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Are you watching the Prime Minister speaking live on news channels?

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POGS Mon 16-Mar-20 16:56:33

Simply that.

Are you watching to hear from the most reliable source.

POGS Mon 16-Mar-20 20:17:34


Thank you very much . You too.

Grandad1943 Mon 16-Mar-20 20:30:02

What is required I believe is flexibility in employment? Several vehicle manufacturers have today announced they are ceasing production at their plants in Britain and elsewhere. Those LGV drivers now without work from those plants can easily transfer their skills into the food distribution and help in replacing the ravages we have seen in the supermarkets over the weekend.

The same could open happen with employees in other industries such as hospitality, catering and education that are closing down or will in the near future close down. Those workers could well be temporarily re-employed in food and medical distribution centres where there will be a huge shortage of labour in the coming weeks.

The above may well require government action to bring such a large temporary transfer of labour about quickly in the face of the current crisis.

POGS Mon 16-Mar-20 20:42:46


Yes I heard Fiat Chrysler, PSA Group and Renault are closing manufacturing facilities across Europe, so far is it 2 in the UK?

Scary days for sure.

I think it will be more difficult to get over the economy world wide tanking than COVID 19 in many ways.

CherryCezzy Mon 16-Mar-20 23:42:19

MerylStreep , that's a very large assumption to make. You have no idea why I was unlikely to be listening. At the moment, I am popping between my home and that of my terminally ill neighbour! I knew there were to be medical experts with the PM but the bulletin is available for me to listen to when I have the opportunity. Why I have to explain myself to you though really I don't know, you know nothing about me or what I do in my life.

Eloethan Tue 17-Mar-20 01:20:34

I don't understand why people feel Johnson and his government are doing such a good job. This virus has been known about since December last year yet it appears it is only now that there is a mad panic to try and source the hundreds of new ventilators that it was quite evident would be required.

My understanding is that only those with very serious symptoms are being tested. A petition has recently been started by a doctor who says he has symptoms which may indicate he has the virus but he does not know for sure because he has not been tested. His dilemma is: should he self-isolate for seven days and leave his already seriously pressurised colleagues to try to cover his absence or should he go to work? Although this case is especially grave, as it involves an absolutely vital worker, this issue can arise for many working age people who may, for financial and other reasons, be reluctant to self isolate if there is no indisputable evidence to confirm they have the virus. How can a coherent plan be made to try and manage this crisis in the most effective way when there is no proper information as to who definitely has - or definitely has not - got the virus, and so no true figure to indicate the rate at which it is multiplying and in what situations it is multiplying?

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 17-Mar-20 07:31:53

How odd that a Doctor who has symptoms is wondering whether or not he should go to work.


Fake news I would think.

Apart from that, you are right, how on earth do we know what is happening without testing? As for testing afterwards to see if we have had it, how will that work? Who will do the testing , where will it be done?

vegansrock Tue 17-Mar-20 08:10:03

Why are people being asked not to go to pubs, theatres etc but those businesses are allowed to stay open? Could it be they are trying to prop up the insurance industry? Or just hoping they’ll all close anyway when no one turns up. What happens to pregnant women who work in schools? Should they stay at home? What happens when half the staff in the school are sick? Can a school be forced to stay open? The government needs to be clear and not so wish washy.
Lots of mixed messages from this government.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 17-Mar-20 08:17:05

John Redwood is calling for loans, tax breaks and help with the payroll for businesses.

It comes to something when even the hard right are calling for massive spending. We shall see what the chancellor says later.

Business leaders met with Johnson yesterday to discuss the possibility of manufacturing necessary equipment like ventilators. They were appalled that he could not stop playing the clown. One of his comments they were particularly sickened by when he suggested push for thousands of ventilators could be called “operation last gasp”

The EU are working closely together to assist each other in this time of crises. One plan is to move vital equipment around as each country reaches its peak.
They decided that in humanitarian interest the U.K. should be included in this scheme.
We should get down on our knees to thank them for this utterly generous act.

Let us hope that they do the same when the vaccine and other medicines are available as the U.K. has left the EMA etc. We have no trade agreements regarding medicine. The only country in the world. Dear oh dear.

Esspee Tue 17-Mar-20 08:27:57

Whitewavemark2. UK scientists are making good progress with a vaccine. (Imperial College website).

lemongrove Tue 17-Mar-20 08:32:27

Haven’t seen you on here since the General Election WW
But predictably you are back with comments that will surprise nobody.
Bash a Conservative government, bash Johnson, bash Brexit,
And all in one post.
It would obviously be too much for some posters to stop political point scoring both with regard to Parties and leaving the EU, now is not the time for it!
Rather, we should follow the government’s advice in pulling together because this pandemic transcends all petty ‘digs’ as regards politics.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 17-Mar-20 08:42:22

espee yes I know that, my daughter is a micro biologist so I’m more than aware of the issues, but we have no vaccine making facility in the whole of the UK

Whitewavemark2 Tue 17-Mar-20 08:46:47

Don’t forget that Trump is using his muscle to promise untold quantity of money for vaccine manufacturers to sell exclusively to the USA.

The EU has the muscle to ensure that there is balance in this. We don’t as we are entirely on our own now.

vegansrock Tue 17-Mar-20 08:59:55

It’s not political point scoring to question some of the mixed messages we are getting the “herd immunity” idea seems to have been bypassed now after only a few days , since the herd immunity model really only works with vaccinations. I do hope people take the advice, and hope it works, but there are always the selfish, those who have no common sense etc. I’d have more respect if they admitted the NHS can’t cope as it has been underfunded for years and put firmer restrictions in place.

JenniferEccles Tue 17-Mar-20 09:32:18

Well said lemongrove

Some things never change do they?

Meanwhile the government is taking advice from experts who are all doing their best to introduce measures to keep us safe.

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 09:37:51

Goodness me! The thought of Dianne Abbott and Corbyn being in charge has actually made me laugh out loud. Can you just imagine the figures if DA was up on that podium?

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 09:41:16

On a serious note, I do wonder how bad the austerity measures will be when this over because the coffers will be empty by then.

Greymar Tue 17-Mar-20 09:41:40

But they aren't in charge are they? So what's the point of that silly comment?

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 10:04:06

I thought it would make a change from your silly comments Greymar!

Calendargirl Tue 17-Mar-20 10:09:38

Well, JC wouldn’t be up on the podium, because of his age he should be sat at home!

vegansrock Tue 17-Mar-20 10:13:09

Are they introducing any measures though? It’s just advice, but no firm restrictions. BJ calling it “operation last gasp” not funny imo. I hope he genuinely wants to help people and that he’s getting it right this time. Last weeks advice is out the window. This weeks advice leaves many people baffled. We shouldn’t go to the pub but can send children to school. Does that make sense?

Greymar Tue 17-Mar-20 10:15:31

Which of my comments are silly?

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 10:24:42

Oh dear has someone upset you Greymar? Did the naughty Gran make fun of your heroes? Put a sock in it and get a grip. The world is on the brink of a major catastrophe and you accuse me of silly comments? Really?? It’s pathetic.

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 10:26:32

JC couldn’t make his mind up over Brexit - I shudder to think how he’d be dithering over this.

Greymar Tue 17-Mar-20 10:46:19

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are not , nor have ever been my heroes.

vegansrock Tue 17-Mar-20 10:48:42

Who is political point scoring here?