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Giving Christmas presents during pandemic

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nananet01 Fri 18-Dec-20 22:09:55

Are we likely to spread the virus in giving presents? I'd be interested in individual opinions. Would you buy, leave for a few days, then wrap for example? Would you clean before wrapping? Remove outer packaging?

lemongrove Fri 18-Dec-20 22:16:13

I bought the presents online, took off the outer packaging and left them for at least a week before wrapping.I have read that there are more transmissions from infected droplets in the air ( talking, laughing, singing, sneezing, coughing) than from
Surfaces, but why not be careful if you can be.

BlueBelle Fri 18-Dec-20 22:19:09

No we re not

SueDonim Fri 18-Dec-20 22:24:13

I’m doing the same as I usually do, it’s never crossed my mind to change it. By the time presents are opened, any contamination will be long dead.

EllanVannin Fri 18-Dec-20 22:24:15

I use my trusty " thin " Marigolds, even at the local shop grin

Jaxjacky Fri 18-Dec-20 22:29:50

SueDonim same, they’ll all be wrapped by tomorrow evening and given out Christmas Eve. I don’t wear gloves, but rigorous hand washing at home and sanitising immediately I’m out of a shop.

SueDonim Fri 18-Dec-20 22:36:25

Same, Jaxjackie. I can’t see the point in wearing gloves as any contamination will be spread by them and they need washing! It’s easier to simply sanitise and wash your hands.

Daisymae Fri 18-Dec-20 23:10:53

Mine are wrapped, going to put them in a bag so should be fine. I also understand that most transmission is person to person.

Teacheranne Sat 19-Dec-20 01:24:51

The only additional precaution I took this year was washing my hands after I opened a delivery parcel. My presents were all ordered online in November ( I have mobility problems so am not able to go shopping) and I wrapped them today so no lingering virus on them - not that it crossed my mind! Obviously they won’t be touched again for a week as they are already in bags ready for each family.

But on Christmas Day I will be accepting presents handed to me by my family as I’m spending the day with my support bubble family and my adult daughter is joining us. I will wash my hands after the present exchange as I normally would as I’ll be handling food then.

Redhead56 Sat 19-Dec-20 01:50:17

I started shopping for Christmas in September I sanitised with wipes ASAP. My family and friends automatically do the same with wipes anything they take to their homes.

Calendargirl Sat 19-Dec-20 06:47:58

Don’t think I will have many presents to open or give, but won’t worry about it, the wrapping and unwrapping I mean.

Just wash hands after.

Dorsetcupcake61 Sat 19-Dec-20 08:00:10

I think this is one area I'm still a little wary of. A logical part of me wonders at the odds of someone infected with covid handling my groceries/parcels/ mail. On the other hand you never know who has handled your parcel /item before you. It's always at the back of my mind the Governments advice about wiping down surfaces others have touched. As a consequence I am more careful about items leaving for 72 hours etc.
I think with regards to giving presents unless they have been wrapped just before contents be fine.
Really the most essential thing to remember is that the virus enters through mouth,eyes,nose. The most important thing is to wash your hands before eating and not touch your face.

Ellianne Sat 19-Dec-20 08:08:03

How will I be able to leave the parcels for a few days when Santa has handled them that night? I'm sure he has no time for hand washing going from house to house.

nananet01 Sat 19-Dec-20 09:18:12

Haha good point Elianne

Galaxy Sat 19-Dec-20 09:21:01

Santa is immune Ellianne, what with being magic and everything.

Sweetchile Sat 19-Dec-20 09:28:48

Don't worry Ellianne. Santa is using Dettol spray!!!

Gingergirl Sat 19-Dec-20 09:33:45

I don’t know if giving presents spreads the virus. Probably nor does anyone else. But it doesn’t feel right to me, to give lots of gifts this year (and we were thinking of reducing gifts anyway) , so we have sent toys by online delivery to family for the children, some weeks ago, and as times are hard, given money to our children. Neighbours will be given bottles of wine....and they can treat that how they would like! We don’t give to friends normally anyway. I would say, give a gift...and the recipient can treat it however they wish to.

Alioop Sat 19-Dec-20 09:35:05

I've mine wrapped for weeks now & in their bags so should be ok, although I have to touch them again to give and receive. Plenty of hand washing when opening and I'm doing that anyway with post etc. Never would you believe we would have to be so careful opening gifts from friends and family. So sad.

Blackcat3 Sat 19-Dec-20 09:44:45

Minimal risk...unless you open them with your mouth! Good hygiene....clean when packed clean when opened....common sense.

Theoddbird Sat 19-Dec-20 09:51:49

I have done nothing other than mask wearing, hand sanitizing and lots of hand washing since the pandemic started. I haven't washed my groceries with bleach. Never use bleach ever on anything. I just wash my hands after touching anything brought onto my boat in the first three days. I really think that hand washing is the most important thing anyone can do smile

TrendyNannie6 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:00:42

Agree Theoddbird same here

Nannapat1 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:03:05

I stopped washing my shopping in July. I wore gloves once in March and not again: much better to thoroughly wash or sanitise hands regularly.
The virus can only live a short while on surfaces anyway.

4allweknow Sat 19-Dec-20 10:09:26

Only this week a medic told me if I am concerned about parcels,paper just to use, open then wash my hands.

Delene100 Sat 19-Dec-20 10:14:18

I shopped online, sent to my daughter and asked her to wrap grandchildren's presents. For my daughter's I transferred money to buy her own present. I am staying away this year and have been isolating since March to protect myself as teens are the biggest spreaders. Hopefully next year we will be back to near normal.

Aepgirl Sat 19-Dec-20 10:25:00

I’d rather spread the joy of presents than worry about the slim chance of passing on the virus.
Provided all other precautions are taken (hand washing and disposal of paper immediately) I don’t think we need to worry.