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Do any of you have a key worker in the family?

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Helenlouise3 Sun 22-Mar-20 00:15:16

My daughter is a staff nurse on a geriatric ward and is on the front line fighting Covid 19. She is 38 years old with 2 children aged 7 & 8. I am heartbroken thinking, that every day she puts herself and her family at risk. My dil also works in a school that looks after vulnerable children and so has to work through this awful time. hubby and I are in the vulnerable category so are social distancing. Is anyone else in the same position and if so, how are you coping?

SueDonim Sun 22-Mar-20 00:29:31

My youngest is a final year medic and is currently in quarantine, having been in contact with a CV case. sad

Grannynannywanny Sun 22-Mar-20 00:47:32

Yes Helenlouise my daughter is also a staff nurse in an acute hospital and SIL a firefighter working on front line. Grandkids age 12 and 10. It’s very worrying. I’m a healthy 65 yr old and posted earlier. I normally am there with the kids till parents home from work. I really want to continue with that support for the kids, have a home cooked meal ready for them returning from work etc. I feel they are in need of my support more than ever. My daughter is late home from every shift and exhausted. They are apprehensive about me visiting their house, although I’m fit and healthy, in case I’m at risk. It’s a hellish dilemma to be in. I want to be there to see to the kids and be a support to their parents. I’ve done so for 12 years. It’s breaking my heart to be forced to withdraw now when they are under such pressure

jdga Sun 22-Mar-20 00:51:24

Yes, my dh & also my daughter.

Nanna58 Sun 22-Mar-20 00:57:22

My daughter is a police officer and they are working even harder than ever due to staff self isolating etc. I am 61 and apart from arthritis am fit. I look after grandson aged 4, and I will continue as they need help more than ever, although they are concerned about this. It is a terrible situation. I have withdrawn from seeing my 94 yr old mother, just drop shopping at the door so cannot pass anything from them to her. Sad times.

Hetty58 Sun 22-Mar-20 01:11:21

Yes, one daughter is accountant/admin/payroll for a farm. Food production means she's a key worker but her other half has stopped work to look after the children. She doesn't want to send them to school and risk the virus.

fevertree Sun 22-Mar-20 06:16:58

My daughter works for the NHS and is on a crisis team tasked to procure protective equipment (not her usual job). She commutes in to Central London every day.

Willow500 Sun 22-Mar-20 06:31:16

Both my DIL & 18 year old GD work for one of the big supermarkets further south - both on checkouts so also in the front line so to speak. They are appalled at the behaviour of some of the public angry

BlueSapphire Sun 22-Mar-20 07:24:36

My DS is a scene of crimes officer and works in London so commutes in every day. At least the trains are a lot quieter. They wear haz-mat (?) suits to work in and have industrial strength hand sanitiser. I will not be seeing him or his family till this is all over.

Pittcity Sun 22-Mar-20 07:25:13

Yes, DS started a 15 hour shift at a large supermarket early this morning.
We also have police, mail and NHS workers in the family.

tanith Sun 22-Mar-20 07:29:56

My daughter in a food store and my dil who is a language teacher she’ll be looking after other key workers children taking her own 2yr old daughter in with her as they have a crèche.

Washerwoman Sun 22-Mar-20 07:35:30

DD an ICU nurse in big regional hospital.Not due back from mat leave for another 2 months but already gone back in. First full day in hazmat suit with isolated patient.I'm terribly worried as she herself was very ill with sepsis a few months ago.I wish she didn't have to a)bring uniform home to wash.When I nursed it all went to central laundry b)pay to park as shortage of permits.And yes the behaviour of some of the public is shocking.And I'm furious at those having house parties because the pub are closed,stockpiling selfishly or saying 'oh it's just like a bad cold/flu.Grrr.
I was going to have her LOs more than ever -her partner is still working keeping trains going.They are going to use nursery open for key workers and have decided they don't want to put DH and I at risk.I am so sad but lucky we live close and we're going to talk in person from a distance every now and then.I said I was willing to have them but DGC starts school in September and loves nursery so on balance better she misses days at ours than there.Plus the health risk.I will shop,cook and walk their dog.
Other DD is a teacher in a pretty deprived area and very worried about the welfare of a lot of her pupils alongside getting organised for the new system.
SIL a policeman in a tough inner city area.Sad and worrying times indeed.

Sparklefizz Sun 22-Mar-20 07:45:55

My daughter is a languages teacher who will be looking after other key workers' children.

SpanielNanny Sun 22-Mar-20 07:51:31

My son is a prison officer. I am appalled by the government’s complete lack of action to protect officers, support staff and the prisoners. My son finished for the weekend on Friday, and as of then movements within the prison, transfers to and from other prisons, and family visits were all going on as normal. Whilst we are all being encouraged to keep our distance from our families, prison staff are being expected to physically search members of the public when they come to visit the prisoners. They could well be carrying the virus, but not showing symptoms yet. Transfers from prison to prison are continuing, often from remand jails, where people are often detained for a very short period (eg a weekend) before being released/moved on. The potential for the virus to catch hold is huge. The health of many prisoners isn’t particularly good either, when the virus does catch hold in a prison, I would expect to see some very serious cases.

