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This is WRONG!

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phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 08:55:10

Hello all,

I had an email from one of our mature students who is lodging with a couple locally while on a 1 year course.

Last week her hosts took in 2 family members from London, and have said there will be another 4 adults plus some children arriving this week! shock

Surely this is against all guidance?

There are restrictions in place regarding the amount of items that can be bought when shopping, so putting an additional 6 adults and some children in the house will mean extra shopping trips, increasing the chances of coming into contact with the virus?I

The local police have been stopping drivers in some places and asking the reason for their journey. A couple in a motorhome who had come from Birmingham were told to return there, and not to even think of staying in Devon.

This student has come from France, and told me that there police are stopping people, checking their paper and if they are more than 1k from home, they are given an on the spot fine of €135.

janeainsworth Tue 31-Mar-20 08:57:58

Surely this is against all guidance?
Yes it is.

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 09:01:38

It's certainly crazy. I had heard that there has been plenty of guideline flouting in France, as you might expect. There will always be guideline breakers.

Are the student's hosts running a hostel?

phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 09:13:30

No Baggs, just happens to be a lalar

phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 09:14:35

Damn! Large house, which until recently was just home the couple who own it and a lodger, the student.

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 31-Mar-20 09:18:21

It doesn’t surprise me, there are plenty of Posters on GN asking if they should move in with ACs or let GCs move in with them, despite being told it’s wrong, they will still do it, even though somebody told me that it was unlikely that it was happening and that I was wrong to think it.

Luckygirl Tue 31-Mar-20 09:24:15

Wrong indeed. Especially as they are taking in people from London, where the rate of infection is so high. They are just spreading it further.

I would love to go and move in with family, but know it cannot be.

gillybob Tue 31-Mar-20 09:29:46

I wish my DD and her baby could move in with me Oopsadaisy as I am very worried for her mental health which is (in my opinion) equally important .

eazybee Tue 31-Mar-20 09:32:10

2 adults plus 4 adults plus some children!!
How are they travelling to the host's house?
Why are the hosts accepting them?
They must refuse, and if they don't, it really is your duty to report them.

Lucca Tue 31-Mar-20 09:32:49

“I had heard that there has been plenty of guideline flouting in France, as you might expect“. Why. Ishtar you expect ?
And I understood the student to be from France but the host family British?

Lucca Tue 31-Mar-20 09:33:39

For goodness sake Ishtar ?? = might

phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 09:36:29

eazybee, I don't know for sure how they are travelling, but would guess it will be by car.

Under normal circumstances, distancing has been achievable, but with that many extra people I don't think it will be possible.

Bathsheba Tue 31-Mar-20 09:41:06

phoenix that is definitely wrong, and totally irresponsible. Your student must feel very unsafe there. I honestly think you should report the family - not nice for you, I know, but I think we all have a duty to do what we must to keep this thing contained.

Hetty58 Tue 31-Mar-20 09:42:03

There's an awful lot of very open, defiant, rule breaking around here too. Older people seem to be the worst. The attitude that rules are for other (lesser?) people - but don't apply to 'us' is common. You'd think it was a permanent bank holiday with all the parties and barbeques!

I've never heard so many pathetic excuses to carry on as normal in my life!

Kalu Tue 31-Mar-20 09:54:31

The fact that travellers are still being allowed to enter the UK, most likely not tested, is beyond comprehension! Makes a mockery of, we are in Lockdown!

I wouldn’t hesitate to report them Phoenix or, if they are travelling by car, your local police stop them and they are told to go back.

Kalu Tue 31-Mar-20 09:59:42

Got the wrong end of the stick there. I read it that the student was coming from France??‍♀️ Duh!

phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 10:01:54

Most people here do seem to be behaving sensibly, at first there were a few incidents of children gathering on the playing field, but that seems to have stopped now. (There were a few angry posts on the village Facebook page!)

The village shop now doesn't allow people in, they have put a counter by the door and you present your list and the items are brought to you. The queue is long, but mainly because people are keeping their distance.

eazybee Tue 31-Mar-20 10:47:21

If these six adults and 'some' children' are living in London, they are not supposed to travel to a different part of the country, no matter what previous arrangements have been made,
I wonder what part of the country you live in, Hetty, with all the parties and barbecues. Haven't seen any older people breaking out, and I am surrounded by them. The only thing that is annoying is that they seem to shop in pairs,clinging to each other like H&M, which rather delays the one in, one out rule in our brilliant local Tescos.

Luckygirl Tue 31-Mar-20 13:40:06

A relative of someone I know has been swanning round Europe in a camper van, latterly in Spain. He has just returned to his family home in the last few days - came under the tunnel, drove to home town and is settled in - no-one stopped him or asked where he was going - he was allowed in with no question - from SPAIN!

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 13:50:18

Why might you expect ?

Because wherever there are rules, people break them. I should think at a fairly predictable rate whatever the rule and wherever the people.

phoenix Tue 31-Mar-20 13:52:41

Luckygirl that's shock

notanan2 Tue 31-Mar-20 13:54:45

This is happening all over. Ive heard that our local air bnb businesses are thriving from people wanting to temporarily move next to family to self isolate "together"

growstuff Tue 31-Mar-20 13:55:16

Students returning to the family home is currently a problem. I believe there about half a million of them. They can't stay in student accommodation over the vacation and lectures are going online after Easter. There is no reason for them to return to their place of study. My son has just returned by train from Newcastle to live with his Dad, bringing goodness knows what with him.

EllanVannin Tue 31-Mar-20 13:57:47

Western Australian police will be using electronic tagging for those flouting the law. They mean business !
It's ridiculous in some places there where people are continuing to visit Bondi and local parks, in groups.
Also the sale of firearms has increased there which is a worrying prospect.

EllanVannin Tue 31-Mar-20 14:00:15

My poor GS is still working---food industry to help keep supermarkets supplied but is unhappy as the place had accepted about a dozen Romanians who he doesn't believe were tested.