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Christmas stress

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tiredoldwoman Tue 26-Dec-17 07:29:57

So who fell out with who yesterday ? Who bought goose fatted potatoes by mistake ? Who bought double cream instead of whipping ? Who apparently can't wash dishes correctly ? Who touched a tap handle after peeling carrots (!) ? Who ate their dinner with great gusto but was frowned upon ? Who accidently burped after their dinner and was furiously criticised for it ? Who was critcised at being useless ? Who couldn't control the children ? Who quietly left ? Me !
Home alone , licking my wounds in total silence , Bliss !

BlueBelle Tue 26-Dec-17 07:33:32

Haha apparently I eat crisps wrongly and annoy the family??

NfkDumpling Tue 26-Dec-17 07:38:11

Oh dear. flowers (too early for wine). You did the right thing, quietly leaving. With dignity and no burping I hope. With any luck your critic(s) are feeling guilty at upsetting you.

tiredoldwoman Tue 26-Dec-17 07:39:36

Do you pour the wee bits left at the bottom of the packet into your mouth or do you just munch them up too noisily Hang your head in shame and get it right ! ha ha ! Enjoy your crisps !!

NfkDumpling Tue 26-Dec-17 07:43:22

(I expect I stuck my foot in it several times and upset someone. I usually do. Haven’t been told yet!)

BlueBelle Tue 26-Dec-17 07:45:48

Apparently instead of putting the crisp in my mouth I take too many bites, I never realised crisp eating was such an exact science, of course I did it all the more to their total annoyance.

tiredoldwoman Tue 26-Dec-17 07:49:41

grin Long live Golden Wonder nibbling !

Hipsy Tue 26-Dec-17 08:00:03

How about calling your DDs new partner Steve, her ex husbands name?
Not once but twice blush

BlueBelle Tue 26-Dec-17 08:07:28

Love it Hipsy 😂it’s so comforting to know others get it in the neck to and it’s not all just ‘The Waltons’ except me

tiredoldwoman Tue 26-Dec-17 08:07:51

Ha Ha , well done ! But it's too early to give you a prize , someone else will bounce in with a bigger faux pas , I bet !

ninathenana Tue 26-Dec-17 08:26:12

My friend grabbed what she thought was a long roll of foil out of a box full in the supermarket.
Neither her nor her husband noticed after unloading it from the car and putting it away that it was infact a long packet of Jaffa cakes tchgrintchgrin which was only discovered at 7 am yesterday when he was prepping the turkey. Could have caused a major row but she drove to a friends and got some foil.
It was the joke throughout the day.

Marydoll Tue 26-Dec-17 08:34:36

For the first time ever in 34 years, I managed NOT to fall out with my grumpy DD. It must be because she is so "loved up" with her new fiancée, that she stayed out of the kitchen. grin
I did manage to "lose", the oatcakes etc for the pâté, ended up making crusty rolls and using the crackers for the cheese course.
I found them sitting on top of the toaster, after everyone left. confused

Maggiemaybe Tue 26-Dec-17 09:01:37

We ended up having dinner so late the buffet tea barely hit the table before it was being packed into Tupperware and scooped up to take home along with over tired and fractious grandchildren. tchsmile And I forgot to get the Christmas cake out from its tin - I'd decorated it with old Father Christmasses from mine and DH's childhood and snowmen from when our children were little, so sent a photo last night so the DGS could see it. Thank goodness for Whatsapp! As DD1 said, it was probably as well no one ate the icing, with all that lead paint seeping into it. tchgrin

Anniebach Tue 26-Dec-17 09:02:46

No one here to fall out with

MawBroon Tue 26-Dec-17 09:07:52

Can’t complain (but will) after a lovely day when the DDs and their menfolk did everything to make me feel cosseted and loved I finally lost it when, returning to the dinner table with assorted teas and coffees I found Paws Sisters had organised a very upmarket form of (Tate Gallery) Happy Families and everybody else was playing in pairs except guess who.
Wandered off to the sitting room and sulked.
Not worthy of me. tchsad

Iam64 Tue 26-Dec-17 09:21:44

What an insensitive thing for Paws sisters to do. I hope someone realised the whats and why's of you wandering off. As for not worthy - humph! Not worthy of the organisers I'd say.
We survived the chaos and waved the family off at 5 when they went to visit their partners families. It was then Time to lie on the sofa and watch nonsense tv.
Enjoy Boxing Day everyone

ooonana Tue 26-Dec-17 09:33:47

I enjoyed the day apart from being a bit emotional early on thinking of those I wished were with us. It’s such a tricky day.....I have a lovely supportive family and I try to help in the kitchen and keep busy but it’s hard when they say ... no nana you have a rest today!!! It’s so not what I do .... lots of deep breaths taken

TerriBull Tue 26-Dec-17 09:48:27

Just one small point OP, double cream does whip up very well, possibly you have passed the whipping stage by now. However, I need to go and whip myself, I have been hunting around the house and appear to have lost a present that I need to wrap up for one of our guests today angry

Zorro21 Tue 26-Dec-17 09:48:38

I'm not happy with a beret that's more suitable in size for a small elf.....and we didn't even get a Christmas dinner due to visiting all the kids all day. I'm quite annoyed.

Auntieflo Tue 26-Dec-17 09:48:47

We started the day when DGS climbed, half asleep, into our bed, shouting "Father Christmas has come", and we opened his stocking presents, squeezing 5 onto our bed. Managed to have some breakfast, blast the turkey crown for 20 mins, then off to Church, leaving the oven on slow. Lunch was later than we anticipated, owing to the fact that I had forgotten to get DIL veggie roast out of the freezer. No fallings out, and although I am exhausted, by cooking and DGS, we had a great time. Left overs today, so nothing much to do. Have a good Boxing Day everyone.

jacig Tue 26-Dec-17 09:50:17

I have to face all of that today. Going to DD2 for a belated Christmas dinner. DD1 son is on the Autism scale and finds Xmas day just too much, Santa leaves toys, he has to go and see his other granny and that side of the family. He is filled with chocolate and sweets etc. I am unable to manage cooking a dinner due to health concerns, so daughter's it is. Hope you all have a merry what's left of Christmas and a happy new year. xx

inishowen Tue 26-Dec-17 09:51:57

Hubby does the cooking and was annoyed that our daughter arrived about three hours later that planned! This meant everyone had to wait. Then daughter said she was starving and unplugged the heat plate which was keeping everything hot. She wanted to make toast!! It's a fine line where husband is concerned, and daughter always crosses it.

Antonia Tue 26-Dec-17 09:55:07

DH loves cooking and prepared a great meal for DS and BIL. He timed it for their arrival (pretty stupid I know) and got increasingly stressed out of mind when they breezed in over half an hour late.The meat was a bit on the chilly side by that time.

meandashy Tue 26-Dec-17 10:01:39

Christmas eve I asked my bil if the hotel he'd taken my sister to (after showing me photos of what looked like bordello) had fetish rooms!! Then realised my nephew (15) was in earshot 😲. I obviously apologised 😂

Beau Tue 26-Dec-17 10:03:50

SIL washing up 'greasy' roasting tin before it's even been used, along with lecture to DD on how to cook every item of Christmas dinner even though he has never cooked anything except pasta? DD accused of ruining said 'expensive' roasting tin by cooking in it previously - obviously it's an ornament, who knew? Presents still unopened, DD now ill with severe chest infection out trying to see a doctor to get antibiotics. Grandma left looking after DGS for 9th consecutive day. My oh my next year I'm going away for sure.