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Do any of you have a key worker in the family?

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Helenlouise3 Sun 22-Mar-20 00:15:16

My daughter is a staff nurse on a geriatric ward and is on the front line fighting Covid 19. She is 38 years old with 2 children aged 7 & 8. I am heartbroken thinking, that every day she puts herself and her family at risk. My dil also works in a school that looks after vulnerable children and so has to work through this awful time. hubby and I are in the vulnerable category so are social distancing. Is anyone else in the same position and if so, how are you coping?

Marmight Mon 23-Mar-20 05:21:45

DD is a key worker. ie she has to remain at school, including the hols, to ‘care’ for other key worker’s kids. Only 7 so far but parents are trying it on & the school is having to be firm & getting abuse in return. In turn, as I can’t care for them being in isolation, her 2 boys are in their school 2 days per week being cared for by yet another key worker.....and so it goes on. .... (there must be some way small schools can amalgamate & share the load?). SiL has put his staff on reduced days and has to go into work for those 2 days to keep the business afloat in the absence of laid off staff, so they have a job to return to eventually. He will be the carer on the other days at home while trying to work at the same time. Some folk just don’t get it : one affluent Mum in tears apparently, because she just doesn't want to have her children at home f/t. Can’t cope. wtf ?

dizzyblonde Mon 23-Mar-20 08:17:16

I’m a key worker (paramedic) and my DD who lives with us is a paeds nurse working in A&E. Younger son who also lives with us is a night shift worker for a distribution company so I count him as just as important as they deal with a lot of medical supplies delivery. Older son doesn’t live with us but is in constant touch, he’s a manager in a local theatre which is closed but they’re getting on with loads of neglected admin, he’s very cheerful although concerned about his staff, he knows he has a safety net in the form of us but not all his staff have so he’s making sure he is doing everything he can to support them.
I’m not overly worried, we’re all being sensible, have enough food to keep us all fed although there might be some interesting meals! Stress and worry wreck the immune system so I’m doing lots of meditation etc to help ensure I sleep well. DH is working from home and never worries about anything he can’t fix so I’m modelling myself on him. He’s still playing golf but as he’s always about 500 yards from his golf buddy(they’re not very good) and there’s no clubhouse or socialising I think that’s a good form of exercise and fresh air. My DD isn’t worried, I think she’s too busy to think about it. She’s always done lots of things to support her mental health and sleep which, I think, has stood her in good stead for times like this. I’m very proud of all my children’s calmness and resilience in the face of unprecedented national disaster.

mcem Mon 23-Mar-20 08:50:03

dizzy thank you to you and your wider family and all those others who are supporting us through this crisis.
My 19 yr-old DGD is a health care assistant and of course I worry but am very proud of her.

I have just watched as the respiratory team in a NI hospital broadcast a plea for everyone to stay at home.
It was heartfelt and very moving.
How anyone could ignore such a message from frontline staff, I don't understand.
Moved me to tears.

knickas63 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:26:46

I am NHS Admin - and considered a Key Worker. I am on the 'Raised Risk' group - and can carry on working in a backroom capacity.

annodomini Mon 23-Mar-20 09:48:49

DS1 is a police officer; other son's partner is a supermarket manager who has the virus at present. Their teenage children are currently under a 14 day quarantine.

Gossamerbeynon1945 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:58:44

My daughter is a nurse and my SIL is a teacher. She is working 12 hour shifts and he has to work to take care of key workers children who have no choice but to work. Yes I am very worried.

craftyone Mon 23-Mar-20 10:04:15

my dentist dd has just had confirmation on being down to 1 day a week. Her husband a teacher is in work looking after comp children, several non-key worker parents have tried to sneak children in, nail artists, hairdressers etc They are having to check evidence now. Their children will be at home with mum on 4 days, she has prepared a structured day and timetable to help with routine

maddyone Mon 23-Mar-20 11:27:33

This is why we need a government enforced lockdown. It’s been done in Italy, China, Spain, France, many states in America, why is it too difficult to do here? My son doesn’t work in London, but we are in the south east, the most badly affected area after London. He manages the finances in a big company and is in charge of a lot of people. He’s not a key worker, he and his staff could work from home.
My other son is a barrister and his chambers are in London but when he’s not in court he can work from home. He can use telephone and video link too, so hopefully will not need to be in court. I’ve just seen a jury member has the virus so the trial of those who killed (allegedly) the policeman so the trial has stopped. My son works in commercial law so very different, no juries normally.

maddyone Mon 23-Mar-20 11:34:52

I’m very worried about my daughter and son in law, both doctors. Their situation really frightens me. I’m afraid of them being called in to work in the hospital. I’m afraid for all our hospital staff, they really are putting their lives on the line. About 8% of people in Italy with the virus are frontline medical staff. Some of them have died. We owe it to our doctors and nurses to follow advice, we don’t just put ourselves at risk, we put them at risk if we get it.