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Anyone had the virus and Recovered

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melp1 Tue 31-Mar-20 15:39:07

Would love to hear some good news - someone thats had it and got through it.

Labaik Tue 31-Mar-20 15:41:29

My cousins partner in Birmingham [mid 60's] has had it and is recovering. Someone in my village has it at the moment but I haven't heard from her for a couple of days.

Soupy Tue 31-Mar-20 15:45:22

A couple of friends who went skiing in N Italy developed it on return but are now fully recovered, as are the couple they went with.
They are aged late 50s and just 60

merlotgran Tue 31-Mar-20 15:51:46

My niece has had it and recovered quickly. She is a Macmillan nurse so I don't think she is 'front line' but is back at work.

Judy54 Tue 31-Mar-20 16:56:45

My Niece who is a Doctor had it and is back to good health and has now returned to work to help her Patients as well as her exhausted colleagues.

Davidhs Tue 31-Mar-20 18:20:10

My whole family has gone through it fairly early I’m pretty sure, although we’re not tested. The lucky ones had a high temperature and no cough for a couple of days then nothing else, others including myself had a dry cough and chest pains. I still have a cough 5 weeks down the line I did phone the doctor on week 2, he told me take Paracetamol and phone again if I had difficulty breathing.

mcem Tue 31-Mar-20 19:21:10

My daughter has now recovered but her chronic underlying conditions still have to be endured.

SirChenjin Tue 31-Mar-20 19:22:52

My sister is a community nurse and is currently recovering from it - she’s has a few days of feeling a bit rough but she’s on the mend now.

annodomini Tue 31-Mar-20 19:33:36

Son's partner has had it and is now back at work.

NotAGran55 Tue 31-Mar-20 19:41:21

My 40 year old boss had it and recovered without any medical intervention , although he was quite ill . He described it as flu. plus somebody sitting on his chest. He was a smoker, now a vaper.

BlueBelle Tue 31-Mar-20 19:47:06

We have a 95 year old local lady recovered and home

52bright Tue 31-Mar-20 20:38:39

My daughter aged 45 is almost recovered from it. No test because she didn't need hospitalisation but it was very worrying for a few days. Very high temperature and a terrible dry cough. Could hardly speak on the phone and had to be in bed a couple of days. Just when I was starting to worry it was going to go into 'stage 2' severe breathlessness it started to turn around. She said the next few days were a bit 'two steps forward one step back' in that she would have a good day and think she was on the mend then a worse day the next day. Her husband also caught it. She really wants a test just to confirm she has had it, though her symptoms seem to make it very likely. If she knows she's had it and is presumably now immune she will be more able to be of help to others.

Patsy70 Tue 31-Mar-20 20:57:44

My next door neighbour has had all the symptoms, and has self isolated for 7 days, and as his wife is a matron at a SE London hospital, she along with their 2 childen, has self isolated for 14 days. They have now been tested, and will have the results in 2 days.

BradfordLass73 Wed 01-Apr-20 01:07:40

Latest WHO updates on recovery:


Wuhan is getting back to normal with people returning to work and the authorities saying they reach the peak.

Davidhs Wed 01-Apr-20 08:17:34

Judging by the posts on this thread with undiagnosed Covid 19 symptoms there have probably been 100 times more infections with mild symptoms than the official figures. By the time a vaccine or even an antibody test is available most of us will have been exposed to it.

Ginny42 Wed 01-Apr-20 08:36:07

My BiL has had symptoms and his BiL is in an induced coma in hospital after they'd both been at a family funeral. BiL not tested. The statistics are just not reliable.

My DSis has been so worried about him which could all have been alleviated if he could have been tested and told whether or not it's Covid-19. She has asthma so he was in solitary within solitary. Fortunately they have the room, but for some people that must by nigh on impossible.

Esspee Wed 01-Apr-20 18:50:58

My symptoms started on Friday with coughing. I have now experienced all the reported symptoms except fever.
Frankly it has been like a mild dose of the flu which hopefully will be any gransnetter's experience if they are unfortunate enough to get it. My OH is well. I am 71 with a mild heart condition.
Please don't panic.

PamelaJ1 Wed 01-Apr-20 18:55:54

My sister in law, an extremely unhealthy woman, has recovered and is now in a care home.

Hetty58 Wed 01-Apr-20 18:59:07

Seasonal flu should be coming to an end now but there are other virus infections about. Until we have testing, it's just a guessing game, really. The online NHS 'diagnosis' could give false positives - or negatives.

BlueBelle Wed 01-Apr-20 19:15:33

I agree hetty none of us know without a test to show immunity We are just guessing

priestbridge Wed 01-Apr-20 20:46:33

I have health anxiety and get so scared.
I keep thinking I have the symptoms.
I live on my own and I think that makes it harder.
Just had to get this out. I am so happy to read about people on here getting better. Sorry for the negative post .

SirChenjin Wed 01-Apr-20 22:19:51

You’re not alone priest - I think there’s a lot of us who are very scared but trying to stem the anxiety. It’s good I think to have this forum to hold each other’s hands through the coming months - we’ll get there together smile

DillytheGardener Wed 01-Apr-20 22:27:58

My next door neighbour’s son had it at 39 years old, no previous health problems and passed away. Left two little children and his wife behind. I’ve known him since he was a wee little thing. I’ve been quiet on here for a while but checking in from time to time. I’m frozen with fear and not sleeping well. I hope my family all comes through this in one piece.

Lizbethann55 Wed 01-Apr-20 23:03:30

priestbridge I was about to put a post on asking if anyone else struggles with health anxiety , then I saw that you mentioned it. I suffer from such bad HA that I sometimes feel it is ruining my life. It is usually the other Big C that I am obsessed with. Now of course it is this. I am being very sensible without being obsessive, but it is the knowledge that I may have caught it weeks ago, I work directly with the public and use buses to get to and from work, so may well be harbouring me and it is just brewing inside me and waiting. I have felt as if I have been fighting off a common cold now (sore throat, tickly nose, slight cough) for weeks and weeks, long before all this. Of course the symptoms of a panic attack can always mirror the very symptoms you are dreading. I have restarted my anti anxiety meds and just long for the next two weeks to be over, which should be the end of my incubation period. Sorry to have hijacked what should be an optimistic post. Stay safe everyone.

BlueSky Thu 02-Apr-20 00:41:29

It's only normal to fear this virus we don't know and of course it's worse if we already have health anxiety. When they first announced that the over 70s were a at risk group, I went into a blind panick, only seeing the worst possible outcome. I've now calmed down a little, just trying to follow all the rules and hoping if we did get it, it won't be a severe case.