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Win a Roberts radio and a copy of The Double Dangerous Book for Boys - Thread 2 *NOW CLOSED*

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 06-Dec-19 13:43:00

To celebrate the release of The Double Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden, we've teamed up with HarperCollins to offer one lucky gransnetter the chance to win a Roberts Revival radio worth £159.99 and a copy of the book.

More details on the prize can be found HERE and T&Cs HERE. We will pick a winner after 11am on 11th December.

To enter simply tell us... What childhood game, project or activity do you look back on most fondly?

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Gransie Fri 06-Dec-19 15:16:39

Favourite game was gathering wild flowers and fruits and making pretend wine out them with my best friend Linda and then having a pretend party in our den.

maianaomim Sat 07-Dec-19 14:07:04

My best friend and I would set off for adventures in the wild valleys of south Wales. With nothing but a compass and a box of matches.

Cathy100102 Sat 07-Dec-19 16:42:03

Chinese checkers esp. with my dad ? he won the last game we played ??

vee Sun 08-Dec-19 09:39:30

Happy days spent outside from morning till sunset. Climbing trees, building dens, paddling in streams and rolling down hills.

barboofa Sun 08-Dec-19 09:57:36

I look back fondly on 'playing out' in the street or at the local park. We were free to roam and enjoy playing games such as 'lalio', 'tick' and hide and seek'

antheaholloway Sun 08-Dec-19 17:53:45

I loved playing draughts when I was a child. I played with grownups too and it didn't seem to matter!

zanon2b Sun 08-Dec-19 18:18:45


brownhandbag Sun 08-Dec-19 21:53:15

we used to spend hours on good old monopoly, I was usually the boot!

Littleimpney Mon 09-Dec-19 00:31:58

I used love playing hopscotch and cats cradle.

love0c Mon 09-Dec-19 03:58:14

A whip and top. Loved playing with it and chalking all the different patterns on the top.

traceygre Mon 09-Dec-19 05:00:14

I loved my projector from the `70s and would spend hours of a night time showing pictures on my bedroom wall

hughese Mon 09-Dec-19 06:43:31

Tree climbing

cavewoman Mon 09-Dec-19 07:02:04

Cluedo and making holes in the lawn on my pogo stick.

sharkgirl Mon 09-Dec-19 09:40:02

Stamp collecting, the lengths we went to!

plastigffantastig Mon 09-Dec-19 13:07:35

Making things for my doll house - they rarely looked anything like what they were supposed to be, but I thought they were fab!

NanaMargaret Mon 09-Dec-19 14:14:33

Skipping and all the lovely rhymes I can still remember

bdavies Mon 09-Dec-19 17:56:34

Den-making. We would be off exploring and making dens, Summer and Winter. I feel so sorry for children today who hardly go outdoors

Vivian123 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:51:38

I remember, at school, building an igloo, after heavy snow. I recall how warm it was inside. My school pals and I had great fun in side it. It took ages to melt.

carowood Mon 09-Dec-19 21:06:41

My Dad made my sister and me a pair of stilts each which we absolutely loved. We spent hours walking on them and became quite expert.

Busywomanuk1 Mon 09-Dec-19 21:34:08

Playing hopscotch both in the school playground and on the street - had lots of fun for hours

nikki0608 Mon 09-Dec-19 21:56:43

elastics. where we tied lots of rubber bands together and attached them to 2 lamp posts and jumped over them.

angiejackson Mon 09-Dec-19 22:08:49

we had a wendy house and loved putting it up in the summer so we could play in it, I even remember having our dinner in there!

jaizko Mon 09-Dec-19 22:16:16

Playing hopscotch, two ball and skipping at school break times.

delboy98 Mon 09-Dec-19 22:35:18

I enjoyed playing Connect 4 with my family - I loved the game, even though it was quite simplistic. However, it did cause arguments!