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Utterly furious with my work colleague

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HurdyGurdy Tue 17-Mar-20 16:51:25

She was ill all last week, and refused to stay away. The usual cold/flu type symptoms, but adamant it was "just a cold".

She eventually stayed at home on Friday, but was back in the office yesterday.

Someone said to her - "you're still not right, are you", to which she replied "no, not really. I'm getting pains across my chest as well". Apparently she didn't think it was "that serious".

As if that wasn't bad enough, her husband is staying at home because he has been told to self isolate, because he shows ALL the symptoms of Coronavirus.

And SHE came into work - potentially infecting all the team. We have two people who both have diabetes and high blood pressure, and other conditions. One of the team members is incredibly anxious about the whole thing, and this woman last week kept going up to her, and pretending to touch her and breath over her. She was really upset about it.

We have another team member whose mother is very ill with COPD and she had planned to go and visit her mother today, for what could potentially have been the last time for some months. She has had to cancel that, just in case.

I don't know who to be most furious with - the woman who thought it was acceptable to leave her self isolating husband and potentially bring this virus into our office, or the management, who let her stay at work instead of packing her straight back off home.

It's not like she has to be in the office. She (and the rest of the team, although we haven't been sent home yet) can easily work from home, and often does if she has workmen coming, or childcare issues. But for this, she comes into the office.

She told another colleague, last week, that she found the virus "quite exciting as it's something we've never seen in our lifetime".

Unbelievable - and how selfish and inconsiderate. I'm actually pleased she chose to work from home today, because frankly I think I'd have lost my rag and said more than I should.

Smileless2012 Tue 17-Mar-20 16:56:45

Selfish and irresponsible don't begin to sum her up do they HurdyGurdy and I agree that who ever's in charge should have ordered her to go home.

undecided Tue 17-Mar-20 17:04:31

How can someone be so ignorant and why have'nt the management done something? All you hear on the news now is that everyone who can should work from home. This is such a serious situation.

tickingbird Tue 17-Mar-20 17:07:05

Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Your firm should be named and shamed.

rubysong Tue 17-Mar-20 17:09:10

She should have been sent straight home for 14 days.

Sparklefizz Tue 17-Mar-20 17:14:12

You must look after yourself and work from home if you're able to until it seems safe to go back.

HurdyGurdy Tue 17-Mar-20 18:00:40

We are in Children's Services, but our team manager is frankly useless. All our team can work from home. We don't work face to face, and all our work is done by phone or email.

We have a "trial" tomorrow morning, when we will work from home until 10am, to see if all our systems will talk to each other, then we go into the office.

I asked the manager today if this was in preparation for everyone working from home. She said no, just testing that it works.

What a shambles.

Smileless2012 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:04:35

I hope the trial run works well HurdyGurdy and you'll be able to work from home. Children's Services is such an important sector and needs to be kept running.

Dottygran59 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:11:40

Do you have a whistleblowing policy? It’s anonymous. You need to go higher than your line manager. This is disgraceful and dangerous disregard for others safety and well-being. No wonder you’re upset. I am livid on your behalf

GagaJo Tue 17-Mar-20 18:13:36

I agree with Dotty. How dare our employers (and colleagues) put us at risk?

curvygran Tue 17-Mar-20 18:14:54

She wouldn’t have dared to do it if she lived in Singapore of China, that’s for sure .I’m afraid it’s people like her behaving so selfishly and dangerously that will make the government really tighten up the current rules. Do we really want the army/police keeping us all off the streets?
HurdyGurdy, I’m furious on your behalf !

curvygran Tue 17-Mar-20 18:15:35

Sorry typo: Singapore or China

Patsy70 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:23:34

What a selfish and stupid attitude, also potentially life threatening to her colleagues and their families. I agree with Dotty. Work from home, HurdyGurdy!

eazybee Tue 17-Mar-20 18:25:15

I would have thought the team manager would have the authority to send her home, particularly if she is deliberately alarming those at risk. It will probably be a sackable offence withn a few days.

Grandad1943 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:57:05

For employees who find themselves in health & safety situations such as the opening poster has described there is always the option of using the company and legislated on grievance procedure.

