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Real or fake

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Gingster Sat 21-Nov-20 07:42:56

Christmas trees, that is. I’ve had my fake one for about 15 years and I’m bored of it. Thinking of getting a real one. DH is dead set against it, which I can understand, but I feel like I should go for it . What do you do?

Calendargirl Sat 21-Nov-20 07:50:18

Fake ones, we have two, one in sitting room, one in conservatory.
Brought out year after year. One had to be thrown after good service, bought a replacement cheaply in the January sales.
Once the lights and decs are on, most trees look ok.

They all seem tawdry if that’s the right word, once Christmas Day has gone.

Grandmabatty Sat 21-Nov-20 07:55:14

I live alone so I have a fake one as it's easier to put up. But I love a real Christmas tree and the smell of it. So no help to you at all!

Casdon Sat 21-Nov-20 08:00:26

I’ve never had a fake tree, I’d rather wait to put mine up near to Christmas and have a real one as they are so much nicer.

Witzend Sat 21-Nov-20 08:02:29

Always a real one here, I love the smell.
Having said that, the first one we ever had after we were married was a very small fake - about the ‘fakest’ tree imaginable. But we were living in a country where (then) it was impossible to find so many things in the shops so I’d never expected to have one at all. It came in a box with a set of lights and a few baubles and I was unbelievably chuffed with it!

Bathshe Sat 21-Nov-20 08:07:08

We have three real and one fake

Very tempted to add another fake one for the living room. The real one always goes limp no matter how much vodka it gets.

Balsalm Hill website, here we come

We'll still have real ones in the porch and sitting room.

JackyB Sat 21-Nov-20 08:07:49

Wouldn't dream of having a fake one. They are, however, not really a "thing" here in Germany. They only recently discovered electric tree lights. (Well, since I have lived here, anyway)

TwiceAsNice Sat 21-Nov-20 08:45:43

Always real. You can’t beat the look or the smell. Worth vacuuming up all the needles at the end

Missfoodlove Sat 21-Nov-20 08:56:53

We had always had the real thing until about 4 years ago, I had £80 of points on my garden centre loyalty card and they had a 25% off everything day so we purchased what would have been a very expensive fake tree for the price of a real one.

You really would struggle to see the difference.

We buy some pine scentinels to hang from it so it even smells like the real thing.

I would not have a real tree again.

Greyduster Sat 21-Nov-20 09:07:49

We have an artificial tree and I hate it, but I don’t care for real ones either. Even the ones that aren’t supposed to drop their needles do. Ours is far too big - a fit of enthusiasm gone wrong on DH’s part. We now have to find somewhere in the conservatory to put it because I absolutely refuse to spend another year peering around it trying to see the television in the living room!!

MiniMoon Sat 21-Nov-20 10:08:39

We have two artificial trees. One large green tree for the living room, and a smaller, pre-lit flocked tree for the hall. They were both bought only three years ago as our previous tree was looking very shabby.
We have not had a real tree for years.

FannyCornforth Sat 21-Nov-20 10:21:34

For the past ten years or so we've had a real one in a pot, so it's still alive.
If you look after it well, you can use it the next year too, and then plant it in the garden.
Unfortunately I don't think that this year either of us will have the physical strength to deal with a potted one.
I really don't like fake ones - after all these years of real, growing trees, a fake one just won't cut it.
I'd rather concentrate on other decorations.
Decorating the living room is my favourite part of Christmas.

henetha Sat 21-Nov-20 10:48:51

I love real Christmas trees, but wouldn't be able to cope with one now. So my little fake one serves me well and I enjoy decorating it.

timetogo2016 Sat 21-Nov-20 10:51:40

Fake for me,i don`t like the idea of cutting good trees down for a silly amount of time.

MrsThreadgoode Sat 21-Nov-20 10:51:41


DH is soooo allergic to Pine, we also bought very realistic tree some years ago, it’ll last for ever........

FannyCornforth Sat 21-Nov-20 10:53:34


Fake for me,i don`t like the idea of cutting good trees down for a silly amount of time.

But those trees wouldn't exist otherwise.

Chewbacca Sat 21-Nov-20 10:57:13

Real. I've never had anything else because I've never seen a fake one that didn't look fake.
At the end of the season, our local hospice comes to collect real Christmas trees in exchange for a donation. They then take all the collected trees to be recycled and get another donation from that. Win win.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Nov-20 12:14:51

Real. Due 11 December. This one is growing in its own pot so will repot it after Christmas.

We try a different one every year Nordland this year. Last year a Fraser which smelt like oranges 😊

Only having a small one this year as on our own so no need for tree presents etc.

I guess as we get ancient we will need smaller trees.

kittylester Sat 21-Nov-20 12:29:33

Ours this year! We have always had real ones and last year we rented one which we ould re-rent every year but decided that wwe will just have lots of lights and colour instead - with no clearing up to do.

Presents will go on the hearth as Father Christmas will drop them down the chimney.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 21-Nov-20 12:49:28

That's very pretty Kitty (I'm a poet and I don't know it!). As a child we couldn't afford a real tree so we made one out of a piece of dowelling, green crepe paper and a square box for the base, covered with red paper. To top it off we had tiny multi-coloured shiny baubles. We were thrilled to bits with it so I hold small fake trees in my affections.

We got that little tree out every year even though we could then afford the real thing. Eventually it got so dog-eared we had to part with it and I felt quite sad to see it go.

Now I've got a medium-sized fake white twig tree which resembles a tall witches hat which does the job.

grandtanteJE65 Sat 21-Nov-20 12:49:28

We always have a real tree, it goes up on the 21st or 22nd and comes down on 5th or 6th of January.

If it becomes too much trouble when I am older, I shall either buy a big artificial tree, or a very small real one.

Daddima Sat 21-Nov-20 13:25:46

We always had a real tree when the children were small (and I enjoyed Christmas), but then moved to a fake. Since we started going away at Christmas I moved on to a ready lit and decorated one, as it was only up for a day or two. I’ll just stick with that this year. The box comes out of the loft, you pull the tree up by the top, and it’s done. There are a few wee decorations I like, so they’ll go on too.
I never once had a tree which smelled of pine, but the anti needle drop spray helped!

dragonfly46 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:30:52

We have always had a real tree but a few years ago I bought a fake one thinking it was easier. It was such a faff to put together I gave it away via FB to a lovely lady who was thrilled as it was for her DGD.
I now have one which is pre-lit and just folds out. This is much easier now we are not as strong as we were.

Smileless2012 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:34:41

We have two artificial ones inside and a real one for our roof terrace which Mr. S. went out to got this morning. Too early for me but he said stocks are going down fast and he was worried we wouldn't be able to get one if we waitedhmm.

Wonder if I'll be able to prevent him from adding lights until December 1st!!!

B9exchange Sat 21-Nov-20 14:11:58

We go to a Christmas tree farm and choose one growing in the ground. It is cut down for us and we have a stand that keeps it in water, it drinks a lot! No problems with dropping needles, it is too fresh, and the smell is heavenly. Bit worried this year that the tree farm may not be open, but I think they may open for us if not everyone.