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Are you watching the Prime Minister speaking live on news channels?

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POGS Mon 16-Mar-20 16:56:33

Simply that.

Are you watching to hear from the most reliable source.

Labaik Wed 25-Mar-20 19:44:25

Can you tell me what he actually said that made you feel more positive?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Mar-20 19:58:33

I was feeling resigned to it all until I heard the UN Director General.

Now I’m scared to death

Labaik Wed 25-Mar-20 21:09:02

I'm up and down like a yoyo. One minute I feel more positive and then something will floor me. And have seen a comment from someone I know slightly saying she needs to go shopping tomorrow, but she's supposedly in 14 day quarantine because her son has symptoms. Trying to tactfully say what the hell are you doing....

NfkDumpling Wed 25-Mar-20 21:29:08

Has anyone heard anything from Dominic Cummings lately? I'm hoping he's quietly slunk away to hide in a hole.

Labaik Wed 25-Mar-20 21:35:46

Whitewave; check out Dr John Campbells latest utube blog. He is very reassuring.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 28-Mar-20 19:02:41

An open letter from a doctor to Johnson

Whitewavemark2 Sat 28-Mar-20 19:31:04

Another link this one about help with the farmers harvest

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 09:57:52

Possible government rationing on the horizon.

We know that everything for such a scenario is in place as it will be used in a no deal brexit.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 10:06:43

Reports that families are trying to borrow money to purchase food.

“If you can’t feed your country, you haven’t got a country”

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Mar-20 10:58:40

Important bit of information from Gove

“It is very important that we follow the advise of experts”


He said it with a straight face too