Such a grievance can be from a single member of staff or a joint multiple grievance hearing application from several or all employees in a company. The grievance hearing application should be forwarded in written form and those handing in such a hearing application must ensure that the employer or their representative signs to state that they have received the grievance hearing application.

In the case of health & Safety issues the hearing must commence within three days of the grievance hearing application being received. A trade union official must also be allowed onto the site to advise and represent those undertaking the grievance even if no trade union is recognised by the employer.

With every respect to opening poster, placing employment frustrations on a forum such as this although understandable achieves nothing, taking the correct appropriate action very often does.

Should the employer dismiss the grievance at the hearing and the following appeal, should any member of staff incur illness by way of negligence by the employer following such a grievance being dismissed the employee(s) then have the option to place a claim against the employer in an industrial court (Industrial tribunal).

Dottygran59 Tue 17-Mar-20 19:09:44

Bravo Grandad 1943. I’m incensed. I really am. Can’t stop thinking about it. Please OP, do the right thing. Be brave. Please, for all your sakes. My company has sent out a notice to all of us. All who can WFH should. I can’t, don’t have a lap top, but I am now self isolating in an empty office and feel very safe and secure. Please reconsider your position and take action. Honestly, if this nutter worked in my office there would be hell to,pay.

Grandad1943 Tue 17-Mar-20 19:23:46

I did forget to mention in my above post that in a large or medium-sized company the grievance hearing and following appeal, if necessary, must be undertaken by a manager who is not a direct line manager of the employee or group of employees who have undertaken the grievance against the employer.

It must also be two different company representatives who hear the grievance hearing and the following appeal if necessary.

Daisymae Tue 17-Mar-20 19:38:46

She should be in isolation for 14 days. I would speak to your manager

HurdyGurdy Tue 17-Mar-20 19:55:36

Thank you for your comments and advice. I am hoping that when we do go into work tomorrow following our trial, our Service Manger will be in the office. She used to be our team manger years ago, and has always had an "open door" policy, and I know I can speak openly to her.

If she's not in the office, then I will email her.

I agree that upper management should be made aware of this, which is surely a breach of health and safety policy.

Callistemon Tue 17-Mar-20 20:40:27

HurdyGuedy I fell so angry on your behalf.

How unbelievably stupid and selfish.

She deserves to be suspended. I do think you should all put in an official complaint against her.

I hope you and the rest of your colleagues stay safe and well.

Helennonotion Tue 17-Mar-20 21:53:16

A lady at my sisters' fitness class last week was coughing and spluttering all over the place. Someone asked her, "Are you sure you don't have the coronavirus?" She replied, "Oh quite possibly, I was in Italy last week!!" So some members of the class told her she should be self-isolating and her reply was, "Oh I don't have time to be cooped up indoors for that length of time!" My sister, whos husband has severe underlying health issues, grabbed her coat and fled! Some people!!!

Missfoodlove Tue 17-Mar-20 21:59:27

I called a friend this evening to catch up, I asked if she was isolating.
No she said, the sooner we all get it the better, it’s not so bad.
I was furious.

Until we all know someone that has suffered people will not take this seriously.

I will not be seeing my friend for some time!

mcem Tue 17-Mar-20 22:16:42

DD's doc visited her today all masked and gloves. (Medical centre closed down.) Dd has severe kidney problems and should be in hospital.
Doc took swabs and we should know tomorrow afternoon. If test is positive she'll have iv antibiotics and kidney treatment in the new covid ward but if negative, she'll be admitted to urology as usual.
Can't be admitted until they know where to put her.

Luckygirl Tue 17-Mar-20 22:17:22

I never fail to be amazed at the stupidity of some people; and also by the kindness that has arisen over this pandemic.

What a silly woman this is.

Itsnotme Wed 18-Mar-20 13:19:28

I don’t think people realise how extremely contagious and dangerous this virus is. I saw my neighbour (I kept my distance) asked how he was and he said he’s had a major operation, he’s retired. I asked him if he was self isolating and he said “nah, don’t believe all this nonsense” then he went into his house.

I think they’ll be loads of selfish ignorant people like him. And then they’ll wonder why the army moves in when it happens.