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Respirator Supply & Demand Dilemma!

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ananimous Sat 14-Mar-20 18:50:52

Where are the assurances from Boris that, as one of the 5th richest world economies, He is doing everything possible to source more medical equipment to ensure damage limitation?

The Tories will be the ones in the wilderness for decades if they don't throw some cash at this right now.

The bull might make more sense if we knew our hospitals were eagerly anticipating new respirators.

I am reminded of this movie scene -

"It's after ten!" - Mrs Greenway urges action!
It really is after ten.

Pumpkinhead&Sparkless have gone to ground, so there is that I s'pose.

Is it time we crowdfunded respirator supplies ourselves?

Good luck everyone.

rosecarmel Tue 24-Mar-20 20:42:19

It makes me question the rest of the fabric ..

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 20:45:30


I am so thankful for people like your son.

Thursday 8pm - I shall have my windows and doors open, clapping for the NHS workers.

GrannyLaine Tue 24-Mar-20 20:50:13

Ah I see ananimous, layman's rather than professional's terms. I'm more familiar with the latter. Don't worry, its tricky isn't it?

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 20:50:24

*Wonderful (people like your son)

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 20:54:47

Keep telling yourself what you need to GrannyLaine.

GrannyLaine Tue 24-Mar-20 21:12:33

That's the spirit! gringrin

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 21:33:44


gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 21:52:27

I really hate to be the bearer of bad new but my DH spent 2 months in ICU on a respirator and in an induced coma at the end of last year. Without this awful virus the unit was often full and difficult decisions had to be made every day.

I was very lucky in so much that my DH despite his age (67/8 he had his birthday whilst in an induced coma) he was a previously very fit man who ticked all the right boxes at the time. I doub5 he would be so “lucky” today .

ananimous Tue 24-Mar-20 21:52:30

Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 22:04:22

I have a small team of very clever engineers who could be on this in seconds ananimous . Okay so we could not mass produce but we could do our bit . Instead I am lying awake wondering what to do. I cant pay then a wage this week because our contracts have all been postponed . We could be doing something to help .

Callistemon Tue 24-Mar-20 22:11:45

Imrpthinkmthat firms have offeredgillybob - can you work something out and offer your services to make ventilators?

There is equipment, there must be a need for far more but much is sitting in warehouses.
So why has our lorry driver friend been laid off? Why does his firm not offer their services to deliver this equipment?

We are all in this together.

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 22:14:06

Not sure what you mean Calli ? I would be more than happy to offer our services. smile

Callistemon Tue 24-Mar-20 22:18:32

If you Google production of ventilators, you will find the government site where you can register to offer your services gilly.
Hope that helps.

Sorry for the rubbish fat finger typos at the beginning

ananimous Wed 25-Mar-20 09:55:03

Government site.

ananimous Wed 25-Mar-20 09:55:18