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Three Cheers for Sainsburys

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merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 09:02:11

I've just logged on to see if I can get a slot as up until now everything has been blanked out and nothing showing after 13th April.

There's a message saying they're giving priority slots on 'next day delivery' for the over seventies and vulnerable people. They already have your details if your a customer but you can add them if they haven't.

I've put in a normal (mostly fresh food) order for tomorrow even though I had a large one last Friday. It will be so nice to have a weekly slot again and not have to do 'just in case' shopping.

Well done, Sainsbo's

Daddima Mon 23-Mar-20 09:04:30

I still can’t log on!

kittylester Mon 23-Mar-20 09:06:24

merlot. I've got an order done but can't book a day or time. I am a loyal customer but actually in Store.

Mamissimo Mon 23-Mar-20 09:08:28

Their website has crashed. I think ALL online slots should be for the people who are having to shield, the vulnerable and key workers.

Laughterlines Mon 23-Mar-20 09:12:09

Why have you put in another order when you got one last Friday. You are PANIC BUYING and being unreasonable. We are all having to put others first in these difficult times. Cancel your order or give it to a nurse......

merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 09:15:02

There was a message in the grocery section saying they were experiencing some difficulties so I clicked on 'my favourites' and it came up as normal. I did a shop and saved it because I can go back later and amend it if there's anything I need to add.

kitty Try going into 'my account' and see if there are any details you need to add.

glammanana Mon 23-Mar-20 09:17:08

My DD is a key worker as are my sons one even a manager at Sainsbury's and none of them can get extra deliveries as their salaries only go so far and Mr Sainsbury is not going to let them pay next pay I'm sure.

merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 09:18:17

I am NOT panic buying, Laughterlines. I'm being sensible and getting things on to an even keel. The delivery I had last Friday would have had to last for three weeks or more so my next order would have had to be a large one. That's if I could have got a slot.

This way I can just buy what we need on a week by week basis.

The opposite of panic buying!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:55:13

WOW thank you so much for the tip.

I went onto their site and they offered me a delivery for tomorrow at 9am.

How good is that!!

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:57:25

How I got my order.

I clicked on the grocery button. Clicked on the delivery slot button.

Tomorrow was all that was on offer. So I asked for a green slot at 9am.

Then did my shopping and hey presto!!

Daddima Mon 23-Mar-20 10:11:11

So, got online, made the order, but when trying to book delivery the message said they are prioritising elderly and vulnerable, and can’t identify me as vulnerable from the information they have, but with no other option to book a delivery. Call if they’ve got it wrong, but a BT message says the telephone network is busy!

GagaJo Mon 23-Mar-20 10:23:38

I've got regular weekly slots booked now. Up to the middle of April. This way we can eat fresh food, don't need to bulk buy. I'm lucky I'd prestocked up months ago when loo roll was on sale. We should have enough of that for AT LEAST a month.

I would like at least ONE pack of pasta though. I keep putting it in my online basket but everytime my order comes, it's out of stock again. We're not going out at all so can't get any locally either.

sunseeker Mon 23-Mar-20 10:52:56

When I logged onto their website it said they couldn't see I was in a priority group and gave a telephone number to contact if this was incorrect. I have been trying to ring this number since around 8.30 - constantly engaged.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 10:56:47

Yes I think we come under their elderly and vulnerable so somehow they are limiting to those folk at the moment.

It worth trying though.

GagaJo Mon 23-Mar-20 10:59:56

I've just looked at the site. No booking slots available up to the 13th of April. I'm not sure how you let them know you're in a vulnerable group?

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 11:03:50

Well they know our ages and the last shop I had from them (can’t remember time seems weird at the moment ) I asked for it to be left in the porch as DH is high risk. So maybe they picked that up?

merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 11:05:16

If you are registered with them, Gagajo I think you go into 'My account' and update your details.

I think the over seventies slots are being offered on a daily basis but I could be wrong.

Doodle Mon 23-Mar-20 11:09:39

I managed to get a slot. Most of the time it said nothing available so I just filled my basket and kept checking to see if a slot became available and one did so I booked it. Had an email to say some of the stuff wasn’t available but at least it’s a start. DH is one of the shielded group so he can’t go out. Doubt if Sainsburys are aware of that but they might go on age.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 23-Mar-20 11:11:09

Looks like it merlot. That would be such a relief if it is the case for those of us in the high risk category.

Be able to get our weekly shop

3nanny6 Mon 23-Mar-20 11:21:48

Sunseeker : same goes for me they cannot see I am in vulnerable group. I spoke to number you have last week and was told to phone this morning as slots getting organised for people like us. I have been trying it since 8.15 am and it is constantly engaged.
Merlotgran I am not cheering Sainsburys I am a loyal customer with them, you had a large order on Friday and you are also getting another one.
I have not been able to buy fresh meat for 8 days and my smallish freezer is running down now also have to drive to all sorts of shops to try and find fresh vegetables. It is no joke for some of us.

sunseeker Mon 23-Mar-20 12:17:08

merlotgran Going into the "my account" only gives you the options of changing your email, address and password. It doesn't give the option of registering as being in a priority group.

merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 13:08:22

I suppose the only thing you can do, sunseeker is keep trying to get through on the phone.

Rosalyn69 Mon 23-Mar-20 13:17:27

I can’t get into the site either despite an email telling them I’m in their vulnerable group.
Morrison’s are better.
Very cross with Sainsbury’s. I am a regular customer.

annsixty Mon 23-Mar-20 13:24:17

They have certainly lost my loyalty.
I have shopped with them since Adam was a lad.
I have online shopped with weekly deliveries for a few years now.
I cant even get onto the website.

Brunette10 Mon 23-Mar-20 13:38:43

I was at Sainsburys this morning at 8 o'clock for our dedicated time slot. Queue waiting to get through doors, a lot of shelves not stacked or indeed just empty. Not happy about the 2 metre stay away guide as people def not adhering to it at all. Was only in for 20 mins got what I needed and was given a beautiful bunch of daffs as I was checking out. Don't care if they were left-overs from Mothers Day, it was a lovely thought. Thanks Sainsburys. flowers