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I can’t use the dedicated shopping hour for the elderly if I can't leave my home, now can I?

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Wildflowers47 Wed 18-Mar-20 01:45:13

Well it’s a nice provision that some supermarkets are opening their doors early for exclusive use of the elderly.
My problem is that I care for my lovely husband who is confined to a wheelchair and I am high risk myself. We were advised to self isolate last week, so I managed to get an online shopping slot with Sainsbury’s - my usual shop.
I was impressed to get most of my usual items with several substitutions. The driver said it was a nice change to deliver a normal shop as most of his deliveries today had been for 10-12 box fulls and many customers had been booking multiple shopping slots to get multiple shops in the same week or even same day!
So I go online to book my shop for next week and there is not a slot to be had, surprise surprise!
How are the customers with high risk, old age and disability issues going to cope for 12 or more weeks? We are urged not to stockpile, so now what do we do!!??

Sussexborn Wed 18-Mar-20 02:24:36

There seem to be quite a few groups setting up to help those who can’t make it to the shops. Try asking on local sites or ask neighbours. Contact the RVS in your area but if all else fails write a large message on cardboard asking for help and put it in the window.

Just take it a few days at a time and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will all work out so try not to worry.

Time to sleep now so Night Night.

annep1 Wed 18-Mar-20 05:02:19

Sussexborn I'm not sure its a good idea to put a notice in the window.
Wildflower I'm sorry you're in this situation and shame on greedy hoarders and supermarkets for letting them. If you have a local facebook site you will probably find groups getting together to help people like yourself. Thats what I have done and people have been so kind.
Or perhaps there is a church nearby that is offering community help. Or voluntary services. You will find someone.
In the meantime do the next available online shop. When you have checked out do a second one. Put anything in the second order. As long as you have booked your slot you can amend it until the day before delivery. It sounds complicated but it isnt. You can even do a third one. Make a note of the dates booked. You can cancel them too. You need to work well ahead. Good luck.
Incidentally I had a look at Lidl from the car during elderly hours. It was extremely busy with everyone very close together. I think you're safer at home.

Wildflowers47 Wed 18-Mar-20 11:41:08

Thanks for your replies and tips.
I do have family and friends and a reasonable “stock cupboard” so will not starve. I just wanted to highlight the problem for the many in the same position as us.

Part of the consolation of isolation for older confined ones would be to have a little control and choice over their daily lives and what they can eat and buy for themselves. If the supermarkets could identify their customers age and disability status and give them a small priority that would be nice. Perhaps this is on the cards.
In the meantime I am well aware of those ones who live on their own with or without disabilities who are in a very unenviable position. I think forums like these will be a life line.
I’m going to keep trawling the booking slots anyway!

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 11:44:58

Sainsbury’s have just issued an email offering not only first hour for elderly only but also priority delivery slots for elderly but they also say they are closing their cafes, (obviously) plus meat fish and pizza counters in their supermarkets.

Oldwoman70 Wed 18-Mar-20 11:55:44

Wildflowers I also tried to book a delivery slot with Sainsburys with no availability - however I kept checking the website and they are putting up additional slots (was able to get one for Sunday afternoon).

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 11:58:14

Oldwoman70 did you read my post re Sainsbury’s?

EllanVannin Wed 18-Mar-20 12:05:58

How early ?

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 12:06:50

Pretty sure it is 7 but I’ll find out

Lucca Wed 18-Mar-20 12:09:02

According to their website opening hours where I am are from 7a.m. I may give it a try tomorrow. I’m glad to see they are also rationing purchases.

dahlia Wed 18-Mar-20 12:20:40

How do they verify the age of the shoppers? Some sprightly over-70's look about 55! smile

jaylucy Wed 18-Mar-20 12:27:54

Certainly where I live, there are several groups in the process of being set up to help people that are unable to get out or don't use computers. Many are distributing postcards to home with details of who to contact if they need help.
I noticed that many if not all of the large supermarkets are in the process of rolling out special shopping times etc
Morrisons in particular will be employing more drivers so more delivery slots will be available, and I think just about all are changing the opening hours to give them a chance to at least at the moment, restock the shelves.

Nonogran Wed 18-Mar-20 13:52:00

I went to Sainsbury's this morning at 0700. The shopping hour for seniors and vulnerable is a joke. Certainly there were some older folks in there but there were also a lot of workmen, builders, scaffolders etc buying their lunch and in my queue, dad's buying disposable nappies. The store was not overcrowded but it was busy. No frozen veg at all. Why not? Radio 4 is telling me that suppliers have stock so why aren't the freezers replenished? I wore gloves and pashmina so I could cover my face if necessary. I also got everything I needed apart from frozen peas!