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I’ve done it again...

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Witzend Thu 03-Dec-20 08:41:42

...hiding presents and being unable to find them, I mean.

A while ago I bought a huge bag of nuts for dh’s stocking (he adores nuts) - can I find them? They’re not with the stash of things I bought later, nor in any of the usual hiding places, either.🤔

I don’t think he’s found them and eaten them on the quiet, either!

YorkLady Thu 03-Dec-20 08:43:38

I feel you pain! You know that they will turn up in January 😂

Billybob4491 Thu 03-Dec-20 08:44:49

I have just eaten two of the tree chocolates, and I dont even like chocolate that much! happy hunting Witzend

Ashcombe Thu 03-Dec-20 08:47:22

Perhaps there’s a secret squirrel lurking...........🐿

Ashcombe Thu 03-Dec-20 08:48:36

My darling late Mum always claimed that mislaid items were always in the last place you looked!

Witzend Thu 03-Dec-20 08:52:14

At least if they turn up 3 weeks after Christmas, they’ll be a nice surprise. Like the time I found two emergency-gift boxes of chocolates hidden in the sideboard, after all the other Christmas chocs were gone.🐷🐷

fevertree Thu 03-Dec-20 08:54:29

I do that all the time too. I put things away safely including the gifts that I need to justify having bought only to not be able to find them again. What it means, is that the cupboards get tidied!

MamaCaz Thu 03-Dec-20 08:56:36

If you don't find them in time, Witzend, tell your OH it's a treasure hunt, that you've hidden them and he has to find them 😁

Marydoll Thu 03-Dec-20 09:42:54

I have just found something I bought in the sales last year for DIL's birthday. I had to buy something else instead. I thought I might find it in time for her Christmas, but I gave up and bought something else.
Oh well it will do her birthday next year! grin.

Froglady Thu 03-Dec-20 09:49:16

My problem is that I seem to have Christmas cards for the next couple of years! I bought quite a few from Woodland Trust and then bought some more from Morrisons. I've just unearthed all the presents that I've bought over the year and there are loads of Christmas cards left over from last year! My sister says I should put a note on next year's calendar in November to remind me not to buy any.

Nanagem Thu 03-Dec-20 10:06:31

My mum always hid our presents in the back of her very large wardrobe. Here favourite story was of the year she heard me crying in the early hours of Christmas morning, I had secretly checked my pile of presents at the end of my bed, then crept along the landing to check each of my brothers, they all had a chocolate Father Christmas on their piles, I crept back and checked mine, not there 😲 hence the tears. She convinced me that I must have disturbed Father Christmas and sure enough in the morning it was on the top of my pile 🙄

Squiffy Thu 03-Dec-20 10:28:38

Marydoll Oh well it will do her birthday next year!

If you remember where you put it! tchwink

GrannyGravy13 Thu 03-Dec-20 11:22:43

It’s a family joke that I will find gifts that I have hidden at various times during the year. The AC now look forward to receiving gifts at odd times, it’s not unusual to receive a Christmas gift in July here🤶🤶 or part of their birthday surprise on a day/month other than their birthday 😂😂😂

B9exchange Thu 03-Dec-20 11:35:33

Thank you so much, I am so glad it is not just me! Still haven't found the present that DDiL bought for her niece, DD's daughter. It was given to us for safe keeping to give to her on Christmas Day last year when they were visiting, I put it under the tree and it never appeared. Hugely embarrassing, it was a specially made pendant! Still suffering the shame of losing it.....

Katek Thu 03-Dec-20 11:37:44

I forgot I had a chocolate Advent calendar until I found it by accident this morning. Three chocolates for me today then!!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 03-Dec-20 11:47:09

I was going to suggest that you make space for a special Christmas cupboard but the disadvantage is that if everybody knows about it it's bound to be disturbed by the impatient.

Once BIL overheard his youngest son, "I've searched high and low for ... (insert long awaited gift) but can't find it anywhere." Luckily he'd got a neighbour to put it in his garage.

Kate1949 Thu 03-Dec-20 12:08:04

Last year I bought a £50 gift card and out it somewhere 'safe'. I couldn't find it anywhere. I had the buy another one. Then, when I was wrapping a book for someone, out fell the gift card. Oh well, we spent it ourselves. I let was a pub chain card so we had a treat smile

Kate1949 Thu 03-Dec-20 12:08:45

It was for a pub chain not I let!

Witzend Thu 03-Dec-20 13:11:28

Funny, that, @Ashcombe !😂

grandtanteJE65 Fri 04-Dec-20 11:59:48

Well, if you have tried the usual hiding places, better try the unusual ones.

Or, think back to when you came home with the shopping the day you bought them. What else did you buy that day, and where did you put it all?

If you had them sent, what else came that day? Or what where you doing when the parcel arrived?

This usually works for me, so I hope you find them.

Next year have only two places where you put Christmas presents and food bought in advance and make sure you put things in one of the two places.

grandtanteJE65 Fri 04-Dec-20 12:03:17

Actually, a not in the calendar for next year either in November or December is a really good idea.

I did so last year and it saved me buying duplicates.

Coco51 Sat 05-Dec-20 10:00:24

The only way to find something is to buy another. Immediately the original will turn up and you’ll have two!

TwinLolly Sat 05-Dec-20 10:22:44

confused What a bummer! I feel your pain. confused

Yellowmellow Sat 05-Dec-20 10:24:52

l've done the same. Birthday cards, birthday presents as well as Christmas presents

glammanana Sat 05-Dec-20 10:34:34

This past week I have lost 2 x birthday cards for DGS birthdays during December and have had to buy more [tchumm]
I have never gotten over buying a one off angel for my Christmas Tree at a specialist Christmas shop in Albert Dock Liverpool I bought it in September and left it under the stairs on a hook never to be seen again.