My son, dil & gs are following all social distancing guidelines, but my son is incredibly worried that he will bring the virus into their home despite the fact dil has done everything she can to keep her & gs away from people. I would implore the government to start taking better care of the countries prisoners, prison staff and their families.

The jail he works in has become increasingly dangerous. A riot earlier this year in which several staff were injured made the National news. I worry a great deal about what will happen when things do become more ‘locked down’ in our prisons. Increased violence and large scale riots seems inevitable. My son has already been badly assaulted whilst serving as a prion officer. The prisoner who committed the assault received a lengthy sentence extension. It is incredibly concerning to me how tougher restrictions on prisons (although completely necessary) will escalate the already growing violence.

I also have tremendous respect and gratitude for the those, like my dil, who are at home, often alone, looking after confused, emotional children allowing our key workers to carry on.

Hoping you and all of your families stay safe, and we are all able to hug each other soon.

Calendargirl Sun 22-Mar-20 07:51:50

DIL works for the National Blood Service.

Susan56 Sun 22-Mar-20 08:03:27

Both of my son in laws.

Washerwoman Sun 22-Mar-20 08:11:25

Oh Spaniel .Big hugs to you.Yes we must remember key workers carry out vital work in many areas to keep us all sade.Thank you for highlighting.

Yiayia4 Sun 22-Mar-20 08:18:06

Yes 2 DiLs school workers.
DS1 runs an agency for Carers for how long I don't know.
DS 2 is a policeman.
DS3 works in the office for Dyno Plumb he will now be back on the tools and in people's houses
Breaks my heart people still going out and about.
. Please people stay in.

suziewoozie Sun 22-Mar-20 08:20:40

My dd works in a hospital - not front line but will be trying to ensure as many doctors and nurses as possible are deployed to the right places at the right time. She’s not in the physical danger of front line workers of course. She’s very resilient emotionally and I know she’ll do her best to support her team when they inevitably fail to do as well as they would wish. I wish I could hug her - I love her so much and can’t bear the thought we may never hug again ( having a bad start to the day - sorry)

pollyperkins Sun 22-Mar-20 08:21:14

My daughter works for public health England and her husband is also a key worker. They are in London and children still going to school. She is also asthmatic so I am very worried she appears to be more worried about us as we are over 70 but in good health and live in a so far untouched very rural area. By we are being sensible and staying in apart fromwalks round the village.

Grammaretto Sun 22-Mar-20 08:27:03

SpanielNanny hugs and flowers
What huge worries to have.
DS runs a distribution centre with staff numbers decreased. They deliver medical supplies. DiL works for NHS. The DGC may be home alone. They are 13 and 11.

sodapop Sun 22-Mar-20 08:34:16

So many people in so many roles helping to care and keep things going. We are hearing about all the selfish shoppers so it's good to give thanks to all the good people. My daughter is a community mental health nurse and is seeing the effects of stress on everyone.
Thank you winethanks

JuliaM Sun 22-Mar-20 08:47:05

My youngest DD is a Nursery school Manager, he OH is a Transport and Distribution manager for a national freight carrier who service the major distribution to Supermarkets and food processing plants. Both are Key workers, but both in isolation this week due to DGD who is 10, showing all the symptoms of the virus a few days ago. Thankfully she’s tested clear, but parents still in 14 day isolation period, but also have our 13yr old DGD who is a severe Asthma sufferer, and is self isolating for the foreseeable future.
Both parents have been trying to work from home this week, but are finding it very difficult, DD is responsible for the care of several children who either have special educational needs, or are under the care of Social services child protection teams.
How is she supposed to go into work along side young children and their parents whilst keeping our 13 yr old DGD safe at home 24/7?

Eldest Daughter is in self isolation due to several long term conditions, including being in remission from Cancer, and having heart problems, but doesn’t work now, although Nurse trained.
Her next youngest Sister works for a supermarket chain, along with her partner, who works in another store. Her DS has special needs, and she’s concerned for his health too, being as both parents are at high risk of contracting this virus from work. No protective kit is being provided for front line retail workers, other than A logo T-shirt and hand gel, yet they are handling filthy cash all day, as not everyone has the ability to pay by card, and are really close up to customers coming through the checkouts.

mokryna Sun 22-Mar-20 08:47:06

My DD, who normally works as a physiotherapist, but has now been trained to work on the front line, I am proud of her. Half the British population voted for people like her out and many returned to their home counties but she loves work and the people around her. I think of her at 8 pm when everyone cheer on their balconies here.

Fiachna50 Sun 22-Mar-20 09:05:32

Yes, I have two married to each other. I have an underlying condition. All very well saying isolate yourself but what are my family to do? They have one child and we have been the childcare since the wee one was born, they are now school age. They are very much needed in their line of work and have no one else who can take over the care. My husband has taken over the main care, he is a better health category than me. The other grandparents are even more vulnerable, so they cannot possibly help. Aunties and Uncles are in jobs where they do not work from home. It's a worrying situation and an impossible one. We do lots of handwashing and wiping down of everywhere. We do what we can do. I worry for my family. I worry for ourselves, but I try to keep things in perspective and carry on. All these folk out panic buying, toilet roll is the least of my worries.