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This years JL / Waitrose Christmas ad

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MawB2 Fri 13-Nov-20 08:24:03

This Christmas we want to #GiveALittleLove ❤️ with Waitrose & Partners. Because together we can make a big difference.

Help us give a little love to families in need with Home-Start and FareShare:

MawB2 Fri 13-Nov-20 09:08:49

I am beginning to feel invisible- or was it something I sad?

Lisagran Fri 13-Nov-20 09:11:22

Aw, what a lovely ad! Thanks for providing the link, Maw

phoenix Fri 13-Nov-20 09:23:36

MawB2, not sure about it on first viewing, tbh.

I found myself staring at the pigeons beak in the opening part and wondering what was wrong with it blush

Chewbacca Fri 13-Nov-20 09:49:55

Lovely ad, lovely sentiments that are right for 2020. Shame about the pigeon's beak! grin

Namsnanny Fri 13-Nov-20 09:50:48

Takes a while for some of us to catch on Maw!!grin
I'll take a look now

TerryM Fri 13-Nov-20 10:07:00

Thank you so much for posting this..I do enjoy seeing their Xmas advert

Ngaio1 Fri 13-Nov-20 10:27:51

Whilst i understand the thinking behind the ad. having seen it once I would not bother to watch it again. Too sugary for me. The only bright spot was the hedgehog trying to sing. They would have had great difficulty in emulating last year's ad. This year - worthy but boring.

Moonlight113 Fri 13-Nov-20 10:54:09

I like the way different mediums have been used to create it. That must have given much needed work to several artists rather than just one. I love the ad, and the song. Nice that it will raise money for families in need.

It seems a very uncommercial advert this time. Just right for this year.

Froglady Fri 13-Nov-20 11:09:56

Oh I like that advert! Thank you for the link.

Iam64 Fri 13-Nov-20 11:14:34

Oh good link MawB -I'd seen the ad on facebook but missed the link. Good for John Lewis, I'lldonate

GrandmasueUK Fri 13-Nov-20 11:20:47

Thank you Maw - that was lovely!

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 13-Nov-20 11:28:31

Thank you Maw, that was my first viewing of it. It is lovely, but wonder what the staff think (those who have had their hours cut or been made redundant)

Alioop Fri 13-Nov-20 11:34:26

Aww thanks for the link, really enjoyed it. Don't get to see the advert a lot here in N.Ireland with us having UTV channel, we have a lot of our own adverts. Just sent it to my friend

B9exchange Fri 13-Nov-20 12:56:48

No, not their best, for me it goes to the boxer dog on the trampoline!

Nannan2 Fri 13-Nov-20 14:51:21

No im disappointed in JL advert this year- though i realise they're all trying to do one easier because of social distancing- so they have all gone mostly with animation, but JL usually do it with more style than the others- so no tearkerker this year- also they are wanting to 'play it down' i guess as they're aware people wont like them firing staff then blowing a load on an advert! But i like the kevin the carrot ones always- and the McDs has pipped JL one especially with the beautiful song.Has more feeling in it than JL one.Ive not seen Boots one but they usually do a good one (remember the Nurse coming off nightshift one?) maybe something along those lines will be even more appropriate this year more than ever? I still had a chuckle at the 2016 Kevin carrot/Aldi one where he's sat alone waiting for the JL ad- lovely! (Maybe he should have remade that with a big disappointed sigh when he saw it?)😅

Bridie22 Fri 13-Nov-20 14:53:39

Thanks Maw, that made me smilesmile

Nannan2 Fri 13-Nov-20 14:59:07

John Lewis might have been better just doing a basic 'voiceover' one saying how they know people usually expect a big showy christmas ad from them but this year they're putting more money into donation themselves for collection they're seemingly 'begging' for.(its a good cause yes, but JL themselves need to be showing to be bigger benefactors than us joe public first i think, especially as they've laid folk off) 🤔

Nannan2 Fri 13-Nov-20 15:02:29

Great link Maw- id not seen MacDs till now.its much more touching than JL one.

aquagran Fri 13-Nov-20 16:00:57

It’s lovely! Thanks for the link. Let me assure you MawB2 you are not invisible!
Hope that’s not too many exclamation marks for some people’s liking.

Daddima Fri 13-Nov-20 16:04:05

Too ‘right on’ for me, I’m afraid, even a part for baldies and gingers! All it was missing was the disabled person.

glammanana Fri 13-Nov-20 16:37:10

Thanks for the link I had not seen it as yet,and you are never invisible MawB2

pollyperkins Fri 13-Nov-20 16:54:21

Sorry, I don’t like it. Song not bad but the way it’s sung is awful and why does it go from real people then several different styles of cartoon. Too sentimental but I agree the sentiments are good. I liked the drawn cartoon bit the best with the snow car.

Hollyhock1 Fri 13-Nov-20 17:44:58

I like this year's ad.
Has anyone looked on You Tube for the John Lewis alternative Christmas ad. Warning, it's a sad one- I was in tears after watching that one!!

Iam64 Fri 13-Nov-20 18:24:52

Hollyhock1, a friend posted the alternative on facebook. I couldn't share it because I was sobbing and weeping too much. Also because I love my facebook family and friends and feel they've all been through enough this year.
I must add - I didn't 'lose' my dog on the moors as the man in the ad did. I lost her on midsummers day, to a tumour in her stomach. She collapsed five days earlier, the vet thought she'd had a stroke but it became clear it was more gruesome and life threatening than that. I loved her very much.