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Thread for those needing a chat or support if they are self isolating

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Whitewavemark2 Mon 16-Mar-20 08:44:55

Anything goes folks! Except hopefully arguments.

One question

Is anyone isolated but with no access to fresh food or medicines etc?

Teetime Mon 16-Mar-20 09:22:38

As an existing customer I have secured on line shopping for two weeks so if anyone near would like me to get their shopping please pm me- I am in the East Midlands. Also here for a chat on line/phone. Good wishes to all. flowers

Mamie Mon 16-Mar-20 09:57:39

Unless we go out, then yes. We have no internet shopping here and 14km to our food shops / pharmacy. We will organise collections in the village though.

Itsnotme Wed 18-Mar-20 06:45:46

Just want to support people with some ideas who are self isolating. I was on my own without a job after my divorce and I found it hard to cope with the loneliness. It took me about 4 months before I got used to it and could honestly say that I enjoy it. I now love my own company.

I enjoy looking after the flat I’m in, i don’t have a garden though. I use chat forums, social media, watts app friend groups and am learning Portuguese. Films and iPlayer also pass the time. I don’t like reading, wish I did, but I can’t concentrate on printed stories. I cycle and walk and use Les Mills video classes. Baking, also I have an old sewing machine which I keep meaning to put to good use, but I have to think of something to make !

I’ve offered help to elderly neighbours and family, and they said they will let me know if they get into difficulties.

I hope these ideas help o stave the boredom of being by yourself.

craftyone Wed 18-Mar-20 06:58:01

it might be a good chance to learn something new. Craftsy have endless online hobby/craft classes

Youtube perhaps to keep company while keeping moving

mental stimulation is just as important, learning something new will help the time pass. Plenty online