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Beggars belief

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Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:24:25

Just read that Catherine Calderwood the Scottish chief medical officer and her family drove to their holiday home in Fife for the weekend.
Apparently it was just to check on the security of the place. Hmmmm.
The only way to resolve that PR disaster would be for her to be charged and fined heavily for making an unnecessary journey just as one of us would have been.

Anniebach Sun 05-Apr-20 17:37:35

Sparkle the woman who had to attend her husbands funeral
alone, can’t begin to imagine how she coped , whoever she is
I am sending her hugs

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 17:38:51

It's my DGS's birthday today. They only live 3 miles away but there was no question of being able to see him.
We stuck to the rules and we don't have a public role, what we say doesn't matter. She should go and go now. It's already too late to resign with any dignity.

Kalu Sun 05-Apr-20 17:39:43

Surely the point is, that after being told how important it is to stay at home and what precautions to take to slow down the spread of the virus which in turn takes pressure off all frontline medics and hospitals is farcical when our CMO who blatantly flaunted her own advice twice and this is is followed by Nicola Sturgeon defending her?

Both have lost all credibility now!

Dr Gregor Smith is our Deputy CMO, I don’t recall seeing him at all

Anniebach Sun 05-Apr-20 17:48:18

She has been removed

Anniebach Sun 05-Apr-20 17:50:03

She has been removed from appearing on tv

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 17:50:28

No she hasn’t - she’ll keep her job but won’t be involved in the media side of things.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 17:50:42

Sorry - cross posts

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 17:52:38

She had had a police warning
Surely that was the signal then to resign and not trying to hang on by her fingertips until she was forced into going.

Kalu Sun 05-Apr-20 17:53:04

She has been on TV twice since.

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 17:53:29

She's kept her job?

That beggars belief!
Sturgeon will lose credibility now.

grannyactivist Sun 05-Apr-20 18:09:36

We all know that anyone can make an error of judgement, but that isn't what has happened here. Catherine Calderwood, on her own admission, not only took her family away to their second home this weekend, but was also there with her husband last weekend. This, in spite of fronting a campaign telling other people of the importance of not doing exactly what she herself was choosing to do is why I think she should resign. Her actions have been so damaging that I'm rather surprised that there isn't a formal campaign seeking her resignation.

The government's #stayhome campaign has now become risible just at the time the advice was gaining traction. sad angry

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 18:17:10

Sturgeon said that her advice and expertise were invaluable and has kept her on but behind the scenes. That is unbelievable.

Presumably "Do as I say, not as I do. 'Stay at home' only applies to the little people".

Sheer arrogance, and a let out for all who break the rules. And a kick in the teeth for the police who have a hard enough job to do as it is.

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Apr-20 18:24:45

Annie ^the woman who had to attend her husbands funeral
alone, can’t begin to imagine how she coped , whoever she is
I am sending her hugs^

Thank you, Annie, that is very kind. I'll pass the message on down the line. It has been absolutely appalling for her and the family.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 18:25:46

I agree Callistemon. Makes you wonder how awful the CMO needs to be before the DCMO is called forward.

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 18:33:50

Sir come on, hands off the kids. We have no idea of the family dynamics - that’s a remark that’s beneath you

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 18:37:04

They’re older teenagers and give over with your ‘that’s beneath you’ comment - that, in turn, is beneath you.

Jane10 Sun 05-Apr-20 18:46:09

Gosh the lately flounce jura2 was always telling me that anything I said was 'beneath me'. I wonder...

Chewbacca Sun 05-Apr-20 18:51:01

Not often I agree with soozie but I agree that the children of miscreants should neither be judged, nor blamed, for that their parents do. No matter whether they're teenagers or toddlers, it's highly unlikely that they would have had any say in whether the journey was made or not and to include or involve them in the condemnation is wholly unfair.

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 18:51:20

Feeling a prick of conscience Sir ? You are normally better than that comment - I wouldn’t say it otherwise. There are examples of public figures children being coerced into lying gor their parents - Aitkens daughters for one ( perjury) and at the time I felt and still do that he was completely to blame for that and it was actually as bad as his original lies. Just leave them alone - you’ve no idea what goes on in that family

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 18:55:04

Oh knock it off Jane

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 18:55:55

Personally I blame the dog

suziewoozie Sun 05-Apr-20 18:58:17

There’s a fine line between totally acceptable outrage and vengeful shrieking

janipat Sun 05-Apr-20 19:04:35

Having just read that she was at the house last weekend with her husband shows her to be a liar, with her claim she went to check the house was secure. Did she think they left it unlocked the week before? So she has broken the rules twice, and maybe would have done so again if she'd not been exposed. Either she thinks herself too important to keep the second home rules, or she doesn't think they're needed. Which is it, because it should be the same for everyone in the fortunate position of having a second home?

Grammaretto Sun 05-Apr-20 19:07:03

Seemingly they visited the holiday home twice, 2 weekends in a row. Presumably they weren't reported the first time.
I don't care how good she is at her job, she has lost all credibility for me.

SirChenjin Sun 05-Apr-20 19:09:31

Nope susie