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Please read this. If it helps even one person - Great.

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Dawn22 Wed 18-Mar-20 18:07:26

Letter in a newspaper that l cut out.
Brilliant l think.

Don't feed your fears
Sir - l turned off the radio just now because I can't listen to it anymore. All it's doing is making me anxious and then the worry sets in..... and then the inner voice starts.

We all have that voice. Go on, admit it. That's the little voice that, if we allow, gets out of control and boy does it roar - especially if we feed it with too much fear and worry.

You see it loves that. In fact it thrives and gets bigger and bigger by the day. It gets so bloody big we cannot control it. Bit like a virus really. The more we feed anything, the more it grows.

Don't think I am being flippant about what's currently happening in our world. Of course it's scary and worrying and frightening but we have to live. It's bloody awful on so many levels but the reality is we have no choice but to deal with it head-on as best we know how.

We owe it to ourselves to get up every day and live our best possible life and if we allow too much fear to take hold we will create a worse inner disaster for ourselves.

So instead of feeling helpless l am going to live. Whatever happens we can only take our own personal responsibility for it.

Yes be sensible about personal hygiene etc but choose what wolf you are going to feed.

With the time ahead instead of sitting worrying about "what if" ? I am going to return to my bucket list of hobbies. I'm going to use the time as best l can to read, walk, bake, declutter and play cards.....sure the fear won't have a chance to get a look in.

And on a final note, l won't hug or kiss or shake hands - but there are so many other ways of showing people we care.

BK = author

Sussexborn Wed 18-Mar-20 18:15:43

Well said Dawn. Most people are trying to support and help each other but there’s a niggle of people who pop up everywhere trying to spread fear and alarm which is just plain wicked.

Just had my first video call from my son and granddaughter who will have her first birthday at the weekend. We thought she was leaning in to give me a kiss but she was kissing herself. The girl will go a long way.

gulligranny Wed 18-Mar-20 18:16:31

Dawn22, thank you so much for posting this. I'm a 74-year-old borderline catastrophist and am finding this hard to deal with (not worried about myself, just about my DH and my friends and family). These words have broken through a dark cloud like a bright ray of sunshine and I'm going to take it totally to heart.

Books will be read, cooking will be done, my garden will be weed-free and my house tidy (who am I kidding, I live with the untidiest man in the world). We'll go for walks, talk with friends on the phone and most -and best- of all we will laugh and be glad that we are together.

Good wishes to all.