have a tongue like a lash.

I once had a bed for sale in a paper. A young man rang up and I think it was his first attempt at making a sex call. I scared him so much he called back an hour later to say sorry.

Love it!

cornergran Sun 29-Jan-23 17:08:51

On Friday a young man engrossed in his phone managed to walk sideways into me, I stumbled and down I went. I wasn’t hurt, well only my pride. A young woman gave me a hand up. The young man? Kept walking without a word. Maybe he hadn’t noticed. I felt OK after it, just a bit bemused. There were plenty of folk around, it was a shopping centre, perhaps different if in a quieter space.

Luckygirl3 Sun 29-Jan-23 17:33:28

Some young people from a local cathedral school were walking through the town pedestrian precinct and taunting an East European Big Issue seller. They got pretty short shrift from me and shuffled off red-faced.