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dressing your pets up for Xmas and buying them pressies

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 22-Dec-19 16:19:16

How many of you buy your pets presents for Xmas, we do and they have their turkey dinner when we have ours, must admit though we don’t dress them up

sodapop Sun 22-Dec-19 16:52:38

I dislike seeing dogs (and cats) wearing silly clothes I think its demeaning for them and us.
We do buy a few extra treats for them though.

Hetty58 Sun 22-Dec-19 16:55:33

I don't but my kids do! My little JRT loves wearing jumpers and coats. She feels the cold as she's almost bare on her tummy and chest, always has been!

Hetty58 Sun 22-Dec-19 16:57:05

Yes, she does look very silly but she doesn't care. The 'dog puzzle' that you hide treats in was solved in a minute, though!

Yehbutnobut Sun 22-Dec-19 17:11:03

Of course they get presents. Why wouldn’t they? I don’t dress them up but they do wear a red bandana on Christmas Day.

BradfordLass72 Sun 22-Dec-19 19:10:40

I have bought my grandson's cat a little pack of catnip.

Should anyone be foolish enough to try and dress her up, they wouldn't see Boxing Day. She's a fesity lass.

SalsaQueen Sun 22-Dec-19 19:14:44

I don't like to see animals wearing outfits. I think it's demeaning. I've always bought my cats (I've only got the one now) something for Christmas, and he has turkey or whatever we have for dinner at Christmas - although he has chicken most days.

This tear, he's got an ergonomic bowl (he's a messy eater) and a new catnip toy.

phoenix Sun 22-Dec-19 19:25:40

Oliver Proud is a messy water SalsaQueen but I don't think that an ergonomic bowl would help tchgrin

He takes chunks of food from the bowl, bypasses the tray, also the mat that the tray sits on, and proceeds to chew them on the floor.

I have TRIED to explain that the food comes from a pouch and is ready to eat, but he insists on behaving as if it is part of a wildebeest that he has (singlehandedly) brought down by skilfully stalking it while it was at the watering hole tchconfused

phoenix Sun 22-Dec-19 19:26:17

Oliver Sprout not Proud!

Callistemon Sun 22-Dec-19 20:10:48

I once posted some Christmas presents to Australia, including a present each for the dogs and cat
Postage is prohibitive now

Urmstongran Sun 22-Dec-19 20:48:01

Pets or surrogate children? A no-no from me. We had dogs for over 20y as a family. A cavalier King Charles and 2 cocker spaniels. Lovely dogs. Not dolls.

NanaandGrampy Sun 22-Dec-19 20:55:56

Yes, Sam always gets a gift , don’t see why not . He’s part of this family . He did get a snazzy bow tie from one of the grandkids last year but generally we don’t dress him up, he’s smart enough already

jura2 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:07:15

No gift and I believe dressing up pets is just so wrong. But plenty of treats and walks, and cuddles. Our dog is very much part of the family, but is a dog.

jura2 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:07:43

Blimey Urmstongran, we agree ... again.

Esther1 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:15:18

Whatever makes you happy I reckon - but personally would never buy a present for an animal, nor would I feel comfortable receiving one from an animal - but honestly don’t think I’m knocking what other people like to do. Each to their own and it’s what makes us all so gloriously and uniquely different.

FlexibleFriend Sun 22-Dec-19 21:18:13

I buy a large turkey so that the dogs get as much as we do. I don't buy them pressies specifically for Christmas but I'm forever buying them toys throughout the year. Normally I don't like dressing dogs up but one of my Pugs has had an awful phlegmy cough that's dragged on for weeks so bought her a jumper to keep her chest warm and the cough has finally cleared up. She'll be wearing the jumper till the weather improves. In fact I bought a second one so she can one in the wash and one on. My other female Pug gets very jealous when I'm changing the jumper and seems to want one of her own but she's not coughing so she's out of luck.

Charleygirl5 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:30:21

It is another day of the week for Tara my cat. I think it ridiculous dressing them and buying presents.

Iam64 Sun 22-Dec-19 21:39:59

We had a party at dog training yesterday so my two wore bandana's with Happy Christmas on them. We had party games, statues, fastest recall etc. The humans had mince pies, the dogs had a bonio each. Good fun was had by all.

My dogs both have a new buffalo horn chew, as well as a Yak chew which they'll get to chew on Christmas Day, whilst they're in the utility, child safety gate in place to stop them eating the children's chocolate biscuits or other dangerous stuff.
They may even wear their bandana's as the children will no doubt be wearing Christmas tops.

Daddima Sun 22-Dec-19 21:52:59

I remember asking a friend if she had bought her dog a present. She said she had, but couldn’t say what it was in front of him!

ladymuck Sun 22-Dec-19 21:58:55

I hate to see animals dressed in silly outfits, but I do buy presents for my pets.

Anniebach Sun 22-Dec-19 22:07:34

I have never dressed my dogs in clothes, don’t like to see a dog dressed up, sorry.

EllanVannin Sun 22-Dec-19 22:14:51

Dreamies for my cats, one box each.

merlotgran Sun 22-Dec-19 22:18:59

Peggy will be in kennels without Millie to keep her company this year sad We always leave favourite treats for Christmas Day and when booking in you can see all the other owners carrying new toys or treats.

It's just another day for a dog but it makes me feel better about leaving her.

We have never dressed our dogs up but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a coat if I thought a dog was feeling the cold.

Yehbutnobut Sun 22-Dec-19 22:29:54

Iam mine love those Yak chews too 🐾🐾

Shelmiss Sun 22-Dec-19 22:40:23

Yes my dogs get presents, and they also have an advent calendar....each! tchsmile