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Find the best place for you to live

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jinglbellsfrocks Tue 21-Apr-15 12:36:02

take the test

vampirequeen Tue 21-Apr-15 12:49:10

Oh dear it told me to live in Oxford. Nothing against Oxford as such but it suggests a busy, busy place with lots of people and I love the middle of nowhere lol.

It told me that Carlisle and surrounding area would be the worst place when if you discount Carlisle itself the low population and wide open spaces in the surrounding area would be perfect.

It suggested that I move from East Yorkshire to North Lincolnshire. Now everyone round here knows that the only thing we have in common with the Yellow Bellies is the Humber Bridge grin

pompa Tue 21-Apr-15 12:55:25

smile just done the test and I live only a few miles SE of the recommendation.

AshTree Tue 21-Apr-15 12:56:59

I was very confused when it told me I should live in South Holland, and went on to say that this region had (I think?) 47 towns and villages, one of which was Spalding.
I had to Google South Holland and then found that it was a place in Lincolnshire and not the southern part of The Netherlands!!!

janeainsworth Tue 21-Apr-15 12:58:06

Well I got the Fens shock
We once travelled through them when we had the narrowboat. It was fascinating but spooky and I would never choose to live there.
I like hills, or for something completely different, cities!

pompa Tue 21-Apr-15 12:59:18

VQ you are being very derogatory to my son and his family who live on the southern bank of the Humber, I am a Yorkshireman and would not use that term.

vampirequeen Tue 21-Apr-15 13:00:13

When I was little we used to take the ferry from Hull to New Holland. We were always convinced we'd gone abroad.

merlotgran Tue 21-Apr-15 13:29:32

It says I should live in Staffordshire. DS already lives there and we love the canals and scenery.

Apparently the worst place for me would be the Outer Hebrides. Yep!!

We live right on the edge of the fens, janea. That's near enough, thanks. grin

grumppa Tue 21-Apr-15 13:30:19

Hart district in Hampshire - no way! Either I don't know myself or this test is daft.

pompa Tue 21-Apr-15 13:33:43

I could cope with the fens -- big skies smile

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 21-Apr-15 13:34:20

I got Harrogate. I quite fancy that.

Still only got 32% life satisfaction even living there. Which is not great. grin

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 21-Apr-15 13:37:06

Worst place for me was Corby. I'll go along with that

Stansgran Tue 21-Apr-15 13:39:05

Gateshead!!! Or Harrogate. If you could see the bus station in Gateshead you would know the reason I feel horrified. Harrogate yes is very nice but I prefer York(DD2 lives there)

Stansgran Tue 21-Apr-15 13:40:31

Where do you get these items from JBR? Do you google all day? When do you find time to garden?

shysal Tue 21-Apr-15 13:44:10

South Norfolk would suit me apparently.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 21-Apr-15 13:44:11

I came across this a few weeks back now from the BBC website. The other thread about where you would like to live brought it to mind.

You know, my garden is surprisingly easy to keep up now. I spent fortyfive years making it so. It mostly just sits there and grows. grin

Marmight Tue 21-Apr-15 14:00:37

Mid Devon recommended as best place. Worst place would be Chesterfield! I live in Fife confused

Marmight Tue 21-Apr-15 14:01:31

......strange thing is, I have been looking on Rightmove at properties in South Devon

Marmight Tue 21-Apr-15 14:01:57

Perhaps it's a 'sign' ?

Maggiemaybe Tue 21-Apr-15 14:23:12

I've had to look up both my best and worst. Hart and Eilean Star. One's in Hampshire with an average income of £40k, so that's me out, and the other's in the Outer Hebrides (ex country child shudders at the thought of ever moving back to the sticks).

What surprised me is the prediction that I'd have 74% life satisfaction in Hart, and 63% in the Outer Hebrides. I reckon I've over 90% already now that I'm retired, so I think I'll stay put.

And they're only offering you 32%, jings? confused

I find time to fill in surveys like this by just not doing all the things I should be doing (and pretending I've done them when DH comes in from the allotment for a coffee). grin

nightowl Tue 21-Apr-15 14:55:45

Hey jingl we're actually very alike wink. I got North Yorkshire (Craven) as my best place and Corby as my worst like you.

Like you, my best place wasn't very high, only 58%. OH (who got 94% on his best place) said it summed me up - never happy wherever I was grin

Juliette Tue 21-Apr-15 15:03:47

See you there shysal smile

janerowena Tue 21-Apr-15 15:55:05

A friend sent me this link a month or so ago and it came up as me needing to go to live in her town. Well - I loathe it there! I only go there to see her! Rather surprisingly, it said that I would be almost as happy only a few miles to the west of where I live, which is where I had actually wanted to live.

So I think I shall do it again and see if it comes out differently.

Well, it's better, in that it wants to send me to Oxford too! I do like it there, but prefer the country. It's still picking the area close by to be a favourite, rather than where I live, but at 67% where I live I can't complain. Even Eilean Siar at 59% being the worst wouldn't hold any horrors for me - but the previous town I was given most definitely would! I'm not posting it in case anyone on here lives there.

GillT57 Tue 21-Apr-15 16:46:02

EEk! Tamworth for me and only 32% happy with that. It seems that Tamworth has low average income and high levels of neurotics. Boy that sounds a great place to live.

Teetime Tue 21-Apr-15 17:11:06

Lewes for me - lovely I'm packing already- problem is I think the property prices would defeat me.