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What is everyone doing at Christmas?

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Whitewavemark2 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:46:06

We have two grandsons , one 20 and at university, doing what university students are doing, seeing friends and girl friend, and a 16 year old who is at school but living in a village where there is a degree of social interaction between people of their own age.

We live in the South which is not so bad as other areas, but covid is on the rise again.

After discussing it with daughter we decided to spend Christmas on our own☹️ but hopefully meet up Boxing Day for a walk with dogs and perhaps a flask and turkey sandwiches🙂

Now on the radio this morning they were suggesting that people will be ignoring the rules and spend time with their families.

What to do!!! Still inclined to be safe but worry worry

travelsafar Wed 28-Oct-20 08:49:52

Staying at home with my OH. Cant have family round as hubbie has COPD and just can't take that risk.

Charleygirl5 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:50:36

This is still October- a lot can happen between now and Christmas the way our Government works.

Harris27 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:51:57

This will be an ongoing thought till mid December I think. Very different Christmas but there will be more hopefully.

kircubbin2000 Wed 28-Oct-20 08:53:17

Probably at home alone. We are not allowed into other houses here.

FannyCornforth Wed 28-Oct-20 08:55:23


Staying at home with my OH. Cant have family round as hubbie has COPD and just can't take that risk.

Exactly the same here.
Will probably (hopefully) see my Dad and his wife at some point before Christmas - that's it.

Daisymae Wed 28-Oct-20 09:00:55

When we were in tier 1 I thought that we were sorted. We are now tier 2 so something would have to change for us to do anything. I read this morning that the whole country will be in tier 3 by mid December. I think that will have to happen if January is not going to be horrendous. I don't think I have really come to terms with the idea that Christmas needs to be cancelled.confused

honeyrose Wed 28-Oct-20 09:01:06

We normally go to my sisters house and there’s about 10/12 of us. Unlikely that we’ll be able to do that this year as I can’t see things improving that much between now and then. Saw her yesterday at the door and we both agreed that we can’t plan anything yet.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 28-Oct-20 09:03:10

What about your Turkey order etc.

We have to order early from our farmer and have put the order in now.

baubles Wed 28-Oct-20 09:04:24

There has been no indoor mixing of households here for what seems like an age. We are planning on Christmas Day at home, just the two of us, instead of spending three days at DD’s home. Hoping to be able to visit DD on Christmas Eve as it’s one of the DGS’s birthday, and DS on either 23rd or Boxing Day. Prepared for those visits to be outside if at all. We’re fortunate to have each other, I know, but we will make the best of whatever happens.

Teetime Wed 28-Oct-20 09:04:43

Hopefully we will be in our new house by then and I really want to do Xmas Day lunch for the family at least we would be 5 and at most 8 so we will see what is allowed.

EllanVannin Wed 28-Oct-20 09:04:51

Wirral, tier 3 and no mixing, so Home Alone !
D's first Christmas Day off in years and I can't join the family .
For the sake of a day, I don't want to be catching anything as I've been so careful up to now.

Pittcity Wed 28-Oct-20 09:06:27

No idea. Probably saving it until Spring!

Luckygirl Wed 28-Oct-20 09:06:39

Too soon to even give it a thought. A lot can happen between now and Christmas as regards tiers.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Oct-20 09:07:10

Home alone for me, the same as it has been for the last 3 years.
No family to "have me", and I prefer solitude anyway.

Granny23 Wed 28-Oct-20 09:12:41

I think there will be lots of tiers/tears at Christmas. sad. Maybe we could plan a special day on Gransnet, with people sharing favourite music, jokes and pictures?

FannyCornforth Wed 28-Oct-20 09:18:06

Brilliant and lovely idea Granny23
We could have lots of themed

Daddima Wed 28-Oct-20 09:54:31

Following news of no quarantine for Canary Islands, I booked flights before the inevitable price rise. Now comes news I need a negative test 72 hours before departing. So, still looking like a sunny Christmas, but who knows.

Parsley3 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:07:10

No indoor mixing here in the Central Belt just now and it may well be the same over Christmas. So it will be Mr P and me for Christmas dinner. We will have a family do whenever it is allowed. Hope springs eternal.

PamelaJ1 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:09:34

At the moment we are in a low risk area but, obviously, this may change. So we are lucky, we haven’t spent Christmas with DD in Australia since 2014 so no change there. We will have our other DD, her DH and our DGS. If all goes pear shaped then it will be just the two of us.
My sister had ‘Christmas’ with her DD last weekend as she will be in Japan for the festive season. She works there.
No need to get my knickers in a twist.

Teacheranne Wed 28-Oct-20 10:14:31

No idea! Depends on which tier we are in by then and what the rest of the family decide to do.

TheMightyChewy Wed 28-Oct-20 10:16:13

Usually have 8 for Christmas dinner plus 5 more in the evening for games and nibbles. Boxing Day we usually have 11 or 13 for lunch.

If we remain tier 1, I am planning 8 for Christmas Day, none in the evening, then 7 for Boxing Day, then to plan a few more day/evenings between Christmas and NY with the others. I know 8 & 7 are more than 6 but feel it’s an acceptable risk level, only ever 2 households//bubbles.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:22:54

I'm in Tier 3 so all the usual plans are up in the air. Normally I visit my sister who lives a few streets away and it's a big gathering with 13 all told but not this year.

If there's no lifting of restrictions I'll visit a friend who also lives alone. It'll be for part of the day but not for a big dinner, even if it's just a mince pie and a sherry it's something. I don't object to spending the day alone though, it's just another day and I don't mind my own company.

MawB2 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:25:42

It is all in the lap of the gods isn’t it?
We can hope and possibly plan, but be prepared for plans B and C!
From today’s DT

It’s going to be worse this time, more deaths,” said one well-^placed source. “That is the projection that has been put in front of the Prime Minister and he is now being put under a lot of pressure to lock down again.

We continue to see the trend in deaths rising and it is likely this will continue for some time
Separately, Sage has warned that all of England may be under Tier 3 Covid restrictions by mid-December, scuppering Boris Johnson’s hopes for a normal Christmas.

Lyndylou Wed 28-Oct-20 10:27:06

Because of the way the school holidays fall, with schools breaking up a whole week before Christmas Day, it will be relatively easy for me, my OH, my DD and 12 year old DGS to isolate for that week. That will reduce, but not completely remove the risk. Then there will need to be a discussion nearer the time to see if my DS and his partner and baby will join us.

For me it is time for us to assess our own risks and make our own decisions. I've already decided recently that leaving my son's partner to manage a small colicky baby alone each day is just not on, virus or no virus. I don't go anywhere else, I keep myself safe for them. Why is it not allowed for me to sit in her kitchen 6 feet away with a mask on but I could go in shops or gyms etc?